Oil Cleansing Method Questions Answered & My New Favorite Recipes

I thought I’d write a post answering several repeated questions I have been getting on my Oil Cleansing Method. I can’t keep up with all the questions, so I figured it’d be best to answer them all together.

1. How do I remove my makeup?

don’t wear much make up on a daily basis (concealer, blush and mascara), but the oil does a great job at removing makeup. If you have a lot of makeup on, try using a little oil to remove the makeup first, then continue with the Oil Cleansing Method as you normally would.

2. Will it cause you to breakout at first?

It didn’t for me, but it could be possible. I’d stick with it for a few weeks to see any changes.

 3Can you use any type of oil?

I think so, but do your own research. I choose Castor Oil because of it’s ability to draw out impurities and the EVOO for it’s moisturizing ability. I recently started adding a dab of Jojoba oil after I cleanse with the Castor and EVOO mixture. I think I just need to switch things up a little so my skin wouldn’t get used to it.

4. Will the OCM help with hormonal acne?

I like to think it helped mine some, but it depends on how big of a hormonal imbalance you have. I attribute taking Fermented Cod Liver Oil (Green Pasture’s)  to really helping with the hormonal acne. *Again do you own research before you start taking anything.

5. Does the Castor Oil need to be cold pressed?

Yes, it won’t be as effective if the oil has been processed. I purchase mine from Whole Foods or my local health store. This is the brand I use.

6. How long until I saw results?

My skin felt much softer the morning after and my acne got better day by day. This will definitely vary for each person.


I hope that answers all your questions! I love seeing how many people have had success with it. 


It’s pretty awesome to look back on this year and see how much my diet has changed. My favorite recipes are always changing, and I thought it would benefit you guys to share them! Lisa’s blog has been a lifesaver in helping me greatly reduce the grains I eat. I hardly eat any. I made her Crispy Pizza Bites last night (I left out the pepperoni and used a roasted garlic seasoning instead of a pizza seasoning.) They were the perfect cheesy “bread” to go along with my chili.

This afternoon I enjoyed her 5 minute coconut flour cookies. I was interested as soon as I read 5 minute cookies and they are grain free. Sign me up! I added some peanut butter flour and mini dark chocolate chips.  They were very satisfying, especially for not being very sweet.

Tis the season for pumpkin. I used to hate it growing up but have fallen hard for it these past few years. I saw this recipe for pumpkin frozen yogurt and was smitten when I saw how simple it was to make. I used 2% plain greek yogurt and honey to sweeten it.


The generous folks over at Artisana sent me a bunch of their products to sample. I love their coconut butter, but haven’t tried any other products. So far this Pecan one my fav! I’ll do a full review soon.

I’m counting down the days until Lisa, Rinaldo & (mainly) Roberto get back. I’ve missed that little guy oh so much, especially every time I see a photo of him.

Like this one.


He’s absolutely perfect. I’ve looked at this photo at least 100 times!

This other cutie pie turned one and just started walking! He came to visit me at work yesterday and it made my Monday SO much better.

This photo puts a big smile on my face every time I see it.  

Lisa and I took his 1 year old photos before she left for Italy. We had so much fun and his cuteness made it so easy to capture! 


How is it possible that all of my nieces and nephews are so adorable?!

Now that I have shared my favorite recipes with you, tell me yours!


** BTW- Our recipe page is currently not working. I should have it fixed soon. If you need a recipe just google the title of it and healthy diaries and it should come up!**

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  • http://www.thrive-style.com/ Lisakthrives

    Oh my! The little munchkins are so cute!
    I’ve been using just plain castor oil for cleansing…mostly because I’m lazy and it’s just easy! It is working great for skin texture, softness, and I think it really helps deep cleansing. Oh, I’m also so lazy that I don’t do the wash cloth part on the face. I either put the oil directly on my clarisonic in the shower or I put it on a hot wet wash cloth and just gently rub it around my face.
    I’ve been taking the FCLO for just about a week, and I swear it is making a difference! The only weird thing was one day I took it before yoga and a few times I burped a gross burning fishy taste. I thought I was gonna barf. Lol.
    I’m so glad you’re enjoying the coconut flour recipes—they are really making my life so much more enjoyable :-)
    Who needs grains?!!?

    • http://healthydiaries.wpengine.com Maria

      I have a feeling I may become lazy very soon! :) you made me laugh out loud about the FCLO! That’s definitely happened to me a few times. I’m so glad you’re already seeing a difference! Make sure you keep me posted!

      Here’s to no grains!

  • thehealthyapron

    okay I am absolutely trying those coconut flour cookies! And pecan butter? OMG I need some! You should send me some haha Anyway, hope you are doing well! Yesterday I made a grain-free pumpkin cookie…will be sharing it soon! So delish!

  • Placencio

    Wonderful Blog… I dont follow any, but this has made me change my mind. I was trying to find a previous post that had information about OCM, along with the before and after pictures, but I cant seem to find them. Can you send me in the right direction? I am an almost 40 woman, who is tired of product searching to find the right balance. But this is inspirational! Thank you:)

  • Grace @ Your Daily Grace

    You have some seriously handsome nephews! Thanks for answering those questions…I have a hard struggle with hormonal acne and have been going back and forth with trying the ocm or not but I think I want to make the jump soon! I’m also going to look into cod liver oil as well.

  • 4everMyself

    I saw on the last blog where you were wanting to try to make a facial scrub. I just threw a “micro-derm” scrub together the other day and I am loving it! It’s just baking soda and witch hazel – I didn’t measure how much I used, but it turned out to be enough to half fill a half pint mason jar. Just mix the baking soda with the witch hazel – the soda does not dissolve like it would in water. It’ll be the consistancy of paste, but not too runny or too thick. If too thick add more witch hazel. I use a generous amount while i’m in the shower and scrub all over my face, then rinse off – don’t use a rag – it doesn’t do well in cleaning all of the grit off. And don’t forget a moisturizer afterwards. So far, the scrub has lasted me about 2 weeks and keeps well – I’ve kept the lid on the jar and the mixture hasn’t dried out. I just mix with my finger each time I use it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brittany.c.richards Brittany Christine Richards

    Any suggestions for a sunblock that will not make me breakout?

  • Amy

    What dose of cod liver oil do you take? And do you take it every day? Thanks!

  • LoL20

    What exactly is the EVOO product that you use? I am 20 years old, i’ve been on birth control for a few years now to try and help with my acne. I get cystic acne on my cheeks and chin and they are just the absolute worst. They are ugly and hard to cover with make-up. I looked up the Castor oil and there are so many types! Could you tell me exactly which products you use? Maybe a picture? Thanks so much!

  • sdmj

    using this oil cleasnse treatment really works! my skin is already clearing up in just 3 days. i still get a few breakouts, but they seem to dry up and heal pretty quickly.i love to find an all natural quick cure! amazing! thanks so much for sharing!

  • wmgirl07

    I saw your post about the oil cleansing method it caught my eye! Im 25 and have a lot of acne scars I use proactive everyday and it helps keep my break outs down and helps with keeping any new scaring down do you think I can use this method along with the proactive?

  • Adrienne

    Hello I just wanted to comment on the ocm. I just happen to find your blog on pinterest when my face was in horrible shape! I recently got off the pill in october to try to get pregnant which hasnt happened yet but anyway… my face broke out severely with large cyst like acne and dark purplish red scars all alongy jaw, I thought I’m 23 why is this happening now!?! So inwas hesitant to start the oil treatment bc I was afraid it would get worse since I’d never heard of treating acne with oil since my face was pretty oily to begin with. Well after procrastinating and praying it woild get better it didn’t so I thought its bad enough now it won’t matter it gets much worse. I WISH I WOULD HAVE TRIED IT SOONER! I promise its worth a shot if your in the same boat as I was. My skin isnt perfect but atleast 75percent better and was better within the first week of trying the ocm treatment. Ive also tried other creams to no avail. The only other thing I use is a rx of clindamycin topical 1percent and hydrocortisone 1percent cream for moisture. Sorry so long but I wanted someone to hear my story and hopefully help them too. Thank you so much for your blog and suggestions I will always use the ocm treatment!

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