My Benefits From Cod Liver/Butter Oil Supplement

I wasn’t sure if I should wait any longer to write this post, but I really can’t contain my excitement any longer.

Before I go on, I would like to say that I am not giving medical advice or telling anyone what they should or shouldn’t do to improve their health. I am just sharing my experience so you can do your own research and hopefully improve your health.

I have been really trying to optimize my health and fitness this year and slowly figuring out what foods make me feel best and nourish my body. I started to see  a Naturopathic Dr. just over a year ago in hopes he would be able to see if I had any hormonal issues. I really had high hopes with him and thought I was seeing results at first, but after 9 months of following his advice and taking tons of supplements, I just wasn’t seeing a big enough difference to keep going. I decided to take matters into my own hands. After all, I know my body best.
One big change I have made this year was, greatly reducing the amount of grains and sugars I consume. I try to eliminate them 100% of the time at home, but it can be hard and stressful when I’m at a party or eating out. I think the stress of trying to do it 100% was doing more harm than good, so I stick to it more around  80%-90% of the time. I do try my best to avoid gluten 100% of the time, as I do have a sensitivity towards it.
I also started consuming homemade bone broth on a regular basis. I’ve been wanting to incorporate it into my diet for the longest time, but thought it would be a hassle. To my surprise, it’s actually really easy and tastes great. I’ve been using this recipe, and freezing it for easy access. Read more about it’s amazing benefits here.
I’ve been also trying to incorporate liver into my diet, but that’s been a little harder. I probably had it a couple times last month, but I’d like to eat it once or twice a week. Growing up I thought liver was disgusting and we weren’t supposed to eat animal organs. I don’t think I have ever been more wrong. It’s unbelievable the nutritional content in liver. Read more about it here and here.
I have never been one for supplements. I truly believe that it’s much better to get your vitamins and minerals from a well balanced & diverse whole foods diet. For several months, I kept coming across blog posts about Green Pasture’s Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil. I think the first blog I read about it was over on Lisa’s blog over 7 months ago.
As stated on Green Pasture’s website, "Fermenting the livers of fish to extract the oil is an old world practice that may go back as far as biblical times. During the 1850s was the beginning of the industrial food revolution and the first time cod liver oil manufacturing changed from it’s historical sacred roots to an industrialized food." 
I wanted to try the supplement since I knew I wasn’t eating enough liver in my diet.  What drew me mostly to The Cod Liver/Butter Oil  was that  it provides necessary Vitamins A, D, and K for hormone production. It is also a great source of Omega-3s and healthy fats – which I’m all about.
Some other potential benefits of Fermented Cod Liver Oil are:
  • Great for your immune system
  • Inflammation -  Cancer prevention, arthritis, skin conditions like eczema & inflammatory bowel diseases like colitis, joint and muscle pain.
  • Hormones – Vit A,D & K are very important for hormone health
  • Skin – Reduces wrinkles and helps with acne by aiding in hormone health
  • Heart Health – It can lower your triglycerides
  • Brain Health – Depression, ADHD, improves memory and other mental disorders
  • Weight loss


I really didn’t know what changes to expect. As I recently mentioned, I was on several (at least 8) supplements with my Naturopathic Dr. for 9 months without feeling a huge difference. I started the Cod Liver/Butter Oil about 4 weeks ago, and expected to give it at least 2-3 months before seeing any noticeable differences.
Well, the first thing I started to see was my skin was clear. And by clear I mean CLEAR! Not one breakout. I talked about how the Oil Cleansing Method has helped me SO much, but my skin was still not 100% blemish free 100% of the time. It’s been probably over 2 weeks (which is a big deal for me) since I’ve had a breakout, so time will tell if my skin is really 100% better.
It’s been over a year that I have been also having back aches on my left shoulder and neck. I could no longer sleep comfortably on my stomach. It was really frustrating because it’s the only position I can get a good nights sleep in. Well guess what? My shoulder has stopped bothering me. No other explanation for this, than it was the Cod Liver/Butter Oil. This is something I wasn’t expecting so I know it’s NOT just in my head.
Last and most exciting, I got my period last week. Okay, that’s not so exciting but like always I was prepared to take Advil for my cramps. I will usually wait until the pain gets to about a 6 until I take the Advil. I kept waiting for my cramps to get worse, but they never did. I kept thinking maybe my period is off to a slow start and I’ll get cramps the next day. Funny thing is it didn’t even dawn on me that it was the Cod Liver/Butter Oil! I wasn’t expecting this to happen either. Not only did I not have any cramps, but I wasn’t bloated and my breast weren’t tender and swollen like they always are. I’ve had my period for about 15 years and have always pretty much have cramping, bloating, and tender/swollen breast at the beginning of my period. I still can’t believe that I didn’t have to take Advil. I even feel like it is helping with my fibercystic breast tissue. It would be a dream if it does!
Never in my wildest dreams did I expect to see all these results in just 4 weeks. I used to dread taking supplements because I hate swallowing pills, but I look forward to taking my Cod Liver/Butter Oil daily since I first hand see the results.
I’m not telling anyone to go out and buy this supplement, but just to look into it. I was not endorsed by Green Pastures to write this review. The only contact I’ve had with them is by ordering their product through Amazon. I know it is pretty expensive, but as you can see it is worth it for me. One bottle will last me 2 months.
Do you take Fermented Cod Liver Oil?
Is there a supplement you swear by?
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  • Aneta Presta

    It sounds like a great product… & I love how you and Lisa always share your experiences and great information with others…

    • Maria

      I hope it helps you too. Thanks Aneta, that means a lot. We hope our experiences can help others :)

  • Laura @ LauraLikesDesign

    This was super interesting! I’m just starting to get more into natural remedies and find all of this fascinating!

  • Lisakthrives

    Wow! I’m so glad to read about this. It’s funny that I’ve wanted to try the fermented version for so long but just didn’t do it. I have been taking cod liver oil for a while, at least a year or so, and I’ve been disappointed with not seeing bigger results. Well…I’m gonna try this kind, since I know it’s better to begin with and now I have proof :-)
    My skin has been an ongoing frustration for me for so long—-you probably know what I mean when I say that even when it’s great it’s not perfect like people who have good skin.
    Thanks for sharing your experience… I’m off to order it!

  • Jane @ The Healthy Beehive

    I’ve been wanting to try that for a while, but the price always stopped me. But, I guess it really isn’t that bad .. I will have to think about getting it now! Thanks for sharing your experience!

  • Misha B.

    How many capsules a day do you take? I just received them today and i am hoping this helps my hormonal acne. Thanks!

    • Maria

      I take the recommend dose, but consult with a Dr. to see what’s best for you.

  • Meg Lingard

    Thanks so much for sharing all of this. I found your blog from your oil cleansing method, but I can’t wait to read more!!! I’ve been hearing about Cod liver oil but have been hesitant to really try it. I think I’m going to try it out now though. I’m a cancer survivor and my skin/body has not been the same since finishing all that 2 1/2 years ago. I’ve also recently cut out sugar and flour from my diet and feel so much better!!! Thanks for writing about this, I’m excited to read about your other dicoveries.

  • Balanced Bites

    If folks are interested in hearing about FCLO/BO blend audibly, we have talked about it on several episodes of The Balanced Bites Podcast –

  • Derek

    Cod liver oil plus vitamin D mixed with butter oil or anything high in saturated fat is extremely good for you. It is the foundation to good health. There is a whole seminar and study on how this has amazing benefits. I am glad you discovered it.

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