How to Stick to a Fitness Routine

We physically and mentally plan many of our commitment’s each and every  week. We know what days and time we have go work. We plan if we are going to shower at night or in the morning. We make recreational plans. Those are simply things we subconsciously do.

Unfortunately, we don’t often plan something so crucial to our health and well being. Planning a fitness routine to be healthy, should be just as important as taking showers to be hygienic. You don’t find people saying I couldn’t shower today because I had more important commitments. Many times, we find ourselves not working out because by the time we get home from work and cook dinner, we just don’t have the energy after a long day.

Lisa and I have mentioned before how working out in the morning greatly increases the chance that we don’t skip our workouts. Additionally, we have recently discovered  that if we sit down for 5 minutes and plan our weekly workouts, it motivates us to stick with it and we don’t have to waste time thinking of what workout to do.

Here’s an example of my workout schedule for this week.



I love having the option of checking off each workout I complete. It’s both motivating and rewarding.

Over the years, I realized it’s not only important to do a variety of workouts, but to also make sure I focus enough time on strength training. I used to be a cardio queen, always walking or jogging for miles on the treadmill, but I quickly incorporated more strength workouts when I learned how important it was. Lifting weights will give you a longer metabolic spike than doing cardio will and the more muscle you build, the more calories you’ll naturally burn. Afraid of looking like the hulk? Don’t worry you won’t, unless your eating 4000 calories and taking steroids Winking smile

I can imagine  that many people will take one look at my 5:30 am workouts and think that’s not for me! I cannot stress enough how surprised you’ll be if you give it a try. When we were both  working we used to wake up at 4:30am to head to the gym and would’ve never imagined that we would love it so much.We were shocked to see so many people at the gym too. It started our day off feeling accomplished and gave us lasting energy all day. While we never jumped out of bed at 4:30am or even now at  5:30am, once we were up we felt good and never regretted a workout. Now that I workout at home I still try to workout mostly in the mornings before work so I can check it off my schedule right away and know it’ll get done. It’s also nice to come home from work and take a breather before I prepare dinner.

I hope I’m not coming off preachy because I’m just throwing out something to think about.  We would’ve never fathomed early morning workouts, if it wasn’t for  our trainer who motivated us.


Have you fallen in love with early morning workouts?

What motivated you to try it?

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