How I Improved My Skin {Acne, Scaring & Overall Complexion}

*UPDATE: How my skin is still doing 3/27/2013

*UPDATE – I answered many questions on this post. Please read if you have a questions. 10/23/2012

Words can not explain how excited I am to share my experience with you all. It’s moments like this that make blogging so worth while. After all, the main reason Lisa and I blog is to share what we learn with our readers in hopes of helping others.

This isn’t the first time I’ve done a post about my skin. I mentioned a several months ago how my acne improved after being treated by my naturopathic doctor. Let me back it up some more and state, that both Lisa & I have dealt with cystic acne for the past 10 years. It would usually come and go, but got worse for me this past year.


6 weeks after starting treatment with my Dr. I began to see an improvement in my cystic (hormonal) acne. While, that was a plus, I was still getting annoying clusters of acne. Most of it was on my jaw/chin area, but I also would get some on my forehead from time to time. I’ve never had 100% clear skin, but it had been more than year of not having clear skin pretty much ever! Not only was I dealing with the acne but also the lovely red hyper pigmentation scars they left behind.


I don’t know which one annoyed me more. I was getting really tired of having to cover up my acne and scars and was willing to try about anything.

I began to feel helpless and started to do tons of researching (googling) and asking around to see if there was anything that would help.

About a month ago, I came across a  really interesting method called the oil cleansing method. Using oil to wash my face is probably the last thing I would think of since I am so used to seeing oil free facial products and even buying products like oil absorbing sheets to control the oil on our face(I always have those in my purse). After reading about oil-cleansing, it all began to make sense.

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and produces oil in order to function properly. When we use harsh or even mild facial cleaners/lotions/products they strip our face of it’s natural oils. Our skin is then forced to compensate by producing more oil. An over production of oil will clog our pores- causing acne-and leave our skin feeling/looking oily. I normally would wash my face (with Cetaphil) at 6:15am and it would get oily by 8:30am!

There are many reasons why our skin can benefit from oil-cleansing.

  1. Oil dissolves oil
  2. It will dissolve the oil that has hardened throughout the day and stuck in your pores
  3. Naturally keeps your skin supple and moisturized
  4. Easily removes make up
  5. Cheaper than buying facial products
  6. It’s a cleanser, make-up remover and moisturizer all in one!
  7. Helps even out skin tone
  8. 100% Natural

You can use several different types of oil, but after some comparing, I went with a combination of 70% Castor Oil (Make sure it’s cold-pressed) and 30% Extra Virgin Olive Oil. My reason is because Castor Oil is great at pulling  out all of the dirt/build-up, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil is very nourishing and moisturizing. It also has the same PH as human skin.



  • For those with normal skin use a 1:1ratio of Castor Oil(cold-pressed) and EVOO
  • For those with acne-prone or oily skin use a 3:1 ratio of Castor Oil (cold pressed)and EVOO. (This is what I’ve been using)
  • For those with drier skin start off with a 1:3 ratio of Castor Oil (cold-pressed) and EVOO
I keep my oil in a small container with 3 Tbsn of Castor Oil and 1 Tbsn of EVOO – it lasts about 2 weeks.


The routine goes like this:

  1. Let your faucet run, so the water gets pretty hot. (Mine takes a minute)
  2. Gently rub a quarter size amount on your face for about a minute. Make sure to massage it in and not scrub it.
  3. Run a washcloth under the faucet. (You want the water to be hot enough, but not too hot where you’ll burn yourself. I usually get it really hot and slowly test it on my face. If it’s to hot I just air it out for a second. This part is important, because it has to be hot enough to cause a steaming effect that helps to remove the dirt form your pores.) Leave the washcloth over your face until it’s cooled down, about a minute.
  4. Wash your hands
  5. Gently wipe off the oil using the washcloth.
  6. Your skin will probably look nice an supple and will probably be a little red from the steam.

You should see even better results the next morning. My skin felt so smooth and my complexion already looked better. I swear that my acne scars lighted up after just a few days.

You only need to do this at night. I simply splash my face with cold water in the morning. If I workout in the morning/afternoon and my skin feels congested I have been wiping it with some Witch Hazel and applying a tiny dab of the oil mixture to keep my skin moisturized and from over-compensating in oil production.

 This is what my skin looks like now (on most days).

clear skin


I have been using the Oil-Cleansing Method for just about a month now. For the past 2 weeks my husband has not stop complimenting me on how great my skin looks. Not only does that make me feel so happy, but I’m glad that I can focus my time on more important things, rather than worry and complaing about my acne and scars. Overall, my acne has improved by 85%-90%. I got one small pimple 2 days ago, but it’s already healed.

Even though my acne was my main concern, I have seen other improvements in my skin. My scars are barely there (don’t need to cover them up, woohoo!), my complexion is even, my skin barely gets oily anymore (that’s huge), and I feel like when I do break out, it heals much faster and doesn’t leave a scar.

I really hope at least a few of you try the oil-cleansing method and it helps you as much as it’s has helped me.

Please let me know if you do try it!

Lisa and I are no longer blogging here on  Healthy Diaries. We would love for you to continue following us over at our new site – We are now certified health coaches helping others live a healthy lifestyle. If you have any further questions about the OCM, please contact us from our new site. Thanks!

Other tips for healthy looking skin

  • Drink lots of water
  • Do a mask once a week. This is my absolute FAVORITE mask. So cheap and will last a long time.
  • Gently exfoliate once a week. (I want to try and make a homemade one soon)


Do you have any skin tips/routine that you swear by?

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  • Lisakthrives

    I’m so glad you wrote about this!!! I’ve got endless skin frustrations…and all the dietary hormonal balancing things I’ve done has helped significantly. But the oil cleansing method is one of my faves. The thing is…..I’ve been ordering products for a few years from here: …and they’re SUPER expensive, so sometimes I lapse on them and go back to regular face wash. Why did I never think of just using oil I already have? Lol. I actually use castor oil to shave my legs with when I need to do it on the fly—it makes them super smooth and doesn’t make a mess like lotion does.
    Your skin looks great :-) It’s amazing how good that can make you feel, isn’t it?
    Hope you have a great day—I’m pulling out my oils for this evening!

    • Maria

      Thanks Lisa :) So happy to see that the oil cleansing has worked for you too! I checked out that website and have it bookmarked in case I want to change things up a bit. What a great idea to use castor oil for a quick shave. Thanks for the tip!

  • Trainer Kjirsten

    My skin is really sensitive and breaks out easily and I found using coconut oil as my moisturize my skin has basically eliminated my acne and any breakouts. I’m a huge believer in using oil on acne prone skin! Thanks for sharing this!

    • Maria

      You’re welcome! I’ve used coconut oil before and like it too.

  • Stefanie

    Wow! I am definitely going to try this. I’ve had skin problems for years and I’ve always used Proactiv. Every time I stop using it, my skin goes crazy! I wonder if I’d be able to try this at night and wash my face with Proactiv in the morning just to wean myself off the Proactiv? I’ve wanted to stop using Proactiv for a while because it’s so harsh and full of chemicals. I’m definitely going to give this oil cleansing method a try. :)

    • Maria

      I used to use Proactive too and found it just really dried my skin out! I think that using Proactive and the oil together might work against each other. Maybe just try the oil method for a day or two and see how your skin reacts. Keep me posted I hope it helps you:)

  • Natalie @OnceUponACuttingBoard

    I’m so happy you wrote about this .. I have always had acne-prone skin but it seems to have gotten a lot worse over the last several months and I don’t know why .. I’m getting really sick of dealing with constant pimples though and am willing to try anything to get rid of it, so I’ll definitely be giving this a try! Thanks!

    • Maria

      I know exactly how you feel :-/ I wish u would have discovered this method a lot sooner! I hope it works for you too, let me know!

      • Natalie @OnceUponACuttingBoard

        I went out and bought castor oil right after you posted this (it might be worth noting in your post that you should use the cold-pressed castor oil and not the cheap laxative kind, at least from what I read .. my regular pharmacy only had the laxative type but I went to an organic store and they had the cold-pressed castor oil that says on the bottle that it can be used for your skin).. So I’ve only been using this method for 4 nights now, but I already notice a difference in my skin! I haven’t had any new breakouts and it looks like my existing acne/scars are already fading. Plus my skin just looks and feel great! I can’t wait to see how it looks in a couple of weeks! Thank you so much for sharing this!

        • Cam

          So using the regular castor oil you buy at “Walmart” won’t get you anywhere then?!

          • Natalie @OnceUponACuttingBoard

            Hmmm maybe I’m wrong – I just did a search and other sites seemed to imply that you can just use the regular laxative type of castor oil .. I can’t remember where I read that you have to use the cold-pressed hexane free castor oil .. I like using the type that says right on the bottle to use it on your face, but if the cheaper kind works then that would have saved me a lot of money! So I’m not too sure anymore, it would be great to hear what others use!

          • Cam

            I’ve been using my mix with regular castor oil for 3-4 days and havent seen an improvement :/ what ratio of castor oil to oil do you use? &do you use EVOO or some other type? My skin is so bad right now! As horrible it is for me to rub oil on my face, im willing to try ANYTHING

          • Natalie @OnceUponACuttingBoard

            I followed Maria’s recommendation for people with acne-prone/oily skin of 3 parts castor oil to 1 part olive oil .. I saw similar recommendations on other websites, but I think the mix will depend on your skin type and what works for you!

          • Cam

            I’m going to have to redo my combination. I seen on another site that you never wanna use more castor oil than other other… Maybe that’s why its not working! Just going to take a lot of trial and error…. I’m impatient!! I want perfect skin, NOW!!!!! Lol :)

          • Maria

            The combo really depends on your skin type. The ratio I posted has worked great for me.

          • Cam

            Before reading your response and seeing that it should be the other kind of castor oil, I used the 3:1 castor oil go EVOO and even though its the wrong castor oil my face seems to be clearer than a couple days ago… Will be making a trip to a health food store for some of the “right” stuff asap!! Thank you!

          • Maria

            Good to know that maybe both types of castor oil may work.

          • Maria

            Yes exactly, thank you. I’ve been using 3:1 castor:evoo for 5 weeks and my skin is better than ever :)

          • Maria

            Don’t give up, give it at least 10 days to see a difference. Make sure you’re using the right combo for your skin type.

          • Maria

            No it must be cold pressed castor oil. You can find it at any health store.

        • Maria

          I will update that thanks for reminding me! I’m so glad it’s helping you:)

  • Laury @The Fitness Dish

    This is so amazing, Maria! Your skin looks gorgeous!

    I have not used oil cleansing, but I use coconut oil as my night time moisturizer now. I agree, at first I was hesitant because our whole lives we were told oil cleaners and moisturizers clogged pores! Wrong!

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

    • Maria

      Thanks Laury :) I love using coconut oil on my skin too. Who knew right?

  • Diana@Veggienextdoor

    This is AWESOME, Maria. I wish I knew to try this when I was a teenager. I rarely get acne now, but I do have a lot of scars from my teen years, plus lots of dryness, especially in the winter. I will have to try this out. And I have definitely been meaning to get some WitchHazel ever since reading about it on your blog previously!

    Skin-wise, I just try to use the least harsh products. Those soaps marketed for acne (Clean & Clear and the like) are so DRYING that I hear the skin thinks it needs to produce more oil. I use Purpose brand face soap in the mornings and St Ives scrub at night, though I’ve been hoping to find some all natural soaps soon. I also use Burts Bees Anti-Aging Lotion at night which I LOVE.

    • Maria

      Thanks Diana :) I can’t wait to see how this works for me in the winter since my skin tends to dry out too.
      I’ve been using a St. Ives scrub for years too, hopefully I’ll make a homemade version soon.
      Definitely try the Witch Hazel!

  • Tiffanie

    I’m going to try this, thanks for sharing! I’ve been googling and trying to find help for dry scalp / cradle cap too – would love to know if you have any ideas about that :)

    • Maria

      I’m not familiar with helping cradle cap but I’m sure applying evoo might ease up the dryness.

  • Teens

    I have been washing my face with olive oil + a few drops of tea tree oil. Love this method and will never go back to store bought cleansers!

    • Maria

      Me either!

  • Teens

    I have been washing my face with EVOO + a few drops of tea tree oil for almost a year now. I have had great results. No more store bought, chemically cleansers for me!

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  • leah

    I just read somewhere ‘don’t put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t put in your mouth’ …so what about make-up remover? Just soap and water followed by this oil method?

    • Christine Butcher

      Coconut oil is a fantastic eye make up remover! The EVOO mix takes off all your make up by itself–no need for soap and water.

    • Maria

      I don’t use any soap, the oil will take off all the makeup!

  • Millie

    Do you take your make-up off with something before using the oil or is the oil sufficient?

    • Maria

      Just the oil!

  • Amanda

    I have been doing this for a few months and won’t ever go back! For the exfoliator I would just add in a little baking soda to the oil mix. It’s gentle and natural. Glad you are liking it!

    • Maria

      Thanks for the baking soda tip, I was going to try adding sugar to the oil to exfoliate but maybe I’ll just give the bs a try.

      • Lindsey

        I read an article about epsom salt as an exfoliator, might give that a try.

  • Lisa

    This is an amazing skin transformation! And I can relate 110%. I suffered from horrible, horrible acne a couple years back. My skin was about the same as yours was, maybe a bit worse actually. I’ve been hesitant to share my skin story, but you’ve inspired me to think about sharing it. My skin looks completely different now and it looks like you got great feedback. Drinking water is definitely a big one! We need to keep our skin hydrated! And my clarisonic saved my skin.

    • Maria

      So glad your skin is doing better too, I thought I’d never see the day. :)

  • Madeline

    I am going to try this! I have suffered from cystic acne for a long time too! Thanks for sharing :)

    • Maria

      Of course! I hope it helps you too:)

  • Georgia @ Trying Something New

    I MUST try this! Amazing! I was just wondering, do you have to remove your makeup before washing your face, or will this process do it for you? Or should we take off our makeup, and then wash our faces? Thanks!

    • Maria

      No need for anything else, the oil will remove, cleanse and moisturizer your skin:)

  • Sara

    Wow! Thank you!

    • Maria


  • Miss Vanillacocoberry

    I am going to try this … as a future dermatologist I cant stress enough the importance of being comfortable in your own skin.. it gives you so much self esteem and honestly who doesnt want to have beautiful glowing skin? looks like you are on a good way Maria, I am going to the pharmacy to get castor oil and trying it on myself tonight! Thanks for the advice girl

    • Maria

      I can sure attest to that! I just updated it, but make sure it’s pure unrefined castor oil!

  • Anna Crouch

    I just started this tonight and am very excited to see how my skin does with it! I’ve struggled with acne for a good 5 years now. It comes and goes and nothing conventional seems to help. I’m giving this a shot!

    • Maria

      I really hope it helps you too! Please keep me posted:)

  • cam

    I’ve used this for 3 nights now and havent noticed a difference yet. however i was reading a different site on oil cleansing and they never use more castor oil than EVOO in any of the combinations. It says the more castor oil you use the dryer your face may get! So I did 30% castor oil to 70 percent EVOO…. I don’t see a difference yet, should I switch it up or give this combination a bit longer?!

  • thehealthyapron

    wow your skin looks wonderful! I have always had fairly good skin but recently I”ve noticed more white heads and what look like sun spots. I read about an exfoliant to help with sun spots: 1 large tomato + 1/2 tsp salt + 1 tsp honey. LEt sit on skin for several minutes and rinse off. Hoping it works for me!

    • Maria

      Thanks for the tip!

  • Allison Branch

    Wow. Your pictures, before and after, speak for themselves. I have been on a LONG food journey this year, attempting to heal my leaky gut syndrome AND my acne-prone face through diet alone. I started your oil cleansing method last night; however, I used the expensive Josie Maran 100% Argan Oil I recently bought. I think I’ll use up the argan oil and then try the castor/EVOO mixture. Here’s hopin’ for some smooth, evenly pigmented, acne-free skin like yours!

  • lilpink

    Thanks for this, i have exactly the same skin as you. I wanted to ask you a few things? What do you mean by the cold pressured? Were in europe And i want to make sure I get the right one. Also do you wear foudation whie doing this, I wear mac studio sculpt, and kinda have too, cos I am a makeup artist, which makes it worse, co ever since I came off the Pill, 3yrs ago, my skin as never been the same..I am going to try this, and let you know, it cant hurt to try it..Thanks so much..let me know about those 2 questions

    • Maria

      The bottle/label should say cold-press which mean it has never been heated. Hope you find it!

  • Traci

    so in the morning you do you still use moisturizer before putting on make up? I use cetahphil soap and moisturizer, but I want to try the oil idea. I don’t have acne anymore but i have scars Id really like to get rid of them. Also does this help with blackheads? I have them on my nose…Thanks for the post :)

  • Michelle

    This is great, I’m going to try it, but do you not clense tone and moisturise in the mornings?

    • Maria

      Nope. If u workout I might use some witch hazel and use a dab of oil to moisturize.

  • Kait

    This is amazing! You changed my life. I’ve had really bad cystic acne for my whole life (not normal pimples you can pop, just swollen red lumps), I’ve never NOT had at least one cyst on my face at a time.. When my face would get really bad I wouldn’t even go to work, leave my house or want to see anyone. I’ve tried everything, even perscriptions from the doctor that never worked or dried my face out so bad it would peel. This works. Thank you! **In the morning after I shower I use aloe Vera for moisturizer! Helps protect my skin from absorbing makeup and hair care products (I’m a hair stylist, hair products can be very bad for your face and breakouts!)

    • Amanda Jordan

      How does the aloe help with absorption? i have really curly hair that always has product in it and have had acne all my life. would love if this worked. can you just use the stuff you use for sunburns?

    • Maria

      So glad it helped you too! I hope your skin continues to stay clear:)

    • Jen A

      If you have really bad cystic acne, you should look at your diet. It’s common that people who are dairy sensitive have issues with cysts.

      • Margarita

        This is true. I noticed that I tend to break out after I drink milk. I read that the milk contains hormones which cause the acne to get worse.

        • Katie Flynn

          my face has cleared since i cut all dairy out of my diet

          • Diane P

            I’ve recently become lactose intolerant, cut out all dairy, and my skin seems to have become worse! excited to try this new system though!

          • HeatherLynn

            I found the book, “The Dietary Cure for Acne” to work for me. It describes the Paleo Diet and how certain foods (refined sugar, grains, legumes, dairy, etc) cause acne. I’m also enjoying the oil cleanse:)

          • chelsea underwood

            Eh food is NOT the reason for acne. And I wouldn’t cut out dairy or coffee just to have clear skin. I’ve had acne since middle school so going to try this method. Skeptical since nothing works, but since I’ve read all of the positives on here, willing to give it a try. Not about to change my diet, though.

          • Krista B.

            Diane… Me too!!! What’s up with that??? I made an appt to see a dermatologist in 2 weeks…. but I’m going to try this and if it works then I’m going to cancel the appt!!! Thank you!!!

        • C

          It depends on the milk you buy. Dairy, while it is the answer for some, is NOT a cure-all.

      • Miranda

        Yes! I actually cut out white sugar and flour after reading about it (19 years of acne…nothing helped) and it’s cleared up!

      • Ella

        1.5 years ago I became a vegetarian and my many years of very challenging cystic acne came to an end after 3 months into it. I definitely believe food has a role in cystic acne, but not chocolate like the old wives tale. It’s anything with hormones in my opinion. Pretty scary!

      • Hbake

        I have had really bad cystic acne my whole life and always felt that dairy products made it worse but I had no idea it was actually true! Im wondering about going to soy or rice milk along with this for my face. I too have been prescribed everything under the sun for my face and none worked. Ive been doing this for 3 days now and i can already see a difference.

        • Amy

          Soy can be full of hormones too, my doctor advised me to avoid it. Almond milk is pretty decent.

      • Lynda

        I break out from wheat products, and especially from sugar. Also, drinking lots of water helps clear up my skin. I’ve been trying the OCM for about two weeks, using about 1/2 castor oil and 1/2 jojoba oil. The biggest difference I’ve seen is that any acne I do get clears up a lot faster. But I’ve been finding my skin a bit dry so may need to back off the castor oil a bit. I also could only find the stuff in the pharmacy section so I’m going to the health food store to look for cold-pressed castor oil tonight.

      • Chritina P

        Thank you so much for that info…cause of you i now know more about my skin issues! I have always been lactose intolerant..never thought it would have impacted my skin this bad. I have recently been diagnosed with Hydradenitis Suppurativa… has alot to do with my cystic acne and also is related to my dairy issues. Im definitely gonna give this a try!

      • Aubrey Laidlaw

        I’m with you on the diet part. After reading this entire blog post I can sympathize 100% with the type of acne she is dealing with! However, the solution for me was to go off GLUTEN! I know there’s like this huge trend in hollywood with going off gluten to loose weight, but its actually a HUGE cause of cystic acne. I have suffered from acne since I was 11. I am now 30! And just this year I FINALLY have clear skin now that I’ve gone off gluten! It’s seriously miraculous. It has absolutely nothing to do with how often or well I wash my face, or how expensive the creams and masks. It’s all about the diet for me! I recommend to anyone suffering from cystic acne to go off gluten for just ONE month and see if it doesn’t change your skin! And your body! (I dropped 61 pounds in 11 months!)

    • Brooke

      Wheat intolerance is another trigger for acne, when I cut it out of my diet I see a difference. Will be giving this ago too.

  • Daisye

    What is it that you need to make this oil mask? :-)

  • Kallie Tara Pettichord

    I;m So excited to try this!! I’ve been struggling with horrible cystic acne for MONTHS now and finally started seeing a gal that does micro and i got his REALLY expensive product from her that is suppose to be amazing, but it REALLY drys out my skin and I don’t like that. I just bought more today, but I don’t plan on opening it till I try this!!

    • Maria

      I hope it works for you too!

  • Vanessa Davaz

    My Favorite exfoliant is one that gets rid of all the bumps on my face and it can be used for the whole body, although it works amazingly on my face. it goes like this: (note: all measurements approximate) 1/2 cup suger, 1/4 cup organic olive oil, 1/8 cup minced oats, 1/2Tb organic honey, splash vanilla extract. mix and enjoy!

  • missy

    Do you think this would work for (shriek) back acne?

    • Maria

      It’s worth a shot!

    • trish

      I had really bad back acne and I tried EVERYTHING! Nothing worked I finally found out that the cause was rinsing my hair AFTER i washed my body. The hair conditioner would run over my back and clog the pores. Now I wash and condition my hair BEFORE I wash my body and put it up in a bun. My back acne cleared up within a couple of weeks.

  • Lindsey

    A great homemade mask is honey, nutmeg and cinnamon. I usually do a 2:1:1 mix but you can adjust it based on your desired preference. The honey moisturizes the skin while the nutmeg and cinnamon crystallize to act as an exfolient when you wash it off. I do it about once-twice a month. Love it.

    • Maria

      That’s a great idea, thank you!

  • heather

    thank you soo much for this. im definitely going to try this. my 3 yr old daughter has keratosis polaris , do you think it might help that?

    • Maria

      I’m not familiar with that. If its a problem worth dry skin, I think it might be worth a shot. I would test it on a small area to be sure.

    • Amy

      I have that on my arms and upper legs. I am 38 and man is it annoying! I saw tried everything but then a few weeks ago on the TV show “the Dr’s” I saw them explain it. It’s an overgrowth of skin that the body can’t exfoliate on its own. They said to use dandruff shampoo on the area and use a harder surface scrubber. I now use one of those double sided foot scrubbers with the shampoo. GONE! I do have to scrub in circular motions every shower but who cares! It’s GONE! Good Luck…

    • Jessica

      Try coconut oil. I use it mixed in a brown sugar scrub, but that may be too hard on your little one’s skin. Basically, I use it every other day in the shower, leaving the mixture on while I condition my hair, rinsing with luke warm water. Pat the skin dry lightly so the skin stays moist. Using this has helped clear up the KP on my arms and legs and the scars from the KP. I’ve red it can be used on the scalp as well for KP, but not really well on the face. Hope this helps!

  • zhannulya75

    i’m really excited to try this! i went to weis and got my two oils. the problem is, I just read your directions and realized that the castor oil I got isn’t “cold pressed” is it going to make a difference if I use regular castor oil?

    • Maria

      One reader didn’t used cold pressed and said she still had success with it, but I couldn’t tell you from personal experience.

  • jackie

    Thanks for this tip, what is EVOO??

    • Brittany

      Extra virgin olive oil

  • Kelsea

    Hey I kinda do the same routine only without oil. I was pretty much in the same boat and at 23 I felt like my zit problem was becoming OLD! I wash every night and thats it!! I get my wash clothes pretty hot and gently scrub away the dead skin cells and other disgusting things that might be on my skin. When Im done with that I don’t let my face dry or wipe it. I immediately (while pores are “open”) take cotton ball with some witch hazel and wipe it until I feel like I’ve gotten the rest of the dirt and oil off my face. Then I use Curel Extra Strength Healing Lotion. I had a bottle from when I got my tattoo because thats what they recommended. I remember that my tat healed so quickly so when I was so desperate to find something to heal my face I figured I’d try that. IT WORKED!!! It was not even a day before I saw a HUGE difference! I may have to try your oil method when I run out of lotion. I must mention that the lotion is not scented at all and is so light on your skin. This is why I figured I may work. I sometimes get a few pimples the week before my period or the week of my period depending if I am on schedule or not. But by the time my period starts or ends the pimples are gone. I may just need to give my skin some extra oil during that time.
    Thank you for sharing!

    • Maria

      Thanks for sharing you’re tips :-)

  • CS

    Hi, I really thought this post was amazing, and so I tried it out exactly like you did. The first 3 days my skin looked amazing. I noticed some really odd breakouts, but i thought that might be normal getting used to this. After 5 days, more breakouts, and 6th day, complete cycstic acne (which I dont normally get)…I’ve never seen myself look so awful. I was wondering if anyone knew if this was a “purging” reaction, getting worse before it gets better like other acne treatments, or a horrible allergy? Im so upset, I really wanted this to work :(

    • Meagan

      Hey, check out my post above about Dermalogica products. They are an absolute LIFESAVER. I love my Dermalogica line. If you can find a retailer, they will check out your acne and make a plan that will suit you. I have suffered from acne since I was 13 years old, and nothing has worked until Dermalogica. They are the absolute BEST.

    • Maria

      I really wish I could have a definite answer but you might be right about your skin purging all the junk. I hope you can stick with it to see!

    • Beth

      Check out Crunchy Betty’s website. She has a lengthy article on oil cleansing explaining all the different oils that can be used and what they do. I think she said that it can be normal to break out but to just keep up with it. I hope it works for you!

    • Ngoma

      Dont use castor oil – try canola and sunflower. you may be reacting to the salicylic acid in Castor and EVOO

  • Carolina

    do you have any face lotion after you washed your face?

    • Maria

      Nope the oil is very moisturizing. Try not to wipe it all completely off.

  • Meagan

    Have you ever heard of the company Dermalogica? They have a FANTASTIC oil pre-cleanser that is safe for all skin types and does basically the same thing as this. The great thing about the Dermalogica PreCleanse essential oil cleanser is that you take it off with water–doesn’t sound possible, right? Well what happens is the oil in the cleanser attaches to the oils already in your skin. Then, those combined oils then wash off together. It is not a cleanser per se; rather it is a PRE cleanser. Use this to get all the gunk off so that when you use a gentle calming cleanser it can do its job and get down into your pores without having to combat all the oil buildup on your face (I have sensitive skin and I recommend Dermalogica’s UltraCalming Cleanser–it is absolutely AMAZING: redness goes away almost IMMEDIATELY). This pre-cleanser was formulated by dermatologists for all skin types, so you can trust that the oils are safe and effective. It is definitely worth the money!

    Just a side note, I am not a paid advertiser and I am in no way affiliated with Dermalogica–I am just an extremely satisfied customer!!

  • Brittney

    I just tried this today for the first time and my skin felt like a baby’s bottom! I do have 1 question though! Do you think it would be more beneficial to do this in the shower? I felt like the washcloth over the sink was not steaming my face so much.

    • Maria

      So glad you’re skin is feeling softer. I usually have to wait a few minutes for the water from my sink to get hit enough. You could also steam you’re face by putting your face over hot running water with a towel over you. Hope that helps!

      • Callie

        I wet the washcloth then put it in the microwave for about 15 seconds. It gets the washcloth hot enough and causes great steam.

        • Maria

          That’s a good idea, but I’d be to lazy to go down each night to do that :P Luckily my sink water gets really hot.

          • Callie

            Well, I’m still in dorm life so my microwave is about 5 feet away from me no matter where I stand!

  • Rachael

    I use coconut oil to clean the makeup off, it works so well! My skincare routine, which I am constantly adjusting, has given me such an improvement over the past two weeks since I started it. I’m going to go ahead and share it, maybe someone can benefit from it as I have! It’s a bit lengthy, so bear with me, or ignore it completely. Enjoy!
    Step I: Pull back hair tightly so as to keep oil out of hair.
    Step II: Massage appropriate amount of coconut oil all over face, concentrating on eyes, usually about two minutes.
    Step III: Rinse briefly with warm (never hot) water, removing the back gunk and leaving behind some oil.
    Step IV: Take about a tablespoon of honey mixture (1/2 cup organic raw local honey + 1 tsp. baking soda [can use plain honey, the baking soda is added to exfoliate gently]) in hands, rub together, and smear all over your face. Sounds like a strange thing to do, yes, but honey is amazing for healing and cleansing! Every few days I like to exfoliate longer to break up dead skin and such, but as a daily rule I just apply it and give a subtle circular scrub.
    Step V: Leave honey on for about three minutes (this gives the honey time to work its magic).
    Step VI: Rinse honey off in COLD water. Hot water will cause unwanted inflammation, whereas the cold water closes pores and will not risk giving your face a mild burn. You may feel the slight presence of the oil still- THIS IS GOOD. It will moisturize without overloading your skin with too much oil.
    Step VII: Pat skin dry or let air dry.
    Step VIII: Rub a dime-sized bit of pure aloe vera gel all over your face. I swear by aloe, it’s miraculous. I even use it to condition my hair daily.

    Be sure to get plenty of sleep. They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing! And lots of water truly helps complexion.

    Step I: Rinse face with cold water.
    There is no step two. The combination of moisturizing honey and oil, and healing properties of aloe, there will no longer be a need to moisturize! I noticed a drastic improvement in my skin within two days. It’s now super smooth and baby-soft, with very few blemishes. The scars that I previously had to cover up, are now fading. I’ve been able to use considerably less makeup, the best part: it’s completely natural! No more chemicals, no more breakouts (although your diet is still a high contributor. I follow a vegan diet), and no more cover-up! My skin is beautiful and clear, with a gorgeous glow. I hope you try my method and see the same improvements that I have. (:

    • linds

      I’m on my first day with coconut oil! um.. I washed once, did the honey scrub (added tea tree oil) and seriously I can already see a huge difference. I have dull uneven skin tone and vetiligo in small spots around my eyes and mouth, I have very fair skin so you can’t see it right away but the dullness makes it much more obvious. I will have to try the aloe vera. I saved this post just for your comment! thank you :)

    • Shelly B.

      I love coconut oil too! Be aware though that for some with really dry or sensitive skin (me!) coconut oil (and castor oil) can actually dry your skin out. It sounds crazy but it’s true! I had to back off on the coconut oil…now I use it about once a week for a “deeper” clean and use grape seed oil for everyday, as it is a more moisturizing oil. I totally believe in the OCM and that it can work for everyone, but you might have to spend some time figuring out which oils will work for your skin!

      • StephC

        I tried coconut oil for 10 days and had the same result, I couldn’t believe how dry it made my face, I had dry flaky red patches on my face. I read so many good reviews on it and was so excited to try it. I was very disappointed. I haven’t heard of grapeseed oil I might try it… I will say I use the coconut oil on my hair and scalp as a deep moisturizer pre wash and I love it!!

    • Cristalina Alcazar

      Is this okay for acne prone skin??

    • Cristalina Alcazar

      I ready also from another source on the internet, that coconut with baking soda to clean face. Hmm…but sounds like coconut oil works!

    • Katie D

      been trying this for a week and love it!

    • AF

      I tried this first, before castor oil, and I broke out pretty badly immediately after :( Hopefully this doesn’t happen with the castor oil cleanser.

    • Joanne

      I’ve always had skin issues, acne and oily skin, and I did this last night and can’t believe the immediate difference! I’ve been using coconut oil as a moisturizer for a little bit now b/c of how good i’ve read it is for your skin, but washing with it took its greatness to a new level!! I woke up this morning with no new pimples and my face isn’t oily AT ALL! Also my currant acne already looks better, less inflamed for sure. This is huge, i’m going to absolutely continue this routine and hopefully this has been the hidden key all along for curing my skin issues! Yay! thanks for sharing!

    • Megan Gullickson

      Honey is a humectant, which means that it will draw moisture from where it can. This is great if you live in a moderate climate, where it can draw moisture from the air into your skin, but bad if you live in a dry climate, where it will draw moisture from your face into the air. Just something to be careful of.

    • LT

      noooo…put the oil IN your hair!! So good for it =]]

  • amanda

    I started the OCM about a week ago after finding it on another blog boy am I excited to see your fabulous results! I can already see improved skin but I’m super excited to be further along into it :-). I am 26 and my acne has worsened over the past year, especially the sides of my face and forehead. Great skin in high school but now this?! I fully recommend the Oil Cleansing Method! I am using a ratio of 3:1, castor oil:evoo.

    • Amy

      Try changing your pillow case every 3 days, wash it with bleach and soap but no softener. Your pillow has a build up of hair products and oil that make your face break-out. I know that once I start breaking out on the sides of my face its time to change the pillow case!

      • Cushka

        I agree 100%. Pillow cases esp. cotton asorb oil and need more washes. I do mine every other day.

    • Danica

      Hey, my story is basically the same as yours. I am 25 and I have acne on the sides of my face and forehead too, I also had perfect skin in high school. I am going to get some castor oil today and try this! How is your skin doing now? I’ll keep you guys updated!

      • Jodi

        Hi, I just started having the same problem with acne about a year ago, completely clear my whole life until age 21. I’m now in school studying to be a holistic nutritionist and I’m still researching my skin problems. I’m going to try this method starting tonight! Anyways for you girls that are having the same problem (clear skin through high school, then acne in your 20s) I keep coming back to the same conclusion which is going off Birth Control. I can go on and on about how this caused it and not just hormone related. So to get on with my question, was this something that could have been the trigger for you as well?

        • Danica

          I have been on birth control since highschool. I stopped to have my son about 3 years ago and I have had an iud Mirena for a year and half now. I started the oil cleansing method a week ago and my skin is starting to clear up already. I have been using a 70/30 mixture of Castro oil and EVOO with some vitamin E oil too.. I have tried coconut oil a few times too. I love my results already and I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like in a month. For the first time in since highschool I feel good about my skin and I believe that this method will be the cure for my acne. I will keep you girls posted! :D

          • Jodi

            I’m on day 2 now and I’ve had no new breakouts and my skin has stopped with it’s awful oiliness as well! I’m glad to hear things are working for you too, good luck !

          • Erica

            I have the same story as a lot of others, clear skin all through highschool and actually when I went OFF of birth control about 1.5 years ago at age 25 I started breaking out badly and nothing is working. I’m excited to try this new cleaning method.

        • rache6987

          I think that that was the cause of my acne also. I was on birth control all through high school and had perfect skin and once I started college and want on BC I have been breaking out. It has been about 6 years now and nothing has helped, hopefully this method will do the truck!

        • Gina

          I’m in the same boat, perfect skin in high school then major breakouts in college. I have never used birth control so I definitely think it’s different for everyone.. I went to college out of state and went from tropical humid weather to dry cold weather. I think it was the weather change but it could also be lack of saltwater, lack of sunshine, or maybe stress.. I’ve heard birth control has positive and negative effects with acne. I’m definitely thinking about giving this a try, thank you for sharing!

          • tapaveli

            Same thing happened to me! I has great skin in high school! My acne seems to be better in the summer and really bad in the really cold months. Have you tried this meathod yet? Has it worked for you?

      • Michelle Hardwick

        I have never been on birth control. I had perfect, beautiful skin in high school, and now (5 years out of H.S.) I break out on my cheeks as well as my chin, T-zone, etc. I haven’t started the oil method yet, but I’m going to research it a bit and give it a go!

  • Rosie

    Have you used another type of oil? It’s just because when I live I can’t find the castor oil…do you have another recomendation? What can you tell me about makeup? Have you use it along to the oil cleansing?

    • LBam

      What about flaxseed oil?

  • Katilyn

    I have recently gotten acne (most likely from hormonal change) on my upper lip and chin and I’ve been acne free my whole life and I’m 19. Do you think this would help? My acne scars on my upper lip are terrible and cause a scar-mustache :(

  • Nicole

    I am definitely going to try this myself! I am excited to try it out.. I do have a question though… so you don’t wash your face in the morning correct? You just use this at night to wash your face? and if you work out then you just take witch hazel and swab your face basically??

    • Maria

      Yup! I do it at night and add a dab of oil in the am and use the witch hazel if I workout

  • Callie

    I began using this a week ago. So far I’ve seen a slight change. The shrinking rate of my acne seems to be a lot faster. I’ve had terrible scarring for years so I don’t expect immediate change there. My favorite part about this method is that my face isn’t oily! Who would have thought that oil would make your skin less oily? I used to apply baby powder to my face when I put on my makeup to soak up the extra oil and if I forgot my face would be shiny and oil would be everywhere on my face. I haven’t used any baby powder over the last week because I don’t need it! I will be continuing the oil cleansing and I’ll try to check back with you in a week!

    • Maria

      Isn’t it crazy that oil washing makes your skin less oily! I just started using a dab of Jojoba oil after I do the oil cleansing and I really feel like it helps with the healing

      • Callie

        Jojoba oil? I’ll definitely be on the lookout for it! It’s been two weeks now and, let me just say, THANK YOU. For the first time in 6 years I have NO ACNE on my face. None! You have no idea how much it excites me to have clear skin! Thank you thank you thank you!

        • Maria

          So happy to hear that!

  • Nicole

    Ive been doing this twice a day everyday and how far my skin has come even in just a few days is incredible. i did the 3:1 ratio i did end up adding a tiny bit more evoo to help with a bit more moisture. and its working amazing for me! i think this saved my skin <3

    • Maria

      Isn’t it great! So glad it’s helping you too :)

  • roboter

    I’ve used oil to clean my face for a while now, but I still have spots much like yours in the picture. Do you use any makeup? I’d like to know so that I can find something that doesn’t make it worse.

    • Maria

      It might take a few weeks to start seeing improvements. Your skin won’t completely heal if the acne is caused my a hormone imbalance or a gut issue.

  • kara shank

    where do you find castor oil? beauty dept, pharmacy?

    • Maria

      I’ve found it at Whole Food, my local health store & Amazon

  • Danielle

    do you only put it on the problem spots or do you use it all over? and what exactly is the 3:1:1

    • Maria

      I use it everywhere and 3:1 one of the ratios you can use depending in your skin type. I listen the ratios for each skin type

  • Jessica Brown

    can you replace castor oil with something else?Or does it have to be castor oil?

    • Maria

      It’s the only in I’ve tried, but many people use lots if other oils. I started putting a dab of Jojoba oil after I cleanse with the Evoo & castor oils and I’m really liking it too!

    • LBam

      I’ve used both flaxseed oil (which you can usually find in the baking aisle) and wheat germ oil, both of which worked well. My next batch will be made with neem oil, which is hard to find but is supposed to be a natural acne treatment.

  • Chloe

    I know someone doing beauty therapy and she told me to use face washes that have oil (i have oily skin so automatically would get oil-free… this made it so much worse) – i never would have picked to actually use oil… Willing to give it a shot though :)

  • anon

    I had the same issue for the longest time. Mine appeared in my 30′s, chin and jaw, and then the back. Yikes! WTH? I did the meds, creams, lotions, etc. You know what has worked the best for me? Avoiding wheat and gluten! I was working on another issue and noticed about 2 weeks into it, my skin was clearer. I am going through the hormonal week right now, and my husband has even recognized that this is probably the clearest I have been in about two years. so if the oil doesn’t work, it very well could be a food allergy.

    • tuqoa

      Adding to this, a lot of my skin problems turned out to be skin sensitivities to common ingredients in skin and hair care products. Silicones (dimethicone, trimethicone, etc, anything ending in -cone) are the worst culprits for me, and they are in EVERYTHING these days. A lot of my skin problems, including backne, got a lot better after I cut out the -cones. But there must be other things I’m sensitive to, because even the Gentle Cetaphil Cleanser recommended by the dermatologist made my skin angry! I never did narrow down the other things that I’m allergic to. I started OCM 2 years ago because I simply could not find a cleanser that didn’t make me break out. And now I get a couple zits during PMS but that’s it — they clear up normally, and my skin is clear the rest of the month.

      • Ngoma

        Check for salicylates sensitivity

  • Alison

    Your first picture looks exactly like mine! I have a lot of different oils around the house because my mom makes organic goat milk soap. I have heard about oil cleansing but I was scared to try it. I’m definitely going to! Thank you!

  • Meena Heartsong

    Some acne with very active bacteria can be “fed” by oils, so if your acne is so deep that Dermatologists want you on antibiotics, this can be dangerous.
    It is great for other skin types as long as you are still exfoliating with a mask or scrub.
    Some options:
    Baking soda, aspirin crushed, coilloidal silver or tea trea oil, or squeezed fruit juice like lemon, grapefruit, apple, tomato, or papaya are great for tough acne or very oily skin.
    Oatmeal, honey, papaya, avocado, and other essential oils like rose and lotus are amazing for dry skin.
    Sugar, salt, or a gentle mitt or face brush can be used with these mixtures for more exfoliation.
    Steaming is great unless you have Rosacea or are incredibly red from acne or allergies, in which case it can cause too much inflammation.
    Orange blossom or rose water make great toners for all skin types. For more oily skin witch hazel feels great, and colloidal silver spray kills bacteria naturally.
    When exfoliating, use upward circular motions, gentle around the eyes, don’t forget lips, and a little tingle and pink is ok, red and burning is not. When in doubt, keep rinsing to neutralize strong mask ingredients.
    Not gonna lie, Clarisonics are amazing, and can be used with any cleanser, but are an investment.
    When you exfoliate you lose protection, and must stay moisturized and using sun protection or dark spots and wrinkles WILL get worse. UV light is antibacterial, but skin cancer and sun damage aren’t worth tanning for acne.
    Some people are overproducing oil due to a lack of hydration which oil can help, but there are SOME excellent oil-free products that protect and hydrate effectively for those who don’t do well with this. I am a fan of Image Skincare and Clinique, but only when a knowledgeable professional is consulting with you.

    • jen huge

      would love to try this oil regimin, but AM on antibiotics- why would that be dangerous???

      • Mariah

        I think what she meant was if your doctor says you need antibiotics don’t just start using this INSTEAD of them, because bacteria could grow even worse. Correct me if I’m wrong. :)

    • amy brim

      I agree with you 100% on this!! I was breaking out so bad on my foreahead and read that Coconut oil helps with moisturizing and acne, so i used it and it made it WORSE! So I found the baking soda routine and used that and my acne cleared up in one week with no scars! So I hope everyone is careful with this, and I hope it works for them! but if not! try the baking soda! :)

      • Emily

        When you first start using coconut oil it can cause you to break out worse because it is actually pulling toxins and oils from your skin. But it eventually clears up and your skin will get clearer. I started using coconut oil for a moisturizer and I broke out in acne on my chest (which I had never had before). Granted, I don’t have horrible acne. But the acne will get better. I’ve read several books on coconut oil and they have all mentioned this effect. Hope that helps!

      • Shelley Lilly Devers

        What is the baking soda routine?

        • Lynda

          I use baking soda once a week as an exfoliant. Some people mix it with honey, but I just make a paste with water – about 1 tsp of baking soda and enough water to make it like a paste, and just gently massage into your face for a few minutes. Your skin will feel incredibly soft after!.

    • Brittany Helsinger

      Now I’m terrified lol. I have terrible cystic acne that I cannot get rid of. I have been on an antibiotic and 2 face creams prescribed by my dr. for a year and it’s still so bad. I feel hopeless.

      • Angel

        Has your Dr. ruled out Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)? Google it, the main noticeable symptom is acne, but it also causes infertility. I just posted a long comment about my experience with lifelong acne.

        • Amy

          Thank you for your comment, Angel! I was just thinking the exact same thing for many of these posts. I’ve been on and off Accutane, birth control pills, anitbiotics, and harsh creams for over half my life. What was the problem? PCOS – I had low progesterone levels and high testosterone levels. Getting them in balance, along with a good diet and plenty of water has helped my complexion more than anything else I’ve tried (in 15 years). Doctors kept telling me I couldn’t be tested for PCOS because I’m not obese, but they were wrong. Turns out there are 2 different kinds, and one is specific to thin women.

  • Kimberly M Mouton

    I have cleaned my face with oil before and I have to agree it works wonders!!! only thing is I use Tea Tree Oil instead of EVOO with the castor oil…

  • Katie

    Do you need the castor oil or can you just use EVOO alone?

    • Cat

      I was wondering this too…anyone know the answer?

      • LBam

        I would only recommend EVOO alone if your skin is VERY dry. Like, an 11 on the 1-10 dryness scale. But if you don’t have castor oil, I’ve had success with Flaxseed oil, wheat germ oil…just about any drier oil will work the same. I also add some vitamin E oil and eucalyptus oil/lavender oil for a bit of scent. Eucalyptus oil is also great as an antiseptic and lavender oil is known to be a healing oil.

        • tuqoa

          Personally my skin has always been super oily, but I still use straight EVOO with no problems. In fact my face is less oily than it used to be before OCM. My sensitive skin hated castor oil, but it loves plain EVOO.

  • Katie

    Do you have to use the castor oil can you just use EVOO alone?

  • brittany

    started using this method 2 days ago and i can already see a difference, i think i finally solved the problem to my skin. thank you!

  • Hollyanne

    what a great idea! I am definitely going to be trying this! another natural product that works really well is making a toner out of apple cider vinegar and water – I believe it’s 3 parts water to 1 part vinegar, but you can adjust it based on your skin type. I do this once every other day and it has really helped make my skin look more radiant, even, and has even improved some of the scarring i have!

  • Rifath Hoque

    What I like to use as a home made exfoliant, is a little sugar and vaseline. or Brown sugar and honey.

  • Kelly

    Would your face become reddish if you use not cold-pressed castor oil? I just used some castor oil that I picked up near the pharmacy at Walmart so I’m not positive, but my cheeks look like they’re flushed 10 minutes after I did the treatment.

    • Maria

      That’s probably from the hot steam

  • zoe

    what about makeup removal? do you need to remove makeup prior to cleansing or does the oil-cleansing method remove makeup?

    • LBam

      This method will dissolve even hard-to-remove makeup like mascara and all-day lipstick.

    • tuqoa

      In my experience OCM removes make-up and mascara, though I use minimal make-up and nothing heavy-duty, only mineral make-up, so ymmv.

  • Brittany

    Would grapeseed oil be a substitue for castor? I could not find castor oil and I am pretty desperate

    • Naomi

      If you go to, she talks about different oils you can use and explains how they work. Do a search for “oil cleansing method” on the site.

    • Carrie Rudy

      Did you look in the pharmacy section with laxatives?

  • Andrea

    Did it made your acne worse at all before it got better?

  • Elisabeth

    I am excited to try this. My skin has already improved a lot from actually ingesting healthy oils and better nutrition overall, plus better hydration. So, hopefully this will help even more! It will be hard for me not to scrub. Right now I am scrubbing with a white wash cloth and see so much dirt come off it’s amazing! I’m going to try your mask too. Thanks!

  • emly

    Hi, I made the acne prone/oily skin mixture yesterday and just got done using it for the second time. I have one question though. After I remove the washcloth from my face should I scrub the oil mixture off? or just gently wipe away all the excess? My skin doesn’t feel clean like when I use regular face wash. I know that is kind of the point but I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t leaving too much of the oil mixture on.

    • Naomi

      Just wipe off the excess. Scrubbing is bad for your skin.

    • tuqoa

      Personally I always give my face a good wipe-down with a hot damp washcloth after OCM. Experiment and find out what makes your skin happiest :)

    • Cristalina Alcazar

      I recommend reading other website that also tell you how to use OCM, because they explain in greater deatail how to clean off your face mutilple time with a wet wash cloth and also, if you feel that EVOO is causing irritation or more break outs then they suggest other oils to use in replacement.

  • Bailie Diehl

    how exactly do you measure 3:1 i know its 70% and 30% but what measurements did you use

    • Cindy Angrygirl

      3:1 means 3 units of castor oil to one unit of EVOO. Pick any unit of measure you want – tablespoon, half a cup, cup… and use three of that unit for the castor oil and one of that unit for the EVOO. Example – three tablespoons castor oil and one tablespoon EVOO. And its not 70% to 30%… its 75% to 25%.

    • claire

      if you want small: 3 tablespoons and 1 tablespoon. if you want big: 3 cups and 1 cup…

  • Bailie Diehl

    how exactly did you make this how much castor oil and how much virgin oil !measurements!

  • valerie

    Hi. I can’t wait to try this… but for the mixture that you use is it 3 tbs of castor oil and 1 tbs of evoo? Please let me know asap. thank you for sharing this with us..

  • tuqoa

    OCM is amazing and rocks my socks. I’ve been using it for almost 2 years now and my skin loves it. I struggled with cystic acne for almost a decade throughout my 20′s, and nothing worked until I started using OCM. However my sensitive skin hates castor oil violently, so I just use straight EVOO. Occasionally I feel like I do want to use a cleanser, and for those times I recently found Fresh Soy Cleanser, which is amazing and doesn’t make my skin freak out.

  • LoLo

    Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! I have never had clear skin, and I am only on my fourth day!

    • Cristalina Alcazar

      Wow! I’m ready to try it! I read from another website that EVOO may be a little too much for oil acne skin. They said to try Grapeseed oil, did you find that EVOO is a little too much for you?

      • Trisha Elise Neimeyer

        I bought grape seed oil as well as everything else bc of this post. I am curious to see if the olive oil will be too much.
        I have super crazy skin. It gets oil but can also dry out in some places super quickly…

  • Melissa

    Thank you for this post. I tried this last night and my skin looked better this morning! Do you think that applying the oil mixture before getting into the shower and wiping it off afterwards would have the same effect as covering your face with a hot cloth?

  • Marta Soboń

    Hi, I use OCM for a while now, but I’ve always read (and used) about 70% EVOO to 30% Castor Oil as the best mixture oily/acne prone skin. Now I see that You use the reversed ratio. Isn’t it too oily for the skin or leaves it too dry? I love this method but if it could be improved I want to try it :) Best regards

    • sammy

      evoo is for moisturizing and castor oil is for acne/drying/antibacterial. if you have oily skin you want less evoo, not more… it’s been recommended to use 1:1:1 with castor oil, evoo, and grape seed oil for oily skin. the grape seed is also good for acne…

  • Mandy

    Dermalogica has a oil product you may also like. Same idea using oil to remove oil. Remember water and oil don’t mix

  • Crees

    Do you apply moisturizer afterwards? Thanks!

  • Barbara47

    Where can I purchase castor oil?

  • Nicole

    so do you no longer use a moisturizer?

  • nicole cote

    I have not tried this, but was struggling with consistent breakouts for about the last year. I have pretty dry skin and never had acne as a teen. What I recently figured out through trial and error was that I was using a drying, acidic wash and then putting retinol on my face too……since I stopped both and went back to using a heavy moisturizer….I have not had any breakouts……I will definitely try this!1

  • Michelle

    Hi my name’s Michelle and I have pretty bad acne myself and I would love to try the oil-cleansing treatment. But I’m confused on some parts. First, what’s cold pressed castor oil? Second, how much should I make of this concoction and are there any exact measurements that I can use? third, in the mornings if I don’t feel clean enough with just water, is there anything else I can use? And fourth, I use topical gels such as epiduo perscribed by my doctor for my acne, should I use these while doing the oil treatment? Thank you!

  • Kelsey Palmer

    Is the Castor Oil and OVOO mixture all you use to clean your face? No other face washes?

  • nicole

    Do you use a product first to remove make-up and then do the OCM? Just using water and not a cleanser would not remove my make-up.

  • Stacey

    My homemade facial scrub involves baking soda. Just a pinch mixed in with water to form a paste does wonders for your skin. Plus if you’re having facial waxing done, it is a good prep to ensure that there’s no dead, dry skin to keep the wax from sticking to the skin.

  • Lisa

    I started doing this about a week and a half ago, I made mine 50% Castor oil 50% Olive oil with a splash of jojoba oil. I was getting huge zits on my chin that just wouldnt go away. Since I started using this i have not got any new ones and the old ones are healing up quicker then usual!!!

  • iamme

    is there an oil I can Isenberg instead of castor?

  • iamme


  • Evangelia

    Where Can I find castor oil? I can’t wait to try this the last year or so my breakouts have been so horrific and embarrassing!!

    • Andrea N.

      I googled cold pressed castor oil and they have it available on I also looked at a health food/vitamin store in my neighborhood and called to see if they carried it which they do.

  • Tessa

    Do you take your makeup off first? Or just put the oil on top of your make up then use the wash rag??

    • AnitaJo Fisher

      Did you ever get an answer on whether or not to take the make up off first?

      • Maria

        If you follow the link to where u answered FAQ I state that you don’t have to, but then again I don’t wear much makeup.

    • Mallory Giacopuzzi

      I’ve been doing this routine for about a year now. I wear makeup everyday and don’t take my makeup off before cleansing. It’s great as a makeup remover as well as cleanser. Even takes off waterproof mascara easily.

  • Andrea N.

    Hi everyone! I have a few questions.. What does cold pressed mean for the Castor oil.. All I could find was a Humco brand that says its a stimulant laxative? Also, can I make a large amount of the mixture one time or do I need to mix the ingredients every night ? I appreciate the feedback!! Thanks in advance :)

  • Carrie Rudy

    I have been using this for about 6 months! I use sunflower oil and castor. I might try olive when my sunflower runs out. Isn’t it wonderful! I wish I had known about this as a teenager!

  • Isla

    So I’m a college student & my acne has been getting worse these past couple of weeks. I’ve had acne since sophomore year of high school & I’e gotten good with dealing with it but I would still have times where it would get really bad. I’ve seen a dermatologist & received different medicines that never worked & would just dry out my skin. Is there any other methods you guys have that would help? I still plan on trying the oil technique but I wanted to see if there was others ways that you guys know of.
    Thanks! (:

  • Laura Manzano

    Hi Maria, I have a question. I’m 27 and I have hormonal problems, which include oily, prone skin and a very unpleasant hairy tendency. Hair grows thicker on my chin and mustache -but luckily it doesn’t turn me into Chuck Norris-, and I read that Castor Oil is used for hair growth, plus it darkens hair. Have you noticed any side effect on your facial hair?

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for sharing your methods to fight skin troubles! :)

    • Maria

      Hey Laura,

      I’ve also seem to have excess hair on my chin and mustache. I think it’s a combo from my hormones and Italian genetics :) I haven’t seen an increase my excess hair, so I hope that answers your question!

      • Laura Manzano

        Thank you very much! I’ll try it soon, I hope your method works on me as well. I’ll be back to share my impressions. Thanks again!

    • monica

      I’m very excited to try this–i have all the same symptoms as you guys do—if you haven’t already, ask your doctor about polycystic ovarian syndrome—it’s the reason behind all of our pain!!! doesn’t help pluck or hide the hair, or cover the years of acne, but explains why we have to deal with it!!

  • Jen

    Can you use just like a baby oil? Or does it have to be the specific oils you mentioned?

    • Stella

      Don’t use baby oil. It’s mineral oil and is not the best for skin.

  • Cora

    Im gonna try this only i’ll try it with tea tree oil and olive oil, hopefully itll have the same results. I didnt get castor oil since I wasnt sure if it would work since its a laxative. tea tree oil is a bit pricey though, so it better work! lol ill let anyone know if it does

  • Ash

    Does it matter what type of EVOO you use?

  • monica anchondo

    I have been using this method for around 6mos. I don’t have acne but large pores and melasma. It has cleared it quite a bit but what I’m most excited about is I’ve been rubbing the castor oil along my lashline and lashes, and this has made my lashes so long they actually touch my eyebrows now. Before I wouldn’t even bother with mascara because my lashes were so short the mascara just called attention to how short they were, I would just where eyeliner. Now someone actually thought I was wearing false eyelashes. It has also filled out my brows where I had some bald spots. I never thought something natural would work so well so I thought I would pass it on. Good luck, Monica:-)

    • Kayla

      Monica can you explain your eyelash routine? I too have short lashes that I wish we’re longer. Do you rub it on at night after you use the mixture on your face? Also how long before you started to see results??,

      • monica anchondo

        Hey Kayla, it’s pretty simple. First I use the oil cleansing method, after that I use my moisturizer including an eye cream. Than I take a small amount of castor oil on my finger and rub it along my lashline and also run it through my lashes if I don’t fall asleep right away I sometimes repeat this . You can use it on your brows too, I have eyebrows growing back i’d never thought id see again lol. Anyway it took me maybe 2 to 3 mos. To see results , but it really is worth it added bonus castor oil is so inexpensive:-) Good Luck,

        • Megan Gullickson

          This is actually why I had to stop using the OCM with Castor Oil. I started sprouting hair all over my face! It is AMAZING for places you might want more hair, like your eyelashes and brows, but not so much on your chin… lol I use jojoba oil now and love it.

          • Julie Smith

            Megan, can you share more about the extra hair growth you experienced?

          • Stephanie Octavia

            Oh no, I was just about to try OCM but after reading your review I’m horrified! I’m already rather hairy (sigh) so needless to say I’m really doubting if OCM will work for me :( Btw I have oily face so the proportion of castor oil is huge, hence the horror :(

          • Sarah

            If extra hair growth is an issue for you don’t ditch OCM altogether, instead use a different oil than castor oil. Flax seed oil is a good one that I used for OCM when I worked for a company that makes it.

      • Caylee

        I have been using Vaseline (Petroleum Jelly) every night. It makes them stronger, longer, and less likely to fall out. Depending on the person, some people that have used this method have gotten immediate results (longer lashes the next morning) after the first time. For others, it can take a week or 2. My lashes are now touching my brows. :)

        • SincerelySarah

          Vaseline is a by-product of unrefined OIL. Probably not the best thing to use on your eyes… use COCONUT OIL! It takes off the makeup and conditions your lashes and is totally harmless and organic. WONT CLOG PORES EITHER!

          • dreamz22

            Alba makes a product called Un-Petroleum Jelly that contains coconut oil. It is awesome. Can be found at Whole Foods or Amazon (

          • Maiby112

            Actually, coconut oil isn’t good for people who have oily skin, as it is comedogenic and will clog pores :(

          • siriusjen

            you need to get unrefined for use on your skin. It will not clog your pores, it actually cleans them out. The refined coconut oil is the one that is comedogenic.

        • Carolyn

          I love using Vaseline on my eyelashes at night!!! I have long eyelashes anyways but they are much stronger and fuller now! :) I love this and it is so cheap! Don’t believe anybody who says it’s bad, because I use it and I love it!!!!!

      • Nellie Jean Martinez

        I use organic sweet almond oil. On my lashes, eye brows and under my eyes. Within one week it brightened the darkness under my eyes. Help my eyebrows grow and made my lashes a little bit longer and softer!

    • jenny k

      I’m going to try this 1 too;) thanks!

    • Briana_skincare

      Hi Monica, Hi Everyone I see that you are dealing with lg pores and have melasma, I wanted to fill you in on my product that I promise would fix both those. I just paired with the top two dermatologist in the nation and I promise our product will work or your money back, no questions asked. So far thousands of women are using the Reverse regimen and seeing amazing results! It’s proven by our < 0.7% return rate on this product, you cant find that with anyother product out there! So please message me and I can send you the information! I looking forward to changing your skin and changing your life!

  • K

    Where can I buy cold pressed castor oil? I checked Walmart & CVS…their castor oil says nothing in label about cold pressed. How do you know you are getting right kind? Have a place to buy or brand to recommend?

    • Mariah

      GNC has cold pressed…I don’t know if you have one in your area, though. :)

  • Stella

    Please be careful when it comes to exfoliants. If it’s a mechanical exfoliant it needs to be perfectly round. If not it’ll create tiny micro cuts on the skin letting in bacteria and other things.

  • kk

    Oil cleansing has been great! I also notice that when I keep hydrogenated fats out of my diet, my skin is much better!

  • Carla

    Definitely going to try this but I think I might try organic coconut oil instead. I do know that a nice soothing mask I use is organic plain Greek yogurt and I apply it after washing. Its very soothing and works very well.

  • MollyM

    Can someone please let me know what cold pressed means?

  • Hilary Boyer

    Will the castor oil say cold-pressed right on the bottle? I have some but it doesn’t say cold pressed anywhere on the bottle..

  • Kaitlin

    What if the castor oil isn’t cold-pressed? Will itcause a counteraction?

    • Katelynn EppenstEin

      Did you ever find out? I can’t tell if mine is cold-pressed or not, my bottle doesn’t say anything.

      • sara (burson) willis

        The size and where you got it are decent indicators of whether it’s the right thing. If it was 3 bucks and came from the laxative section at the pharmacy – it’s the wrong thing. The best deal I found was this one:
        It’s $7 for 16oz and an ounce will last you a couple of weeks, maybe longer depending on your ratio to EVOO.

        • RJ

          Don’t know if anyone has already mentioned this, but “expeller pressed” is the same thing as “Cold Pressed”. Look for those words. If they’re not there, I would guess that it’s not cold pressed.

          • Kimberly Kirby

            thanks for sharing this part!

        • Cydne Wright

          Actually, mine is cold pressed 100% castor oil & it did come from the pharmacy section & had listed uses as “laxative.” Works great!
          It was $3 for 6oz, which is not a huge difference in price from what you suggested.

          • Sarah

            what pharmacy did you get it from? i was just at walgreens and the only castor oil they had was also in the laxative section but didn’t say cold pressed or expeller pressed. thanks!!

          • Cydne Wright


          • sara (burson) willis

            I definitely spoke too soon. As long as it’s cold pressed, it’s the same thing — but as Sarah below mentioned, the bottles in the pharmacy section often don’t say!

            However, I tried this method for two months and my skin actually got significantly worse. :

          • Christina Dameron

            Same with me. My skin started getting HUGE zits.

            I switched over to the kit, and man… that stuff cleared me up a TON! I started out with the small trial pack, and I was really impressed with the strength of the BP because usually I don’t feel it, and this one tingled instantly. I also really liked the moisturizer and jojoba oil combo. I have tried proactive, and nuetragena, and some stuff from my dermatologist, but the stuff worked waaay better.

            It has a gentle cleanser, sort of like cetaphil, then a SUPER strong BP, and then a strong moisturizer with jojoba oil.

            I read the above, and it sort of sounds like an ad… I dont work for the company, I just use their stuff… I was super frustrated with my skin, and it is the only thing I have found that really works for me. So… try it if you like, just thought I would put out there what has worked for my moderate to severe acne.

        • Julie

          I got a $2 5oz bottle from the laxative section at walmart and it said “cold-pressed” on the label and ingredients were just castor oil, so cheap doesn’t mean wrong.

    • Madjax

      Just wanted to add my two cents. On the main page for the OCM it doesn’t say anything about cold pressed. It actually says the oil is the laxative one. Google it and check it out.

      • Marcy

        I agree, Madjax. I’ve been using the one from the laxative section for 3 months. This is the first I’ve heard of it needing to be cold pressed. It has worked great! I’ve never had a big problem with acne, but I no longer need a moisturizer, and my skin has lost a lot of the loose crepe-y feeling I was experiencing–I even think my fine lines have faded. I use a 1:1 ratio and I’ll never go back to a regular cleanser and moisturizer (all of which have unrecognizable ingredient lists).

    • Leahhmc

      I was never able to find it cold pressed so I started using a normal caster oil from the drug store. I have been using it for two months and my skin looks and feels great so I don’t think it’s a big deal.

    • Margo

      Yes, we don’t have castor oil that isn’t cold-pressed, at least it dosn’t say anything about whether or not it’s cold-pressed. I’m a little nervous about using it; will it make my skin worse? My skin really isn’t that bad; I just have these little annoying bumps on my forehead and the area around my nose. But is it possible that the OCM will make it worse??? Please reply soon as I would like to try this. Thanks! =)

    • Virginia

      I couldn’t find the cold-pressed kind in stores (although I asked about it at GNC and the guy there said I was “like the 10th person” who had asked about it recently!), so I ended up buying a $1.99 bottle of the laxative kind and using that. It worked fine, but I did order a bottle of the cold-pressed on Amazon and started using that once it arrived and I did find that my skin reacted marginally better to it. It was about $11 and the bottle is huge, so it will last quite a long time.

  • kalisha starr

    can you use baby oil?

    • Kris

      I wouldn’t… .baby oil is just mineral oil (non plant based, normally a bi-product of petroleum production) whereas olive oil, etc are natural plant oils, they offer so much more to your skin.

  • Jen Eff

    Does this have any effect/affect (never get that right) on black heads? Thanks!

  • Keri

    I have been doing this for a couple of days now and not seeing results as she mentioned above. Does this work for others?

    • Liesel

      I’ve been using this method for a year now, and want to shout from the rooftops about it, that’s how much I love it. I would give it a couple of weeks. It can take a little bit of time for your skin to adjust and for the acne causing bacteria to leave (I don’t know if that’s medically accurate, but it’s kind of what I’ve heard) so try it a little bit longer, and if it’s not perfect for you, I’ve read about different kinds and combinations of oils too. Maybe a different type of oil would work for you. Jojoba, coconut, evoo (I use straight evoo), etc…

  • Natalie

    Monica, I make my own homemade exfoliant and I totally swear by it. It also involves EVOO! It’s just coffee grounds and oil. THATS. IT. :)
    Awesome right? Best part is most people drink coffee in the morning so they’ll have grounds all ready to go! It’s like recycling! I heard about this from a friend who told me that Brazilian’s have been using this trick for not only exfoliation, but to brighten skin and even help with the appearance of cellulite. You should really try it. It always makes a huge difference in my skin! I hope that I could help.
    -Natalie <3

  • Marie

    I, too, troubled with cystic acne and was on medication for 8 months. My doctor had me on a topical ointment for the little acne break(s) that pop up after my post-treatment a year ago. I still am using the topical ointment and I use the Cetaphil facewash day and night. But I’m so fed up of the acne breakouts I get from time to time and the scars that are left behind. I long for clear skin SO much. I wear make-up to cover all my blemishes, acne, scars, etc. just to get that “attempt” of clearer skin.
    I’d really like to try out your routine but I want to ask…

    Do I wipe off my make-up first before applying the oil? I usuallly do the make-up remover clothes and then cleanse with Cetaphil.

    And do I stop using my ointments after I start with the Oil-Cleansing routine?

    What are your suggestions? Or anyone that can suggest!

    • anita

      Marie, your story sounds similar to mine. I started using pure, virgin coconut oil to wash my face about two months ago and stopped all of my prescribed washes and topicals. For about two weeks my skin was more broken out than ever before but it slowly got better and better and now looks better than ever. I use either cheap face cleansing wipes or a warm wet wash cloth to remove most of my makeup then i massage the oil in for about a minute. I steam my face with a hot wash cloth then wipe off the oil. I use witch hazel as an astringent afterwards and in the morning (that is all I do in the a.m) I am thinking about trying the castor oil and the honey/baking soda scrub too..hope this helps!

  • Nancy G.

    Hi…Im really excited to try this routine. I went today and bought some EVOO and castor oil, but my concern is with the castor oil i bought because it was all i could’s Rite Aid brand and it says laxative castor oil. is this what you all are using? i just want to make sure i purchased the right product. Can someone please help me w/ this? Thanks :)

    • Erin H

      I went to our health food store called green earth and they carry it, its not the laxative kind, I got the castor oil that says The Palma Christi by Heritage store, pure cold pressed, top quality oil, soothes and softens the skin, perfect for helath promoting packs. Hexane free whatever that means. I tried the recipe above about 5 mins ago and my face feels great. Im excited about the results becasue I too have those scars. Good luck in your journey.

    • Becky Wilhoite

      How is this working for you? I just made that same mistake. Still thinking about trying it but a little nervous. Please let me know.

    • Sheila R. Hurt

      you can buy it at and also on ebay for a great price.

    • Samantha Leigh

      it is also a natural laxative

      • af

        Exactly, castor oil use is as a laxative, among other things.

  • Lee

    Thanks for the tip! Do you think this would help with hormone induced acne? I have recently started breaking out again after beginning to take birth control. I have a topical antibiotic that works well for me as long as I make sure to use face lotion along with the antibiotic. Thanks!

  • maritza

    I’ve had dermatillomania for a long time, and even though i don’t really break out too much when i do i cant help but tear my face open so my face is NEVER clear because of my scars. I’m hoping this can help in healing my scars & in turn making it to where I have nothing to pick. I’m starting tonight, wish me luck! :)

  • blondie

    I used Jojoba oil and EVOO (its just what I had on hand) and put them in a travel size shampoo bottle. Shake them up well before use. Works miracles! I swear my acne scars (and I had a very bad one from cystic acne that cause the whole area of my face to swell 3x its size…I thought the scar was permanent) were noticeably fading if not gone within two uses! My skin looks youthful and radiant and my t-zone is not oily. Thank you so much!

  • Kellie

    I love the oil cleanser! I found one already made online from a beauty site that I LOVE. Also I take spironolactone it’s done WONDERS for my face. Since using the oil cleaners and starting this medication I literally have not had a cyst is 4 years. I Highly recommend talking to your doctor about it!

    • Kara

      What medication do you take Kellie?

    • Jennifer Demuth

      you said you found one already made online…share!

  • Ngoma

    I urge extreme caution for people with salicylates or salicylic acid allergy oils like olive, castor argan, coconut and any other nut oil will make it worse. Try canola, soya, sunflower, rice bran instead.

  • Ashley Cleveland

    This sounds really promising and I’m excited to give it a try! I didn’t know if you had found an exfoliator yet but I love using lemon juice and sugar. Thanks for such a detailed walk-thru!

  • dee

    become vegan and you will have no skin issues…its the dairy! FOR SURE

    • Brittany

      I wish that was the case. I’ve been a vegan for almost 5 years and I still have problems with acne. I’m not saying it won’t help, if that’s what’s causing the acne but it’s definitely not a cure all. — signed the sad acne prone vegan.

    • chelsea underwood

      hahahahahaha being vegan is REALLY bad… my cousin became anorexic after being vegan and then once she got out of rehab for being anorexic and continued with being vegan, she had gull stones and had to have her gull bladder removed-all within one year! Your diet doesn’t solve the problem, people.

      • Fact finder

        Women over 30 that have cystic acne typically have a hormonal acne that develops as a result of a progesterone imbalance. Your diet will NOT alter this biochemistry…unless you are consuming exogenous hormones. The bovine growth hormone is not “active” enough in your ultra pasteurized/pasteurized milk, unless you REALLY drink a ton of milk…maybe but doubtful. It’s NOT the dairy. BCP’s and spironolactone DO alter this biochemical imbalance. OCM? I don’t know…some science to support some to refute. Please keep updating us on your experiences. Sustained positive results are quite motivating!!!

  • Andrea

    How long did it take for ur skin to start clearing ? I’m on my third night and my face is still broke out?

  • DollyDom

    I have all the stuff to start this new regime and am SO excited! But i do have a question, I wear foundation and didn’t know if it is recommended to place warm wash cloth over face if oil is mixed with the foundation or if foundation should be wiped away before placing the rag? Hope to hear back soon, thank you!

  • Megan

    I’m suffering with the same cystic acne. I’m curious. What treatment did your MD have you on? My dermatologist offered little help in that department b/c I’m trying to get pregnant. I’m researching all possible options. I’d like to know what treatment you were on. Thanks.

  • Thehollands2010@hotmail.

    First off thank you for posting this! I am a esthetician and try to have this conversation with clients that have acne prone skin. The whole industry is about striping or preventing breakouts. Its about balance..both the ph level of your skin and the amount of sebum (oil) that is naturally occurring in and on your skin. Thank you for changing the idea and getting the word out!

  • Thehollands2010@hotmail.

    Also grapeseed oil is a great alternative. Out has polyphenols in it thar help fight free radicals and ageing. It must be cold pressed as well.

  • Alma

    I’m not sure you will know but I’m taking antibiotics for acne, which I’m not too worried about, but I have this acne gel to do at night. It’s Atralin- a topical retinoid made of 0.05% tretinoin, it’s a topical retinoid and it makes my face very oily. Do you think doing this oil cleansing treatment would make it worse or stay the same as far as oil goes? Or do I just need to try it and see… ? I like the idea of it, I might just try it after this acne sytem…

  • Candace

    Well, I just stared this evening to see if I can clear up my 46 yr old cystic acne. I can say my still feels wonderful after the first treatment. I am so very thankful for this tip :)

  • Karry

    I have EVOO and canola oil but I don’t really have anything else. can I do it with just EVOO or do I have to mix it with other things?

  • ddd

    I don’t doubt your results. But, why take before pictures without make up and then take an afterpicture with make up on? And why would you add a camera filter to the picture?
    That kind of invalidates everything you’ve just said.

    • Maria

      I only had eye makeup on and some blush in the after photo. I didn’t have any scar or acne to cover up.

    • Laura Manzano

      Perhaps Maria used an Instagram filter so this is why the tones on the final photo seem a little bit “unrealistic”, but anyway, you saw her acne on the first and second pic? You have to be a pro to camouflage that acne.

  • Carla Hughes

    Really nervous to try this since I have always avoided oil on my face at all costs! It’s worth a shot though, my acne has been terrible since being pregnant. If anyone is interested, I sell all natural hand made scrubs made with essential oils. My page is :)

  • Ematus

    I’d assume you can’t apply oil twice a day (ie in the am to wash your face before work and in the pm to wash your face before bed) what would I use to washing face in the morning that isn’t harsh on my skin or won’t lead to dryness?

    • Maria

      You don’t need to wash it in the am, just pm.

  • Tara

    I could not find cold pressed castor oil? Does it matter

  • Alana

    Can you use Avocado oil instead? I have been using it as a moisturizer and it’s really helped keep my skin soft.

  • cthomas

    Thanks for this castor oil & EVOO recipe! I’m 50 years old and still having cystic acne. I’ve done doctor prescribed antibiotics and tons of different cleansers over the years. My skin is better but, like many others posting, I’ve never not had a zit on my face. I’m looking forward to trying this regimen and will recommend it to my kids and grandkids (who have inherited acne from me). Thank you!

  • Lee

    I have horrible black heads on my nose and I have literially tried everything. Do you think this will work for it? If it does not, do you have any options?

    • Maria

      I had some blackheads in my nose and it seemed to help mine.

  • Jaclyn

    Found you on Pinterest…trying this method tonight. I have tried EVERYTHING and like you, I break out along the jawline. Through research (and I have done two years worth of research), I have found that it is hormonal when you break out along the jawline. I was lucky through my adolescent years, not having any break outs but as soon as I turned 25 (I am 27 now) my face started to break out along the jawline like a 13 year old girl. It was awful and so very painful. So I am looking forward to trying this out. It’s a natural remedy too which is what I prefer!

  • Katie S.

    Do you use a daily/nightly moisturized in addition to your routine?

    • Maria

      No the oil is moisturizing on its own. You can rub in an extra Dan of oil if you feel like your skin feels dry.

  • Guines

    So I just want to make sure I’m doing this correctly. So this how I did it for the first time:
    1) I used almod oil, so I rubbed it on my face
    2) I took a cloth and just threw it under hot water. When I put it on my face (after soaking it in the hot water) it didn’t like feel really hot, but warm (not sure if good or not)
    3) I just took the cloth and spread it on my face, leaving the mouth area open to breath. (not sure if i understood that part correctly)
    4) put the cloth under hot water again, and gently rubbed off the oil from my face, putting the cloth under hot water again and again.
    5) dryed off my face.
    Please tell me if I did anything wrong! Thank you!

    • Maria

      You’re doing it right, but need to towel to get hot(not scalding) to get a steaming effect.

      • Guines

        For some reason I can’t really get it to steam, I tried putting it under the shower, and turned on the hot water, until it was pretty hot. Then I put the cloth under it, and then threw it on my face. But it cooled down very fast, and didn’t really steam. My face also wasn’t red at all after.
        Also, how fast do you think it takes to see a noticable change?

  • mysoulzasong

    My absolute favorite exfoliater is aspirin. Take 3 or 4 uncoated aspirin, add a few drops of water until they start to dissolve (it is super easy to use too much water), and it magically creates a paste. Gently scrub your face with the aspirin paste and warm water. Your face will feel so baby smooth after this. I like to follow up with a gentle honey/ witch hazel face mask. Be warned though, do not use the aspirin scrub if you have an allergy to aspirin, are taking blood thinners, or are taking any other medication that reacts poorly with aspirin. I know you are not injesting in, but it is still absorbed through your skin, and can cause some medical issues if you are not careful. Consult your doctor if you are not sure. Also, don’t use this scrub more than once a week. Number one, you should never exfoliate that much as it increases oil production, and number two, because aspirin is a natural blood thinner, you will get wicked dark circles under your eyes. Even with all that said, it is still the best exfoliater I’ve ever used. And trust me, I’ve tried practically EVERYTHING!

  • Valerie

    Can I use the OCM before I shower or do you suggest doing it after I shower?

  • Lauren

    What brand of castor oil do you use?

  • Olivia

    I usually wear makeup everyday, do I have to use anything before I do the oil cleansing method or will it take care of everything?

  • anna

    Do you take off your makeup before doing the oil treatment? Also if I normally use a topical treatment for acne do I still put that on after the treatment?
    In the mornings I normally put on the topical treatment and then cetaphil lotion before applying makeup. Should I stop doing that? Thanks!

    • Lace

      Thats my exact question. Do i take off all my make up before applying the oils or put the oil over my makeup and wipe everything off with the washcloth and hot water? Would it be bad for my skin to absorb the makeup and oil together? It seems to make sense to take off foundation and makeup first. What do you do?

  • emily a

    so excited to try this. ive had problem skin for years and doctors have pushed acutane for years, but im too hesitant with that treatment. i wear make up, do i need to do anything special in the process to remove it first or just continue with the routine?

    • Marissa

      I’m also really excited to try this! I actually went on Accutane twice! It worked, but the acne came back after a year and I don’t want to go on it a third time. My face is back to being super oily/breaking out. I also have the same question; do you need to remove your makeup at night before washing your face with the oil? If so, what product is recommended?

      • madeleine

        I read somewhere else that you don’t have to remove your make up first. The oil will dissolve it. I just started this tonight and my skin feels so soft. I don’t wear make up, so it’s not a problem for me. I also didn’t get the cold pressed castor oil. I’ll see how it works out.

    • JamieK

      Hey Emily, Just thought I’d let you know that I did Accutane and it was amazing! After years of horrid acne it kept me almost completely clear for a year and then my skin has never been as bad as since. It’s kind of a pain with the dry skin but it’s not as bad as you would think, and for me at least totally worth it!

  • kt

    I’ve been researching the OCM method and am finding very mixed reviews. Did anyone have the “purging” of acne/zits going on when using the method that other forums are talking about? That’s a big concern, no one on here is mentioning any major breakouts after using OCM like other places I’ve read.

  • crystal

    I’ve never had acne that was too bad. Just the occasional breakout.. But since I quit nursing my fourth child a few months ago, I started to break out more regularly. I bought proactiv and started using it about four weeks ago. Since then it’s like my acne has gone into overdrive, getting worse and worse each week! I’ve never had acne like this, not even as a teenager. My face all around my chin is actually painful all the time. I’ve been wondering if its because of the exact reason you stated…that it was drying my skin so much, it has to produce more and more oil to compensate. The people at proactiv tell me to just keep going and give it 3-6 months to allow my skin to adjust. (And $100 plus in their pockets). I can’t continue like this for 6 months to see. I’m starting to get embarrassed to be seen in public. I can barely even cover it up anymore. So, I’m excited to give your method a try. How long do you suppose I should keep with the oil method before i’ll know if its something that works for me?

    • Grace Homstad

      Beware! Proactiv changes the PH balance in your skin. When I was on it my acne cleared slightly, but as soon as I stopped reverted back to what it was (or worse)

    • Lynda

      I used ProActiv for about 2 years and it worked for me, until I developed an allergy to it. Washed my face one night, put on the lotion, and woke up with HIVES all over my face. The active ingredient in ProActiv is benzoyl peroxide, and now I get hives if I use anything with benzoyl peroxide in it – not to mention the name benzoyl peroxide just sounds bad!!! ProActiv dries your skin out pretty drastically (and it bleached my sheets) so your skin will start over producing oil to try to compensate for the drying.
      Since I stopped using ProActive, I’ve tryed everything – Body Shop tea tree oil wash worked OK, tried every over the counter acne treatment under the sun.
      I’ve been using OCM for about two weeks and have seen an improvement, especially in the healing time of any acne I do get. The scars a fading as well. It will depend on your skin type though. Another thing you can try is to dab 100% Tea Tree Oil directly on to pimples. It’s a natural antibiotic, and works wonders for me. I’ve also been very diligent about not wearing any cover up to allow my skin to adjust and heal more quickly and it makes a huge difference. Now after two weeks, I don’t feel the need to wear any cover up.

  • Shelly

    Don’t know if anyone has mentioned this, but I seem to be allergic to an ingredient in most face soaps like cetafel… Sodium laurel sulfate. It made my face break out just like yours did…could be part of why your face kept breaking out!

  • snehal

    What exactly do you mean by cold pressed? Here, in India we have a liquid form of castor oil, is it okay to use that? If this works it will change my life forever, I’ve been going through acne for a few mnths now and I’ve tried umpteen number of cleansers and masks. Pleaseee do reply

  • Brittany O

    How long until you start to see results? I have been trying this regimen for about a week… I feel as if everything is surfacing instead of disappearing. The guy at the vitamin shoppe thought I was nuts once I told him about this form of skin care. I have tried everything from proactiv ( a joke) to accutane which cleared everything up but came back! Hope this works because something has to. Guess I will just have to give it time….

    • Angela Schrader

      Mine is def. surfacing and I’ve been doing it 6 days as well. I’m going to give it a whole 30 days and see how it goes.
      How is your skin now? (I see your post is from 5 days ago).

  • Yasha

    wow!! This is so promising!! Am heading to the grocery store tomorrow to get this good stuff?
    Would you recommend any particular brand for the oil mixture?

  • egy

    i went out to buy the “ingredients” yesterday and the woman at the counter said, ‘hm. there was a girl in here this morning who bought the same thing for the same reason. you two must have watched the same thing.” :) i said we probably read the same thing! thanks for the idea and the positive testimony. glad it has worked for you, here’s hoping it will do the same all the way out in iowa!

  • Kris

    Hi Maria! I need you help :( I started the OCM and REALLY need it to work for me! I have hopes because my skin looks like your before (but worse even). I did it last night (castor oil and EVOO) and my face tingled. I used some EVOO this morning for moisture (I currently have eczema) and my skin tingled again…did you have this? Is it a bad sign? Do you have any idea if it could be the castor or EVOO? (I think I read somewhere that too much castor could make skin tingle…) I chose this oil because I have such dryness with the eczema, but do you think the tingle is a sign I should use a different oil? THANK YOU, I REALLY hope to hear from you soon!! :)

  • DollyDom

    I have only recently started this cleansing method and like most others on here love it. I personally prefer to use the oils, wipe off with rag then massage again with oils and use hot rag as suggested in this article. Suppose it may not be necessary but I like knowing the oil and steam isn’t mixed with foundation:)

  • Hillary

    i couldn’t find the castor oil at local grocery stores in my town, so i bought it on amazon hope this helps any of you to find it! i haven’t tried it yet because i haven’t received it yet, but i’l let you know if it works for me!

  • Janny M

    Can you use just one type of oil, like the EVOO?

  • Leah

    so does the oil not clog pores? i can see why it would make the skin more smooth and supple but i dont understand how it wouldnt cause pimples if youre adding oil to your pores..

  • Maria Mullins

    Wow! Saw this on pinterest and can’t wait to try! What about coconut oil? I have heard it has numerous benefits for aging, Alzheimer’s, etc.

  • Jen A.

    I am on my second day of trying this wash/cleansing. I was wondering when I wear makeup, do I remove the makeup before the oil treatment or do I put the oil treatment on top of the makeup? If I do need to remove it, what should I use?

  • Susan

    Eliminating all wheat from your diet does wonders for acne, eczema, psorarisis and other skin rashes. Read the current #1 NYTimes Best Seller Wheat Belly and read the FB page Wheat Belly.

  • Angela

    Hi! Im so thankful I came across this blog. Im always looking for ways to clear up my acne and reduce the oil. I am 18 and started breaking out around the age of 13 and nothing has helped. I started the oil cleansing method and love it. It has reduced my break outs tremendously and helped a lot with my oily skin. My acne is almost gone and Ive only been doing it for two weeks!! (:

  • Cygnus

    It doesn’t seem to really work for me for some reason. I’m on the 6th day today, and not any noticable difference. One thing I think I might be doing wrong, is that I don’t get the towel to steam. I’m not really sure how, I put it under hot water for a while, but it doesn’t seem to get any steam. It also cools down in about 10 seconds. Any ideas?

    • Molly Lappegaard

      Probably need to turn up your water heater. A lot of times they’re set low to be eco-friendly or avoid burns (in rentals especially). You can always microwave a wet wash cloth and let it cool until it feels right.

  • Chris Hemsted

    Reading all these posts has made me realize how many of us simply wish for clear skin, I don’t have acne anymore but I do get occasional spots, BUT one good thing about all the oil production over the years gives us less wrinkles I’m going to try the oil cleanser to help with the scarring. Thank you

  • Karin

    I have been using EVOO for the past 12 years as a moisturizer. I had bad cystic acne in HS and college until someone told me about the healing properties of EVOO. I just wash my face with very warm water and finish by rubbing in a dime size amount of EVOO. The oil soaks in and leaves my skin soft and smooth. I use it day and night and have been acne free for 12 years! Good luck…so excited for you!!

  • Kellie

    What Castor Oil do you use?!

  • Kimmy

    Hi guys, I’m so excited to read this, I too myself am an acne proned person, since the young age of 10 and still to this day at the 40. Woohoo. I wake up and wonder where’s the spot going to be today. I’m always trying to cover them up and it seems to make them worse. Im going to the store tomorrow and start cleaning my face this way too. May post a picture if I get brave enough. Thank you so much Maria

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  • Kylie

    Where did you buy your castor oil?

  • Jackie

    Lots of reviews of this method here – MANY have had problems, so patch test and beware:

  • amy anson

    Hi I have the same problems with my skin and recently had a more than usual, horrible breakout. I am looking forward to trying this! One question though, what do you use for sunscreen?

  • Nicholle

    This is exactly what I’ve been going through for YEARS now. The only time my skin cleared up is when I was on birth control, which isn’t exactly possible when trying to conceive! GRR! I will be starting this TONIGHT. My question is – do you find the need to use topical moisturizers after cleansing with the oil concoction? I use an oil control sunscreen moisturizer every morning and I’m wondering if that should be cut out?? Hmm..

  • Megan

    I just tried this for the first time and I am really excited. I used the same recipe that you do, however my face feels a little dry. I tend to break out but dont have severe acne, do you think maybe I need to add a little more EVO to mine, or should I stick with this for a few days and see if the dry feeling subsides?

  • Stacy

    I am just starting this oil clensing routine, but I use Neutrogena foundation which says oil free. Should I switch make ups? Will this make up which has salicylic acid in it counteract the oil treatment??

  • Patrick N Devin Henry

    Can you pre-mix the oils in a jar? If you have a pimple do you use a Benzoyl Peroxide cream?

  • FBryan

    Where do you get the castor oil (cold pressure) ??? AND the brand of EVOO

    • Elizabeth

      EVOO is not a brand. It stands for Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • Bexs

    How often do you repeat this procedure? It’s it daily?
    I’m just scared it will absorb oil every day :( I’m terrified about making my akin worse.

  • shannon

    I’ve never washed with the oil before, but I use Olive oil to moisturize and I’ve had good results.I am going to try washing with it now after reading your article. I know an elderly lady who has moisturized with olive oil for years and she looks decades younger, that’s why I tried it originally.

  • Brit

    I am on day two and have had pretty bad acne since middle school. After being in and out of the doctor for it they gave me medicine to take. I took it for a while but didn’t like being dependent on the pills. I can ALREADY see a huge difference. I still have spots on my face, but they are healing quickly and the smaller pimples are almost all gone!! I have never been so excited to was my face at night!!

  • melissa

    I do – I love using at-home recipes for my skin. I have cystic acne and will use what you’ve got here…but I have a great way to help with redness and uneven skin tone: plain yogurt. I use greek, only because it is thicker and tends to not run. I simply slap it all over my face, just enough to cover, and leave it on for 15 minutes in the morning. It has a natural lightening ability and my skin looks like porcelain afterward. Another one to try is baking soda and milk as a mask. Helps pull out dirt from clogged pores. Good luck with your skin!

  • Sarah

    Where do you get Castor Oil at??

  • Ash

    Where do u get the castor oil from?

  • Julie

    I want to scream from the hills GIRLS DO NOT USE ANYTHING WITH SODIUM LAUREL/Laurethsulfate!! Especially in your shampoo, this gas caused me years and years of acne and scarring!! Once I got out of my regime not one pimple!! So sad why the doctors don’t tell you this!! Please please check your ingredients!!

    • Maria

      Yes I agree! We need to keep spreading that info!

  • larnold

    Where do you store your oil mixture? In the refrigerator or just in the bathroom cabinet?

    • Maria

      In my bathroom cabinet, no need to refrigerate.

  • Bex

    How often should i do the oil cleansing treatment?

    • Maria

      Every night

  • Monika

    When i first heard about this I wasnt sure but i started researching and now im obsessed with the idea of Oil Cleansing. I found Castor Oil but i bought Sunflower oil, are there different types of oils for your face rather than cooking? Because my sunflower oil is refined and expeller pressed, so i guess im asking if i can use it?

    • Maria

      I did the same thing too. I’m not an expert at this so I can’t really say. Just do some research and I’m sure you can find an answer.

  • Melissa

    does the evoo need to be extra virgin will just olive oil work the same?

  • Lisa

    Darn, I bought regular Castor Oil…the laxative. Why must it be cold-pressed?

  • Leah

    Today is my night #1 of this method. I must admit…my face feels really good lol I am of course skeptical that my face is going to break out really BAD with the oil but the system makes sense! Will keep you posted :)

    • Maria

      I felt the same way! Don’t give up:)

  • Mel S.

    OK So I definitely want to try this, same type of acne, same problem, sooo annoying! So question: Do you use a different washcloth everyday?

    • Maria

      Yes I do.

  • Alana

    I quit all diet foods no more artificial sweetners and I use white safeguard soap. It works for my skin, at one time I had over 80 lesions on my face. Looks good now!

    • Maria

      Wow that’s amazing

  • Abby

    This is day one for me! I’ve always struggled with bad skin. It’s very very oily, but I don’t technically have “acne” so there isn’t much I can do about it but try to strip it of oil constantly. I’m really hoping this method will work for me like it does for you! I just did the first one and my face is soooooo soft!

    • Maria

      I really think it will help reduce your oily skin. Once you use the oil wash, your skin should stop over producing its own oil.

  • Leah

    Eeeepp! I am seeewww excited. :) I’ve been on and off of Accutane for years, topical and oral pills out the wah-zoo, and at age 24 am sick and tired of not swimming, going on dates, etc, because of my skin. I’d like to think that under all this face-crap is a somewhat attractive woman, and I hope this treatment brings her out (and the cute boys to her!). Hehe. :)

  • LISA

    Thank you! I have been using OCM for four nights now and my face feels great. I don’t really have an acne problem but my face use to be super oily during the day and now it’s not. The First night my face was a little tight after wards but now it has adjusted and I don’t feel dry at all. I work out in the AM so I have been using the witchhazel pads and it feels clean and soft! I can’t wait to introduce this to my teenage daughter.

    QUESTION: I live in sunny CA and need to wear daily sunscreen. I usually use Neutrogena daily face lotion with SPF 55. After OCM, I don’t really need the lotion part but feel like I still need to be protecting my face from the sun. Is there a SPF that you recommend using that won’t counteract the OCM benefits?

    • Maria

      I’m glad you’re liking it so far. I live in Chicago and don’t burn easily so I don’t have to worry about it all the time. You may find some answers at she had talked about why we shouldn’t use conventional sunscreens and also had a recipe for a homemade one that I think would be best for your skin. Hope you find your answer.

  • Cacoagu

    Hi, i started using this method and i just wanted to know what type of mask you use and in the morning do you apply a mousturizers and sunscreen?

  • Laurie Laliberte

    I haven’t gone back to read all the comments, but I used to sell cosmetics for a natural company. You’d be surprised what ingredients they used. Yes, they were all natural, and actually good for your skin, but out best cleansers were pretty much combinations of mild oils like castor oil, almond oil and olive oil.

    Also, the best kept beauty secret in the world is to drink nothing but water. It affects every system in your body and keeps your cells operating the way nature intended. People would come to me with the worst cystic acne (yes, even worse than the pics you show) and I would tell them to stop drinking diet soda.

    “How do you know I drink diet soda?”

    “Your skin tells me.”

    Sometimes that acne is the body’s only way of purging the chemicals in the soda. Replace it with water (with some sliced fruit if you want flavor) and you’ll see your skin improve.

    • Maria

      That’s a great tip Laura! I can believe that too. Fake sugary drinks and many foods can wreck havoc on our skin. I agree that acne is a sign of something deeper inside.

  • Savanah Moore

    This is an awesome beauty routine! It leaves my skin feeling soft and supple. Results: Smaller pore size, faded acne scars, moisturized, & healed breakouts. I do not even wear a moisturizer anymore. :) Thumbs up! I use coconut oil instead of the castor oil. Coconut + EVOO = amazing!

  • Kristin

    My experience with acne sounds identical. I started using this method of washing with castor oil at night and warm water in the morning, three weeks ago. My scars are almost gone, but I have never had more acne than I do right now. I have acne in areas of my face that have never broken out before. My entire face is covered with huge acne. Help.

  • Kristi Mead

    I accidentally used canola oil instead. Will that make a difference.?

  • Christine Fiedler

    I’m really excited to try this — I’ve been fairly happy with how my AcneFree set has kept my skin fairly clear, but I hate how dry my skin gets…and I still get some really painful spots. My face wash is almost out and I’m planning on picking up some castor oil instead!

  • Kori

    Wow! Our skin sounds so similar. I’m 22 and have been struggling with different types of acne since I was in middle school. This makes so much sense to me, and I can’t wait to try it! I’ve been using the clarisonic cleansing system for the past month and have noticed a small improvement. Have you heard anything on it? Thanks so much!! I love your blog =)

  • Lavina

    I am a HUGE believer in the benefits of olive oil & the method mentioned in this post. Although I do keep a bottle of EVOO on my bathroom counter at all times (for my hair/face/body) I also loooove the product line by OLIVELLA, an Italian line of cleansers, creams & lotions that uses 100% pure Umbrian olive oil, it’s really great and inexpensive!

  • Amanda

    i have struggled with cystic acne for a few years now. after trying several different brands, i just spend quit a bit of money buying the arbonne acne system. it hasn’t seemed to work. i am eager to start your system. i am going out to gnc tomorrow to buy the castor oil. is the oil wash the only thing you use on your face? because i have been using a wash, toner and on the spot system.

  • Tracy

    Thank you so much! Since starting this regime my skin is soooo much better. After not really having acne as a teenager this has been really hard to accept as I am going through my more mature years! – wrinkles and acne!!! The difference is amazing – I am hooked!

  • Monica

    My only question is, where does one find the right Castor oil for this treatment? Any suggestions or recommendations as to where I can find the best kind?

    • Lindsey

      If you have a whole food store where you are they have it.

  • JesJess

    I break out pretty badly on my arms as well. Do you think it would be something I could try there, also?

  • Becky Lewis

    I would just like to thank you for sharing this!! I have suffered with terrible acne most of my life. I have tried everything you can imagine and NOTHING has helped my skin the way this has!!! Its been 2 weeks and my skin looks and feels amazing! I will say through trial and error that jojoba oil has been the best for my skin and I would reccomend anyone with acne prone skin to try it! I will never waste another penny on all of those harsh chemicals again!! My advice to anyone thinking of trying this to start with equal parts castor oil and jojoba or whatever oil they choose and adjust from there. Your skin will tell u what it needs more of and you can adjust from there! Thank you again from me and my skin :)

  • Red

    I use a 50/50 mixture of honey and coarse sea salt in a small glass jar of burt bees facial scrub I rinsed out. It’s a great facial scrub that leaves my skin looking great once I’m out of the shower. I’d recommend doing this at most every other day or a few times a week, but it’s cheap and works like a charm!

  • Arneta

    I have used this method for a couple years now…I love it… If I go away and use something else, or skip a night or two I can tell…..I love how it easliy it takes off my water proof mascara too! It’s so worth it!!!

  • Sandy

    I just did my first oil cleanse and my face feels so soft!! I searched all over town but could only find castor oil at the health food store (not cold-pressed). However the castor oil container said for skin, so I figured it was much better and more natural than the cheap castor oil at the grocery store. I really hope this works because I have fought acne all of my life but in the last year it has gotten worse, especially this fall since I am not out in the sun. Thanks for the information!!!

  • kitty

    I actually stumbled onto my own oil cleansing. I made homemade body sugar scrub using oil and white sugar. At first I only used it on my body, and the mild acne on my thighs and back cleared up within a week. So I started using it on my face too, and slowly (maybe after 2 weeks) my face looked amazing! I had no idea why- I thought it was from the exfoliation. Now I know why!!! LOL! I’m gonna keep it up now! Thanks so much for posting this:)

  • JamiDanger

    What is the purpose of ‘cold-pressed’ castor oil? is it necessary to use cold pressed. i cant find anywhere on any bottle cold pressed.. i have general castor oil… will that work as well?

  • Angel

    I’ve had cystic acne since age 13, I am now 38. My mom always shamed me into thinking I was an unclean person (change your pillow case every day, wash your face more, don’t touch your face, wash your hands more) and never took me to a Dr. to try to get help for it. In college I took Accutane which was horrible and had no lasting effects. It wasn’t until getting married and two years of unexplained infertility that a specialist finally determined that I had Poly Cyctic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). Main symptom, acne, hair loss and infertility. It’s a hormone imbalance, too much testosterone or not enough estrogen. Basically your skin thinks you are a teenage boy and an old man all at once…for life. The only treatment from a mainstrem Dr. is to be on the pill, i.e. hormone replacement. But now I have also been diagnosed with a thyroid condition called Hasimoto’s Thyroiditis and they say not to take the pill because too much estrogen causes flair-ups. I’m stuck! I’ve also read that insulin resistance could have triggered the PCOS, which could have triggered the Hashi’s (granted these are holistic Dr.s writing this in books or blogs and your general Dr. won’t know about that other than to discredit them). So of course now that I’m off the pill, the acne is back. It’s worth looking into if you’ve suffered from acne all your life, ask to be checked for PCOS. And if you find out now it could save you years of heartache when/if you try to become pregnant (I now have 7 year old twins and a 4 year old thanks to Chlomid). With all that said, I can’t wait to try this to see if it helps at all, but I have serious doubts since how can anything topical (and I’ve tried them all) combat an internal hormone imbalance. But I’m willing to try most anything.

    • meg

      there is a cure of pcos, look up creighton napro technology-they do natural birth control and FIX fertility problems-not cover it up with birth control!

  • Melissa

    Thanks for posting this! im on my second or third week of using the OCM. I really noticed a great difference the first couple of days, i felt like my skin tone evened out A LOT, and my acne reduced. Now, my skin where i dont have acne looks really good (bright, small pores) but ive started to break out again with the cyst acne. On top of this, they arent healing very fast at all. Any suggestions?

  • Jacey

    Does this work on men too?

  • Caylee

    What do I do if I take my showers in the morning and only do the oil cleansing at night. do i do the oil cleansing twice that day? What i do, is wash my face with a “Baking soda and water paste”. It gets rid of the dead skin. Then, i do the oil cleansing. Im getting amazing results and ive only done it twice, by the way. So… yeah. What do I do?

    • Candace

      I oil cleanse at night. in the shower in the morning I just use an exfoliating pad and warm water on my face. Very gently. Seems to be working for me :)

  • Randi

    I’d like to try the 3:1 ratio. What are the exact measurements to use?

  • Jodi

    I’m so glad that it’s working for people! I tried it for 2 weeks with no luck. My skin seemed to be smoother but this week I have my cheek and neck full of large, cystic pimples.:(

  • Ashley

    Thank you so much for posting this, i am really excited to try this soon. i do have a question tho…do you need to moisturize at all after the treatment? if so what brands do you recommend? Thanks!!

  • Dottie Rinks

    How will this method work for rosasea. I never had any skin problems until the last year or so and now I have rosaea. I have extremely dry skin and I currently use cetaphil and clinique products which is crazy expensive. Looking for cheaper alternatives.

    • Lynda

      It should help! The whole point of this is to maintain the natural moisture in your face – no stripping the natural oils in your skin with harsh chemicals. It’s really gentle. I have sensitive skin, and had rosasea on and off, and my skin has never been softer or more smooth!

  • Holland Nettie

    I’ve been oil cleansing for a while but just with vitamin E oil and EVOO. I never ever thought to try Castor oil (I ordered some cold pressed offline that was decently priced) and I LOVE it. The castor oil is much thicker and easier to control on my face. I do, however, remove my makeup with a makeup towelette first just because I am paranoid (and I want ALL of that mascara GONE before I do any form of an acne treatment). Thanks for this wonderful cleansing method!
    Also, has anyone clogged their sinks with this oil? I don’t believe oil would clog a sink, but my husband is starting to think my oils are doing so… I believe it’s most likely his bloody whiskers she taps off into the bowl, but he is in denial.

  • Val

    I have had acne for YEARS ( I’m 48 ) but when menopause hit, and it hit with a vengeance, my face exploded! I tried everything under the sun… then someone suggested the oil thing! I have been doing that in combination with baking soda after the cleansing… naturally brings back your face to its Ph balance. ( you rinse off the baking soda) It works… my teenage son does it too. Totally cleared up his skin. It changed his life! TRY the oil… it does help!

  • Julissa

    I have been doing this and the only problem I have is that I often get MORE acne (it seems) around and in between my eyebrows! Not sure if this happened with you…? Maybe I should just go around them since the oil possibly stays in the hair of my eyebrows causing more buildup?

  • BK

    I love mixing 3 tablespoons of baking soda and mixing it with water then massaging on my face. It not only clears out your pores, but it exfoliates as well- not to mention keeps my skin clear!

  • claire

    What if you shower in the morning?? I usually clean my face in the morning (after showering) because the steam from the shower opens up my pores and makes my face kind of dry

  • Lucy

    Wow youre are so beautiful! Im so glad your skin cleared up! I know how it is to have acne all the time. This method seems promising (Im also into natural products)..I hope it works!! Thanks for sharing! :)

  • Michele

    Yup. It totally works for me too. Been doing it for around 8 months, now.

  • Kylie

    castor oil is wonderful stuff – I have always used it on my ear piercings to help with any kind of inflammation or infections and it works amazingly so I’m not surprised it works well on acne. Don’t know why I haven’t thought of it before. Thanks for posting Maria. Now I just have to get my 17 to believe it :)

  • Colette

    I have problem skin as well. The acne will get red, large and very sore. I just tried this method using olive oil only. But my question is do I still need to use a nightly moisturizer afterwards?

    • Lynda

      All depends on how your skin feels! If it feels a bit tight, I just rub a dab of jojoba oil on my face – I tried olive oil and it wasn’t right for me, but jojoba oil has been working for me, along with castor oil. And tea tree oil dabbed directly on pimples and leave it on. I put it on at night and it works wonders – acne clears up so much faster!

  • Lizz Daley

    I started this cleansing about a month ago. Now my face is breaking out worse than it ever has!!! In my whole life!!! I’m definitely stopping this experiment, but I will keep putting the oil on my lashes, as they are getting longer.

  • Courtney Dawn

    I have really bad problems with cluster of acne on my chin and jaw line. They are embarrassing and make me self conscious. I’m really interested in trying this method but have one question. Should I wash my daily make up off before hand with my regular face wash or will the oils remove it!?

  • Denise

    Hi Maria, Im excited to try out the OCM , just a question however .I also use Cetaphil cleanser and lotion, did you discontinue the use of cetaphil while using the OCM? Should I discontinue the cleanser but use the lotion? Please let me know what you think is best!

  • Trevor

    The heavily filtered instagram picture with caked on makeup isn’t a good representation of what the after looks like.

  • emily a

    thank god my hours and hours ive spent on pinterest finally paid off! i cant thank you enough for sharing your OCM with us all. i ordered the oils the day i saw this post took before pictures, and started exactly 2 weeks ago. I had acne very similar to the kind you described, and i am happy to say it is 10x better! i only use a tinted moisturizer now instead of the layers of makeup i would use to try and cover up my embarrassing skin. i know its a work in progress, but i have my hopes high that this is finally the answer ive been looking for! and naturally! thank you thank you thank you!

  • Tasha

    I have had cystic acne since I was about twelve or so, and when I was a teenager it was cripplingly embarrassing. I tried everything but nothing worked, and I had accepted the fact that I would have acne my whole life. I have never heard of this method, but I just tried it and I cant wait to see if it works! I am also excited to read in some of the comments that dairy can cause acne, I already know Im mildly allergic to dairy but I still have not cut it entirely from my diet. I will try both and see if it helps. Thank you!!

  • ehardin

    Go gluten free. I promise. Perfectly clear. Only thing that every worked!
    Even better, no gluten, dairy, corn, soy, sugar or dyes, but that takes time to get used to. I saw immediate results when I removed gluten. The inflammation was gone in two days!

  • Rechelle

    Where can I find castor oil cold pressed

  • jenny k

    I just now trying this i have bad skin and im turning 30 in january so im pretty much up for anything;) thanks for shareing

  • danielle

    I have been doing this for months. I use equal parts castor oil and sunflower oil. I love it and won’t go back to anything else….

  • Lydia

    I have some Castor Oil but it doesn’t say cold-pressed, will that make a big difference?

  • Anita Jo

    Do you take your makeup off before doing this every night?

  • Jordan

    If anyone is looking for a fast acne treatment, i would have to recomend birth control! I had horrible acne that lasted pretty mich my entire freshman year of high school and after many different creams and antibotics that never worked i changed to birth control, soloden (antibiotic). I had been on soloden the whole time with no results but with birth control added my acne was gone in a month!! All i have to do now is try to fix the scars. I also use neautragna green tea clenser that is cheap and works great!

    • Nat

      The idea behind this method is to eliminate the need for harsh chemicals. I’m sorry, but pumping my body full of unnecessary hormones to see if my skin clears up is overkill.

      • Lynda

        Agreed! I was put on the birth control pill for my skin as a teenager and it wreaked havoc on my body. I gained 25 lbs in 4 months, I got more PMSy than I have ever been before, and when I went off it, my cycle was totally messed up. It took two years for my cycle to become regular again, and a year and a half to lose the weight I had gained – and I was a competitive swimmer. Birth control stops you from ovulating, affects how much progesterone and estrogen your body produces and totally disrupts your body’s natural processes. This is not a solution for acne in my opinion. OCM is a natural method that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals and soaps. Adding hormones that they obtain from HORSE URINE, to replace my face wash, is not an option for me.

  • nickey6

    I use coconut oil from trader joes its a harder form comes in a jar n melts super fast in ur hand it only takes a drop n it has cleared my acne up so well n its grwat for scaring. Is 6bucks a jar n last forever its great to use as a lotion all over n used in hair as a hot oil tratment. its a natural antifungal n antibactieral n is great for cooking n just eating by the spoonful try it research its benefits u will b Blown away it has changed my life!

  • ccgmz

    I’ve been using OCM method since july/august and have noticed a HUGE difference in my skin. My complexion has improved dramatically! When I used commercial cleansers my face was a grease trap :( but ever since I started using this method, my oiliness is virtually non-existent! I love love love this AND it’s cheaper! I don’t intend on going back to commercial cleansers as I have found what works for me. I also use castor oil at night to help lengthen and strengthen my lashes and help grow my brows out. I’m very satisfied with the results! :)

  • SheluvsShoes

    I use water and baking soda as an exfoliant. My facialist who was trained in France taught me this technique. Hopefully this helps!!!!

  • Helen Deeds

    I’ve heard of the oil cleansing method, but your explination is THE BEST I’ve seen yet!! I love how detailed it is! I feel much more confidant and prepared and will be doing this as one of my next beauty experiemnts for my blog! :) Thank you!
    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  • Nicky

    I make a scrub of brown sugar and water, just enough to make a paste. Gonna try this, sounds like I could benefit! Thank you!

  • Jenny

    Just saw this on pintrest and wanted to say that oatmeal facials work really well too ;)

  • Jess

    I am really excited but really nervous to try this. I have had horrible skin my entire life and have spent so so so much money on different products. I am not a huge fan of all the different chemicals that are in most of these products either.
    I will be completely amazed if this routine works.
    I will let you know the results soon. Wish me luck!!

    • Jess

      So I am only 2 days in, but I am seeing more that I expected!! I am usually blotting the oil of my face by 9 am and I haven’t blotted once in the last two days!! I am amazed so far. I expected to break out like crazy and I haven’t. I also expected my skin to feel greasy after using the oil, but it doesn’t. It feels clean and refreshed.
      We will see how the next week goes, but so far so good!!

      • Melissa Cummings

        Your comment gives me hope – I start this method tonight! I also am a blotter, have to reapply makeup twice a day, at least to keep the oil at bay. Tired of the cystic acne – my face has literally HURT this week I am so broke out.

  • BJbird

    My fave EASY way to exfoliate? After cleansing, slice a fresh lemon in half and dip it in sugar then gently scrub all over your face, avoiding the eye area. Continue until the sugar crystals seem to be dissolved and then rinse with cool water. I go ahead and moisturize with coconut oil afterwards but I cleanse with oatmeal and baking soda instead of oil so you may not need to. Only do this at night. it could make you a little red for awhile!

  • Dayla

    Did it get worse before it got better? I feel like since I started usin it my face has been breaking out more… I have been using it for a week now..

  • Vicki

    I find the I break out because all of the products that I was using were perfumed!! Anytime I use anything with fragrance I break out. Also , using a washcloth that has been washed in detergent is washing your face with a chemical that is perfumed! Im wondering if this is helping because its natural and fragrance free? If you are suffering from acne get rid of anything with fragrance and buy fragrance free and see if it helps!

  • Lauren Thompson

    Thanks for sharing this!! I wanted to ask if you cleanse your face first to remove mascara and other makeup? And do you use a toner or moisturiser after the oil?

  • Celeste Lantz

    I’m 21 years old and I have been struggling with moderate acne for as long as I can remember. I have tried absolutely everything: Proactiv, Clinique acne solutions and regular face systems, every single system and cleanser on the drug store shelf, antibiotics, and topical creams. Absolutely everything failed to help my skin. The ones that kind of helped dried my skin out so bad, it hurt. And I wasn’t about to use Accutane.

    Two days ago, I started using the OCM. In that amount of time, my skin has been much smoother and I’ve already seen an improvement with my acne. I had some pimples from before starting the OCM and I didn’t expect those to disappear, but the red bumps are fading and the scars are much less noticeable.

    I don’t want to jump the gun and jinx it, but I’m definitely going to keep using this system!

  • Kelsey

    Ooopies! My Castor oil is not cold pressed and I tried it for the first time tonight. It was the only kind I could find at any drug store. I am about to order some cold pressed online. Can someone PLEASE tell me if it is a big deal if I did not use cold pressed castor oil? It seems that is the only question not answered up here. Thanks! So excited to see if it works.

  • Trisha Elise Neimeyer

    Just came back from Sprouts with Castro Oil, EVOO and Witch Hazel. The woman working the oils and soap section recommend unrefined EVOO for facial use so that’s what I got – yes?no? And I got the 100% WH with out lemon/lilac/etc. Is that ok? Are the lemon/lilac options just for fragrant preference?
    Looking forward (and totally nervous) to trying this!

  • Tonya Jean La Belle

    Where can you find castor oil?

    • Jess

      I found mine at sprouts.

    • Melissa Cummings

      You can find cold-pressed castor oil at local health food stores (I could not find at big stores like CVS or Kroger – had to go to an old-fashioned “hippie” health food store, lol). From most comments I have seen – don’t use just generic castor oil such as found in laxative section of stores.

  • rEGAN

    coconut oil is the bomb,best I have ever used!!

  • Karen H

    I have just learned that meleleuca oil mixed in fractionated coconut oil makes an amazing moisturizer. I don’t have acne but I had lots of little bumps and rough skin. Within a day my skin was so smooth and moist. I have done this for 2 months and have had no breakouts. I am going to recommend his method to friends. Thanks for sharing!

  • Taylor

    I’ve tried the OCM…but I’ve seen the most amazing results from using Sibu products. Sibu products contain Sea Buckthorn oil and this oil is amazing for clearing up acne. I also do Manuka honey masks. Now I finally have clear skin!

  • Claire

    I’ve always had acne… always, infact I do right now, and some of it is the cystic which is new to me, I’ve never really experienced it until the last few months :( I’ve been doing acid peels, and clay masks hoping it would help with my scars, but it’s been slow, I’m also kind of frustrated reading other people’s amazing reviews about clay bars, when it’s not so much working for me I am suuuuper eager to try this! It sounds like caster oil is too drying? Should I start with Grape seed oil? My skin is very thin, and I have tiny pores.. I hope hope hope this works!

  • Rose

    Would baby oil work instead of castor oil?

    • lunanoir

      not a good substitute i think as it is a man made mineral oil, whereas olive oil and the rest are natural plant oils.

  • Anna

    Have you all been able to find castor oil without BHT? Do you think it makes a difference?

  • Kasia

    Hi! I really would like try your method but I don’t catch some of your tips. Maybe it’s because english is not my native language. So.. sorry for my stupid question :)
    When I should putt oil on my face? Before I cover my face by washsloth or after?

    Thanks, I hope it will be works on me :)

    • Kim Mills

      before and have you tried this yet? did it work for you?

  • Kerry

    What do you do the following morning?

  • Alli

    Does this get rid of black heads as well?

  • Lcollins

    This is amazing i can’t wait to try this. I do have a question though. I am also prone to acne on the top of my bust(cleavage). Would this work the same way?

  • LeaDaStylist

    Jojoba oil is good to use too

  • Cand

    Wowww…i look forward to trying this! Just wanted to ask if “COLD PRESSED’ castor oil was the actual product or if you had to do something to castor oil for it to become cold pressed??? Thanks for sharing!!! &the other comments with other natural methods, i look forward to trying also!!! :)))

  • Jvee

    Should I stop using my topical acne face wash and gel and continues with OCM?

    • Lynda

      Yes. I was using The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil Acne Wash, and I stopped it completely. All I use now is castor oil and jojoba oil at night, and dab 100% tea tree oil on any pimples. I just wash my face with luke warm water in the mornings and if my skin is feeling dry, dab on a very small amount of jojoba oil.

  • motleysun

    I tried this method for a while and it did nothing but make my generally blemish-free skin break out a little. No change in my pores, which is what I tried it for. I might try switching to grape seed oil or coconut oil as some people suggested in the comments.

  • laschia

    Could another kind of oil work? Like Olive or vegetable?

  • KimH

    Im so happy to see this is working GREAT for you! While I’ve never had skin problems my stepson did have some pretty severe acne for a while. I had read that consuming sugar would cause acne and he drank sodas every day, all day long so I told him to try to lay off for a week or two. He did & his acne cleared up very quickly.. He went back to drinking sodas every day but when his gets out of hand, he slows down on his sugar consumption and his acne goes away again. Something to think about & add if its applicable.

  • Louise

    You might just of saved my life…. I will trot to the shops and pick up may ingredients and give it a try. I have been so embaressed by my skin for years… at 28 years old I’ve had enough!! Here goes……

    • Maria

      I wish you luck!

  • lumday

    Gently exfoliate once a week. (I want to try and make a homemade one soon): Just baking soda; it’s the best exfoliant. It’s not too harsh, and you can feel it cleaning the acne prone areas. I use it 2 times a week and it makes my skin feel fresh and baby smooth.

  • Heddie

    I use Brown sugar and EVOO to exfoliate.

  • Megan

    I started using this method about a week ago and I have noticed a big difference, however I never washed my face at night, only in the morning during showering.Now when I get out my face is really dry.I don’t know if its just a side effect from not using lotion any more or if its just face producing more excess skin due to the oil.Any recomended moisturizers on top of the oil cleanse???

    • Maria

      Just add a dab more of the oil after you shower!

      • lunanoir

        yeah, i shower, rub my eyes and get the pores nice and open with a nice hot shower, then get out and do the whole oil treatment. i then brush my teeth and gargle and finish dressing, if i feel my skin is still dry, i will take just a dab more oil, either the same of something else and quickly rub that in. I don’t need more moisturising after this even in winter.

  • Kelly Mullendore

    you’re beautiful!

  • Jessica

    Do you take your make off before you use the oil cleanser? And if so, what cleanser do you recommend?

    • lunanoir

      take your makupe off with your oil cleanser! that is what it is for and it really gets all the eyeliner off between your lashes. you can also get some in your eye without feeling like your eye wants to burn out of your socets. if you don’t feel cleansed after this, repeat till the tissue you wipe it off with comes away with only oil on it not make up.

  • Anne

    This stuff is no joke! I have only been using it for 3 days and I already am seeing results! I started off with acne prone skin with acne scars and after 3 days I already am using less makeup and am seeing changes in my skin tone/clarity!

  • shady02

    What ratio would you use if you have combination skin (oily but dry)?

  • Ashley Sportelli

    I have read the majority of these comments and posts. I’ve suffered from acne since elementary school and now im 26 and still suffer from it. I see a skin scare professional every 3 weeks for acid peels and microdermabrasion. My skin is super sensative. Just wondering if anyone else with sensative skin has tried this and what your results were?

    • lunanoir

      the skin scare professional sounds horrible! if i were you i would maybe just start with neat olive oil, say at night, and see what this does for you. If your skin objects, then you have your answer, but i really hope your skin likes the oil…

  • Sue

    Have to say first night of oil-cleansing it feels real good !

  • staceface

    my hair also gets super oily within just a few hours of washing. Do you think this would also work on my scalp?

  • Julie

    I am doing this with coconut oil. My skin looks great, it is supple and soft. Skin tone is better and rosacea getting better to. Thanks!

  • Tina

    I’m in my 50′s and found my pores getting larger my skin being very dry and of course wrinkles becoming more pronounced. I started using the OCM and love it! My skin is in much better condition after about one month and I too am seeing eyelash thickening and growth. The only other thing I use is a daily and nightly ROC retinol wrinkle formula and I could not be more thrilled with the overall results. This is the best my skin has ever looked!

  • Lauren

    I’ve been taking fish oil as a supplement. It seems to help with evening out hormones! But I can’t wait to try this, thank you!!!

  • Lisa Mason

    Thank you so much for sharing this solution. I can’t wait to start tonight.

  • MissAllie

    A great facial exfoliant is using about 1/2 a cup of water and a table spoon of baking soda. Stir it around. Massage into skin for about 2-5 mins. Wash off with a warm wash cloth. (If you have oily skin, just let the mixture sit on your face for a few extra minutes before washing it off!) You will be surprised how soft your face and fingers are! Then apply castor oil/EVOO. Do this exfoliant once a week. I just refrigerate the leftovers and use the next week!

  • anonymous

    what other oils do you suggest other then the cold-pressed castor oil?

  • anonymous

    What other oils do you suggest other then castor-oil

    • lunanoir

      coconut oil (they sell this in pharmacies, but if you look i’m sure you will find lots of places that sell this – it is solid till about 24 degrees celsius, after that you have a liquid – how you make that hard topping on ice cream too!)
      then jojoba oil, awasome stuff, but rather expensive. this is used in loads of beauty products and it is really worth the expense as you use 10-15 drops per session and it could last months!
      then you can basically use any other kind of commercial oil you can buy at the supermarket – nut oils, avocado oils, canola, sunflower.. the trick is to buy one and see what it does for you, if it doesn’t work you can always put it on salads or fry your eggs with it.

      I mix my oils with essential oils, just google essential oils and do a little research with regards to what each does for you. tea tree i believe is good for acne, but i think it stinks. lavender is also wonderful and smells nice… experimentation is the key here.

  • Erin

    Where did you purchase the extra virgin olive oil, I can’t find it cheap anywhere. A link would be awesome! Thanks

  • Sheina

    After using this routine at night and in the morning, besides splashing your face with cold water, what do you do? As in do you use your regular products (lotion, etc.)? make-up routine?

  • Natalie

    This is great! I have had moderate acne for the past couple of years and found this great solution that really helps: strong green tea plus lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. I started it a few weeks ago when my skin was particularly dried out, peeling, and breaking out. I splashed it on that night, and in the morning my skin was no longer dry and my acne had really cleared up! I made a second batch to take to school but it hasn’t been working as well, and after reading this I understand it’s because I lowered how much olive oil I put in! Next time I make it I will have to stick to my 1:1:1 ratio! Thanks so much for clearing that up haha!

  • Nicole

    Omg, I can’t wait to try this. It sounds super crazy considering I can cook a chicken with th oil on my face…but I’m willing to try this since u had such great results.

  • Shirley

    May I know which type of EVOO? The only type i know is the one use for cooking. Can this be use?

    • Maria

      Yes use the same one you use for cooking.

    • lunanoir

      extra virgin olive oil might have more minerals and vitamins, but it is more expensive and must be kept in a dark closet to keep this fresh and vital, so make small batches and please note that oil can go bad if exposed to heat and light and if mixed in a dirty bottle for instance. so make small batches. this also helps for when the mix of castor oil and olive oil doesn’t work for you. next batch you adjust your mix and try again. you can also use regular olive oil, or sunflower oil, or avocado oil, or coconut oil, or jojoba oil, whatever you can get basically.

  • Lisa Woodford

    What are the brands of Castor Oil and EVOO that you purchased?

  • Choliebear

    I’ve seen soooo many different types and brands of castor oil…what did you use?

    • lunanoir

      doesn’t matter use what you can get. I think actually they are mostly all the same thing anyways. the caster oil is for deep cleaning, the olive oil for mosturising and healing and feeding your skin. i think the olive oil is more important than the castor oil.

  • Tiff

    Does this is work acne on your back also???

  • Melina

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! I’ve had skin issues since I was a teenager and they’ve only gotten worse in my 20s. I have tried everything and nothing has had such good results and so quickly! I’ve been doing this for approximately 1 month and although I get a blackhead or tiny whitehead here and there, I haven’t had any cystic acne or big breakouts since I started doing this. Also my skin looks more even and is softer than ever. Also, my eyebrows look better and more full and I swear it’s because of the castor oil (maybe just a coincidence). Also, this is sooo inexpensive! I am so happy I found this post!

  • Liz

    Thank you so much!! I’ve been using this for about a month now and I have nothing but great things to say. I have oily skin, but with this technique it’s not oily anymore! It’s a miracle. My skin is looking great, which I haven’t been able to say for years. I am just working on getting a few scars to go away. Thank you again, more than I can say! :)

  • Jennifer

    My dermatologist says never to wash your face with hot water. It causes thickening of the skin as you get older. Not sure how or why, but I’d heard it before so I’ve taken it to heart.

    • lunanoir

      you can open your pores by taking your regular shower and then doing this oil cleansing treatment. i’m sure you don’t wash in cold water do you?

  • jess

    so you’re telling me that even if I have combination skin….if I use this oil wash my skin will not be oily and it will be clear? this is my first night and I’m actually a bit nervous cuz the oil and emolient stuff is something I thought I should stay away from my whole life.

    • lunanoir

      i have always had a T zone face too, oily forehead, nose and chin and dry cheaks. This was terrible in winter when my oily forehead and nose would crack from dryness whilst being bloody oily! and getting the right foundation for this skin type was hell.

      now i have oily skin all over and yet i don’t shine, I have a matt, happy face that don’t pull or pinch or itch or crack anywhere.

      give it a try and experiment with different oils till you find ones you like. your skin will love you for the special treat you give it. If it doesn’t work, you can always go back to your old routine. but I’ve been on it 6 months now and I must say i will never go back to soap and fancy moisturisers. Even if i get a few zits now and then, i was used to having weeks of breakouts and scars. this is heaven.

  • disqus_2gV6O1UbCb

    may i ask you if you would recommend this regimen for african americans?

    • Maria

      I don’t see why not? Just use the correct ratio of oils.

      • lunanoir

        in africa, where I am, the africans use copious amounts of petrolium jelly to keep them protected from the elements (it is also cheap), so i cannot see why using somekind of natural oil, like coconut or olive or even sunflower oil would do you any harm. Coconut is especially used for making cocobutter and how many moisturisers are made with somekind of cocobutter in it? petrolium jelly is of course not the greatest thing you can put on your body, and it is not natural, but man made, so try to avoid it as much as you can. In the days before we settlers came here, the tribesmen and women would make a paste of animal fat and various other things to keep bugs away – the masai like red ocre for instance, but i think this was cosmetic. a little useless info…

        I also think that many black ladies stay looking youthfull exactly for this reason and this is why black don’t crack hehe.

  • Nicole M.

    I also do a method very similar to this one and I LOVE it! Instead of the castor and olive oil though, I use jojoba oil which has been great. For an exfoliant, I use the expresso bar by RAD Soap. It has ground coffee in it and works great to get rid of dead skin. So happy to see this post!

    • Maria

      I starting using Jojoba oil too recently and i love it too:)

  • nicole

    i found a website that says to only use 30% castor oil and 70% EVOO or sunflower oil. Can you help clarify?

    • Maria

      It’s different depending on you’re skin type. You need to find a ratio that works best for you!

  • lyn

    Maria-when i turned 50 i started getting cystic acne. I had been diagnosed with rosacea years previous. I figured it was the next stage in the skin condition or the hormones kicking out. After two years of drugs, face medications, scars due to the extreme cysts not to mention how painful they can be, i’m clear. The culprit—coffee. I also starting drinking coffee around the same time. Must be the acid-it’s not the caffine- i drink alot of tea with no problems. Thought i’d share for you or others to think about.

  • Laura

    Do you wash your face with something particular first before doing the oil routine?

    • lunanoir

      use on your made up face, getting the black gunk all over everything, massaging all the dirty bits, then wipe it off. If you feel you need a repeat do it again till the tissue comes away clean. this is a replacement for SOAP and MOISTURISER and i would bet it tones pretty good too…

  • Tea

    I started this 2 nights ago and my face has never looked so awful. I’m hoping its just detoxing and it will clear up but its also the week before aunt flow visits which is always awful anyway. I tried this a year ago with evoo and jojoba oil and quit after 3 weeks because it got worst. So my question is… does it get worst before it gets better? should I stick with it?

  • Jesse

    Any thoughts on using Coconut oil as an alternative. I just purchased some and thought it might be a good thing to try.

    • lunanoir

      it is awesome! mix in some rose essential oil when the oil is in a liquid form and you have a facial treatment that smells devine and really treats your skin with respect. I am not sure how it will mix with caster oil, but on its own it is a great cleanser too. Remember, oil removes oil.

  • Teresa

    I have tried oil cleansing before- different mixtures of evoo, castor, grape seed and jojoba oils. after 2 weeks my face was still worst than when i started. this was a year ago and im giving it another go since ive switched birth controls and im going to keep going longer. I started with the acne recipe above and 2 washes into it my face is breaking out really badly. Im hoping its just detoxing and its the week before that-time-of-the-month (tmi, sorry). So, did anybody else get worst before getting better? Will this get better, should I try another recipe? Thanks for any advice

    • lunanoir

      it is the caster oil that brings old healed over zits back for another rumble. If you have the patience and the self restraint to not pick at these zits, then keep at it, but when I had enough of this constant zit barage I scaled down the caster oil and upped the olive oil to help heal the zits. Now I’m on pure coconut oil with rose essential oil, or jojoba with sandalwood and I no longer get zit breakouts but random little zits here and there that disappear in a day or so. I have far less blackheads, and my skin is smooth and i love touching it during the day. Another thing I love is the occasional whiff of either the rose essential oil or my new fav sandalwood – it boggles my mind how i can still smell this stuff 12 hours after I’ve only mixed 2-3 drops with 10 drops of jojoba or coconut oil. awesome! aromatherapy and beauty therapy at once. I’m going to try ylang-ylang and jasmine as soon as i can get my hands on some good essential oils that don’t cost an arm and a leg! Some of these oils are very DEAR.

      Ironically, I did not realise there was a formula for the oil method when I started, I just grabbed some olive oil and got some caster oil (did not check what type – didn’t know there were others!) and slapped it on like i would use my face wash or soap. then I tried some essential oil of lavender and myrrh i had gotten on the internet for my zits and mixed that in, and then i thought hmmmm what if other essential oils did the same kind of job? So i think you can experiment and try different oils. Jojoba is expensive, but really it laaaaaaaaaaaaaasts and it is wonderful. Coconut oil is cheap and also awesome on skins. i did not like almond oil much, it didn’t absorb but this makes it great for massages that takes time, whereas a face care routine must be done in 5 mins or it is too much trouble for me. olive oil is the go to oil for everybody – you can even use it on your hair!

      try a new mixture if the one you are using doesn’t do it for you or causes a reaction. Rose essential oil for instance is great for lightening a red complexion, but DAMNIT be carefull with that stuff. If you use more than 2 drops with 15 drops base oil it BURNS like a mofo. so does pepermint essential oil hahaha damn! but after that your skin feels so soft and the pepermint makes it glow and you smell rather nice and fresh – like eating chillies makes you feel all gratefull to be alive after you are done burning…

      I like my routine now because I can change it around and use stuff that smells nice and see how my skin likes it. If something doesn’t work, scale it down or ditch it. it seems far more natural to use oil than to leach out every drop of oil your naughty skin might think of producing to stop it splitting open. If I had known about this method as a teenager I would’ve never felt like staying home or covering my face with hair cos i had zits.

  • Erin

    baking soda and milk mixture- gets rid of blackheads-works SOOO well!!

  • jessica

    Will the castor oil from the laxative section at the store still work?

    • lunanoir

      yes definately.

  • Allison

    First, thank’s so much for sharing! So I’m 28 years old, I have normal to dry skin but I still battle with clogged pores and blackheads on my nose. I have the occasional breakout (more so now that I’m pregnant but that’s to be expected). I’m starting to get the dreaded premature wrinkles around my eyes and large pores on my cheeks. I tried the castor oil/EVOO mixture 1:3 ratio as recommended last night and it dried out my skin completely. To the point of making it hurt. I followed up with a heavy cream moisturizer and it still felt tight.

    I think for my skin type, I will benefit the most by sticking with my mild daily Cetaphil face wash with a good am/pm moisturizer. Then follow up with a weekly cleansing mask like the clay one you recommended to clear my pores and exfoliate my skin. (I’m still on the neverending search for a good wrinkle eye cream and daily face moisturizer if any readers have any favorites they want to share) Thanks for listening!

    • lunanoir

      Hey, try cutting out the casteroil and use olive oil neat on your skin. this stuff is amazing and i think in your sensitive condtion it is to be expected that your skin will not take kindly to treatments that normal skin would tollerate. Olive oil is great for plumping out your skin, but you might want to use it both internally and externally for the best results.

  • Lolafaloola

    I want this to work for me too!! I don’t understand, I have the best and worst skin with the OCM. My skin is clear of the bigger pimples the red swollen looking ones. But on the other hand I know have more black heads then what I originally started with. My nose is the worst it’s ever been. I did a pore strip and holy cow. That thing was covered. I have also never seen so many black heads on my forehead and my chin. Ughh!! I don’t understand what went wrong. My complexion is beautiful, the red tones that were in my skin before are gone. I have a nice even tone. But these black heads are a nightmare. I have exfoliated and used masks. Anyone have this issue?

  • Gretchen

    i use coconut oil and it really seems to do the trick!!! I love it!!!

  • cynthia_maire

    For a great homemade mask I use Greek yogurt and for a scrub I use olive oil and sugar. I too have battled with my skin. I have sensitive, combination skin that is acne prone. I am actually using Mario Badescu for my cleanser and moisturizer right now and love it. I would still like to try the oil cleansing that you talk about here. :)

  • Brooklynn McNeil

    Does this method works for body acne because I have mild acne on my face chest and the whole length of my back. Also are there any other methods that would work for body acne. Also the scars on my cheat and my back are very unsettling so any suggestions I would really appreciate. I am asking this because ik that your body skin is very different from your face skin so help please!

    • lunanoir

      i can’t see why it would not work for that, the problem might be getting it on your back and then getting it off again. You can ask somebody you don’t mind getting naked with?

      I actaully read a woman who was pregnant’s blog on her quest to keep the stretchmarks at a minimal and she used olive oil to keep her skin both clean and supple and moisturised… just google bathing with olive oil or something like that and you might find her blog.

  • Brook Simmons

    This may sound really wierd but I have a disease that forms cysts on my body so my face is constantly red. I am excited to try to your oil cleansing method.Olive oil has natural antiobiotic properties. Some of the things that have worked for me in the past was using asprin and acidolpholus to exfoliate my skin because I suspected that my irritation may of been fungal from my compromised immune system. I then used Vagisil as a moisturizer mixed on face which took my redness away rather quickly. I figured its used on the most sensitive part of our body it couldn’t hurt and I do not like store facial moisturizers. your cleanser should shorten up the process especially if I add one to two drops of tea tree oil in with it.

    • lunanoir

      i don’t like the smell of tea tree, but if you can stand it great, it is also good for keeping bugs and over eager men away haha….

      but seriously, if you want to find something that is anti-fungal, just do a little research with regards to other essential oils. I believe lavender is anti-fungal? I could be wrong, but google is your friend. It sure smells better than tea tree…

  • Melissa

    Use baking soda and coconut oil, mix small amounts in unroll its a toothpaste consistency and gently massage into face, rinse with warm water. Awesome exfoliater!

  • Kelli

    Did you use this oil cleansing method to take off your makeup as well? or do you take off your makeup and then use the oil cleansing method?

    • lunanoir

      I can vouch for it taking off even my eyeliner that I work into my lashes pretty good and without lots of rubbing and aggitating of the sensitive skin. so this stuff is awesome for taking off makeup.

  • Laura

    My skin is a perfect blend of combination messiness. I have had hormonal acne forever and have tried everything to get rid of it. I also have a ton of redness and huge pores on my nose. (and for all those dairy haters out there, I live a pretty vegan/GAPS diet and still have bad skin) I have found things that lessen or hide the problem but nothing like this. I honestly thought this had to be a hoax- I have spent a fortune on all kinds of products, there was no way that castor oil and EVOO were my miracle cure. I am eating all of my thoughts and bad juju I sent you. I followed the directions exactly and it’s only been a week, but my skin looks fabulous. I know from the comments that this isn’t working for everyone, but it worked for me and I have skin like nothing I ever remember having. It’s clear, it pore less, I wear no makeup, it’s a miracle. I stumbled upon this on pinterest and I’m so, so happy I did. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  • lunanoir

    congrats for trying this weird method! I’ve used it now for around 6 months and i don’t do the whole hot washcloth thing, or exfoliation. i use it like i would use regular soap face wash. get in the shower, let the hot water fall on my face, rinse out the old eye sockets (this is in the mornings), then when i get out, i put on my oil and rub it in wherever the dirt would usually clog and hang around – where my blackheads are. I call it changing the oil. then I just wipe the excess off with a piece of toilet paper, and also rub the excess into my nails and cuticles. for the bod i use avocado oil and it is awesome! mix it with some of your left over bottles of regular moisturizers to stop smelling like a salad.

    Now I can look back and say with conclusive proof that i will never buy facial soap of fancy expensive creams and moisturizer ever again. I have far less blackheads and the zits I get are gone in a day and no scars. I don’t have oily skin anymore, and it just feels wonderful knowing that i’m not harming my skin by feeding it with oil, and cleaning out the old oil at the same time.

    I tried castor oil in the beginning, and this will give you zits, but it is the old healed over stuff that come back for the final round. keep going with this, your face will expel the hidden gunk and heal quickly. I also get zits in my neck and in my hairline, because the oil don’t get wiped off as well as on the rest of my face. I suggest washing your neck with your body soap and taking special care with your hairline to remember to wipe all the oil out of there, to stop the clogging and zit forming.

    I have various base oils i try out with various essential oils in the mix (rose smells awesome as does sandalwood and it has other benefits to the skin too) currently i have jojoba and olive and coconut oils as base and mix in these the various essential oils. be aware that some essential oils need to be thinned and not used neat on the skin. I don’t have acne skin anymore, as I am now on the Pill, but I do also get the odd zit now and then and have black heads and scarring. I’m also heading to my 40′s and want to keep looking youthful, and i do look good for 36. that said, i don’t smoke, i don’t drink (try 2 liters of water a day), i try to eat lots of veggies and fruit (not working very well) and when i go out i always have my shades on my eyes so i don’t frown. I don’t tan – i’m uber white with freckles and in Africa so sun + me = carcinoma.

    I love my skin care routine now and feel more positive as I can see improvement and I know my skin loves me back for the attention I give it. it is far less schlep than what i had to go through with store bought miracle products and i can make it smell like what i want it to smell like. Winter is no more a dry cracked flaky forehead problem for me. and as for the summer SPF issue, i slap on a tinted “BB” cream that is now all the rage, but the tinting is so barely there you might not notice it is there. I use it for the SPF 15 in it as I don’t wear make up now that my skin is clearer and my blackheads no longer in need of a thick oily covering.

    so grab your salad dressing and rub it into your face! you can always wash it off again if you don’t like the soft moisturized no pull feel of your mug.

  • Samantha K.

    For those with acne-prone or oily skin use a 3:1 ratio of Castor Oil (cold pressed)and EVOO. (This is what I’ve been using)
    How exactly would you go about mixing that? Measuring, etc.

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  • Rachel Anna

    I am currently purchasing all i need to try this method. I don’t have terrible acne, but I am definitely sick of it. I’ll let you know how it works for me! :)

  • D

    I am exactly the same as you…hormonal cystic acne on my jawline. I tried the oil cleansing method and I did for a month and it worked AMAZINGLY…until…… I had the worst breakout EVER in my life!!!!!!! It was 7 months before my wedding and my entire face was COVERED in pimples. And i didn’t really ever break out anywhere else on my face before this!! I had to go to a dermatologist and and get on some serious meds to clear my skin up for my wedding. DO NOT USE CASTOR OIL!!!!!!!!

    • lunanoir

      yes the caster oil gets the “healed” stuff to come back, so if you have the time and nothing major in the works, try to stick to the castor oil to get rid of all your baggage.

      I had terrible post 20 – 28 zits that would make a teenager horrified, and i had patches of healed over zit scar type places on my left temple, on my left jaw and cheeks (i’m right handed so guess which part of my face was easier to squeeze?)

      anywho, i started with the caster oil, but these places suddenly errupted in red, sore zits that just never seemed to come to a head, even when squeezed. I then tapered down with the caster oil and used more olive and coconut and jojoba oil, and now these places has been sorted out – months later. I get zits around my mouth now, those silly small ones that creap up on you and when you look in the mirror you think WHATAHECK where? Also in my hairline and neck because the oil sticks around there and doesn’t get wiped off and traps dirt, so take care of those places.

      I think if you want to use the oil cleansing method, but want to keep things managable, try using it only at night to get rid of your makeup and the daily gunk, and sleep is a wonderfull restorative, just change your pillows often.

  • Mira

    Can i know what brand you use?

  • Erika po

    I’ve been using this method for almost two months and now suddenly I started to breakout… I don’t know what happened :(

    • Brie

      Hi Erika I see that you are trying to improve your skin and or acne which can be a challenging battle, however I just paired with the top two dermatologist in the nation and I promise our product will work or your money back, no questions asked. So far thousands of teenagers, men and women are using it and seeing amazing results! It’s proven by our < 0.7% return rate on this product, you cant find that with anyother product out there! So please message me and I can send you the information! I looking forward to changing your skin and changing your life!

  • Amyk430

    Thank you for this!!! I have had hormonal acne for years and I’ve tried just about everything and nothing has truly worked. I am only a week in and notice a huge difference, especially if there’s swelling. I use jojoba oil and coconut oil cold pressed instead, only because that’s what I found in the store, and it has worked tremendously. My routine is: wash my face with body works tea tree oil cleanser in the shower and then after I shower I put on the jojoba oil and rub in for a minute then add the coconut oil and continue to rub. Next I soak a cloth with hot steaming water and put over my face for a minute, this is the big trick. After I take it off I instantly notice a difference. I don’t use anything else. It’s amazing, thank you!!!

  • Diva

    A great homemade exfoliater use coconut oil and baking soda! I use equal parts of both.

  • Sara from NJ

    A friend of mine world in the biology department at the university of penn. they recently did a study on face washing. They came up with the exact se results about the over production of oils. Interesting stuff. I found this very helpful and am willing to try. Thank you.

  • Mira

    I want to try this method too,but Any body know where i can buy castor oil on-line that can shipping to Indonesia?

    • lunanoir

      try what you have like coconut oil or olive oil – these are awesome too. the castor oil is for deepcleansing and it might actaully give you zits at first. Most pharmacies will have castor oil as it is an old home cure for constipation and they might still stock it for the old folx.

  • Jen Hella Ratty Lum

    i actually quit washing my face. i don’t wear a lot of make up. but, since i quit washing my face it actually cleared up. still get a few once in a while but it’s like night and day compared to the years of cystic acne i had. i agree that oil cleansing is going to work. your skin likes to have something to keep it moist. great article. wish i had seen it a long time ago.

  • myra

    whats cold pressed mean?

  • Sarah

    This is amazing! Thank you so much for posting! Your scenario sounds so much like mine. I’m also 26, and have been experiencing painful, persistent cystic acne for the last year. I’ve tried several different oil-free, sulfate-free, soap-free, salycylic(?) acid washes, masks, etc, and nothing fixed it. I finally went back to using Proactiv, which stung and dried out my skin terribly, not to mentioned bleached my clothes, my kids’ clothes, my husband’s clothes…and no one could touch my face, because I would bleach their clothes and probably break out. Not to mention the constant oily sheen two hours after washing. I’ve been using this method for close to two weeks now, and my skin is wonderful! Not only are my pores clear, but my skin is practically glowing, and my hyper-pigmentation scars are fading. I am completely blown away by how amazingly effective this method is. And how cheap, haha! Heck, because the olive and castor oils are good for skin and hair (and castor oil helps growth, like some people mentioned) I’ve even been working this into my hair for an hour before I shower, and my hair is actually going back to healthy, natural curls instead of crispy frizz (bad dye job a few months ago, I’m still recovering lol). I can’t recommend this method enough!

  • Kaleigh

    I’ve read that some are substituting different types of oils (jojoba, tea tree)…. which oil is it being substituted for, the castor or the evoo? Excited to try, I’m 23 and have been suffering from cystic acne since I turned 20. Feel like I have tried everything under the sun..proactiv, clinique, antibiotics and nothing has worked. My fingers are crossed!!!

  • Guest

    I, like many of you, had completely clear skin up until my 20′s.Most of my family have had acne problems from puberty, I thought I had dodged that bullet,but in my 20′s I started breaking out. It got so bad I went on acne medications,and it worked for a while, but when I got off them my skin got worse than before and I have had cystic acne for about 3 years now. I tried the creams, and the cleansers but my skin only got angry at me. I have always had really sensitive skin, and all these chemicals are just making my whole face red, itchy and painful. I can’t go on regular birth control because of a hereditary disease which increases the risk of blood cloths if I take hormones. Now I have constant infections in my body and my acne is worse than ever, I think my entire immune system would work better if it didn’t have to constantly battle my face as well.. I’ve been reading about hemp oil as scar treatment (two thirds of my face is covered in scars by now), and stumbled upon this post on pinrest. I am actually exited to try this method, especially after reading most of the comments here. Has anyone tried this routine with hemp oil? Also, my acne goes from red to big and white really fast, and gets really painful,and tend to pop when I cleanse my face, is it bad or good if the oil gets in them? Thank you so much for this post and any reply I get..

  • Sarah

    My skin is a little on the dry side, so I wash my face once a day with honey, and do the OCM about once a week. I also use the castor oil from the pharmacy section and have not had any trouble with it.

  • Kristi

    Thanks for posting this. It’s genius! I’m 43 and have been blessed with pretty great skin until recently, when these deep, painful blemishes erupted on my chin….lovely hormonal. I saw this on Pinterest Monday night and figured what do I have to lose? I only had EVOO, so I used that with a drop of eucalyptus oil for scent. I washed with it Tuesday morning and night. This morning, Wednesday, I’m thrilled….my skin is soft and smooth and the blemishes are almost completely gone. I can’t believe it happened so fast. I was spending $65 a month on retinol cream, which I now think was probably making it worse by drying. The comments below about castor oil and hair growth are interesting, I will try it on my brows as they have gotten thin with age. I’m so happy and thank you for sharing.

  • heather m

    For an exfoliating try baking soda and virgin coconut oil. The baking soda us harsh so you don’t need to scrub crazy. I tried it and the black heads were half as visible. I used just coconut ol to moisturize over night. I have the same issues with mt skin but I also deal with milia, over production of oil causing oil pimples that are like a ton of white bumps on my skin resulting In deep scars. It also seemed to shrink some of the larger cysts. Use a pencil eraser size of each, or a little more coco than baking soda.

  • Amber Richardson-Talbott

    I got castor oil today and I have EVOO so I’m ready to go. I’m really excited. I haven’t got my skin back since I had my daughter and within the last 4 months I got really bad eczema on my chin and it’s spreading and getting worse. I’ll let you know how it goes. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on products, doctors and treatments throughout my life including the really bad stuff. In recent years I went more natural but that is really expensively. I would love to be able to teach my daughter something better and not have hey go through what I’ve gone through.

  • Dominique_M

    I just picked everything up! I can’t remember the last time my skin was completely clear. I think I started to break out when I was 14 and my skin has never been smooth since. I never really have large cystic break outs. My bumps are really tiny, all over my face and red. Every dermatologist has told me they were something different and I’ve tried all sorts of prescriptions and over the counter treatments. Some of them worked but left my skin dry and irritated. I’m thrilled to have found something so natural. I hope this works!

  • sarah515

    I was wondering if there is something to add to make the caster oil and evoo smell better????

  • Lauren

    I’m 21 years old with horrid skin. I started struggling with bad acne in grade school. It’s mostly cystic, too. I’ve tried every otc and rx wash, gel, cream, makeup, pill, etc. I even did 2 chemical peels at 16 & 17. At about 18 I tried 6 mos of the big monster, accutane- I had amazing results at first, but the acne came back just as bad. At 21, I did 5 months of accutane again, 2x the strength as the first time. About 5 months after my last dose, it came back again. Granted, it’s not as bad as it used to be. But, considering all I’ve been through I figured it would be gone for good by now. I’m on a strict rx wash, rx cream, rx moisturizer, and otc toner regimen now. It’s kept it at bay for the most part. But, I still have awful blackheads and big pores. I have an average diet. But, I have also tried controlling my acne with my diet, with no results. I am on BC; for the past 4 years, since I first started the accutane. I do regular microdermabrasions, which do help some to give me overall better looking skin (some blackheads and dead skin). Even with my acne calming down some, I still have awful scars- the bright red ones, dull purple ones, raised ones, craters, and more.
    So, my point is… Does anyone else seem to be in a similar situation as me that has tried this oil method? How did it do for you?
    It makes sense and has great reviews, but as someone with such bad skin, lack of results from anything else, and even lower self esteem- I can’t afford to take any far-fetched chances and wanted a little more input from someone with my skin type. I don’t want to go slathering oil all over my skin tonight and wake up in the morning with 90% of my face covered with huge zits.
    Thanks in advanced.

    • Carly Davies

      I’m 21 years old too and I’ve also had horrid acne since I was around 14, I also tried everything I could think of. I tried all the stupid antibiotics that Dr’s advise but I realised that if they don’t work then it’s one less thing that could be causing it. Now I’m 21 and I’ve worked out that face washes won’t work, masks won’t help, and all the meds under the sun won’t improve your skin if it’s an allergic reaction to something. Don’t bother with trying to make the spots disappear with washes and stuff, work out what is the cause. You’ve mentioned you tried acne diet control but what was this? My acne is caused by dairy and I’d take a bullet if I am wrong because I’ve done extensive testing on myself to discover what my body is reacting to and it’s most definitely dairy. On another level unfortunately the reason dairy causes acne for me is the hormones that are in the milk from the “pregnant” cows, this makes sense seeing as when my own hormones hit a peak and go mental before that time of the month, I break out big time. I’ve been taking cerazette which is a mini-pill (I used to have migraines with the full works of symptoms and aura) and it can either improve, worsen, or not effect your skin at all, but I think mine is improving with the use of it.

      Anyway the main point I’m trying to get at is loads of “professionals” out there will claim diet can’t effect your skin but it does, it could be an allergy, it could be that your body reacts more strongly to certain fats and sugars within the food and doesn’t like it. So maybe try the diet again but this time try cutting out dairy. It’s so hard, I frickin love cheese and cups of tea so I just have the occasional treat but naturally I pay for it the next day with a new painful spot or two. The doctor told me that diet doesn’t effect your skin but I now I know that advice is false. I also tried a summer diet for a month to see whether anything would change (this was before prom, so several years ago) and I basically forced myself to drink pints and pints of water a day and carry a bottle of water with me everywhere to encourage it, and then I just lived off mangoes, oranges, noodles, tuna, scrambled eggs (my mum always used milk but I never have as it just makes them sloppy and unappealing to me xD but a great deal of seasoning makes them addictive!) and some other foods that were simple and healthy, and I realise now that I cut out the milk of my diet and replaced it with skin repairing foods. I’ve only realised the dairy allergy about 1-2 months ago so I’ve still got a lot of scars and recovering spots but I’m positive that cutting it out of my diet has helped so much. Unfortunately my cheeks might be permanently pitted but the acne beard is fading gradually.

      I’ve not tried this oil method and I’m not going to risk it for now, but I really really do hope you find out what is triggering your acne, I know how depressing it is having to cover up with make-up every time you want to leave the house; I still am but I’m applying less of it and don’t feel the need to cake it on. I know it’s not just feeling unattractive that is damaging to your self-esteem too, sometimes the spots are just agonising in places and I’ve broken down on several occasions because of the frustration of needing to apply makeup but it hurts when covering the spots. Make up hasn’t really been an issue in causing new spots but I do notice I’m less prone to bigger break outs when I have shorter nails – nowhere for bacteria to grow – and lots of water my sking glow a bit better behind the dull scars, it also helps with the dark circles that I get under my eyes x). It might not work for you but it doesn’t hurt to try as it’s not costing anything other than more time and patience I’m afraid :/ I hope to be cleared up by the time I’m 23 at least… I hoped I would be by the time I was 21 but that was a fail on my part for not noticing the reaction to dairy, it’s such a yummy and big part of our diets without even realising it, and truth be told I only realised it after I read up about Woody Harrelson and someone gave him the advice to cut out dairy and his poor condition of skin and sneezing and things would go away. I was giving up hope so I thought it couldn’t hurt to try, especially as my mum is lactose intolerant, but when I did the whole lactose-free dairy thing it didn’t work, so I know it’s dairy in general and not the lactose.

      I’m blabbering on but I just really hope you manage to get rid of the gits! Everyone deserves clear skin and a clear mind because of it :)
      Keep in touch if anything really works for you :) and best of luck!

      • Carly Davies

        Apologies for the essay xD I got carried away haha!

      • Jocelyn Edwards Miller

        Dairy has been proven in a scientific setting to cause acne esp. dairy that comes from cows treated with rBGH. There are many medical journal articles to back this up. Any med professional that says otherwise is not on top of current research.

      • kim

        I have the same discovery with dairy!! Its true. I have scars on my cheeks and back.. so the oil is definitely helping my scars heal!! i recommend you try the oil for your scars.. and we have to stay away from dairy unfortunately.. i miss my pizza.. but anything is worth ridding myself of the zits

      • Sara

        I just came across this post recently via Pinterest. I think what everyone is saying is very interesting because I have found that nuts actually caused severe acne for me about two years ago. I had bad acne before than and in an attempt to clear it up I changed to a super healthy diet. I packed a lunch everyday for myself that included various fruits, vegetables and nuts along with a salad or sandwich.

        My skin only got much worse. I kept coming home from work and complaining, feeling like my skin was on fire. It wasn’t until a few months later that I put together that my skin started getting itchy and scratchy after I would eat my homemade trail mix. I cut it out immediately and stay away from anything that may have nuts in it, mainly pecans, walnuts and almonds.

        I can’t say my acne cleared up quickly and I certainly do not have perfect skin. It’s been a long road as most people with acne understand. What cutting nuts out of my diet has done is prevent the large and often painful pimples that lasted forever. Now when I have one, which thankfully is rare, I know something I ate most likely had nuts. The absolute downside is a lot of things I used to love had nuts in them. Like peanut M&M’s or even certain coffee flavors, like hazlenut. Coffee in general can give me a reaction.

        Why I thought these posts were so interesting is because of the diary topic. I never thought that something else may be causing the acne I still have. I have noticed similar reactions to eating cereal in the morning as I used to have with nuts, that itchy scratchy skin. I think it may depend on each individual since this nut reaction is new for me. I might tread carefully with diary now and watch how much I intake.

        I haven’t tried the oil cleansing method and I’m cautious to try it like I am with everything afraid more damage could be done. I might try a test spot to see how my skin reacts first before I try my whole face.

        • Michelle

          I think there are a lot of misconceptions about what the “right diet” is to address skin problems (acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacaea, etc.). I listened to a podcast (from Chris Kresser in case you wanted to give it a listen), yesterday talking about the links between gut health and skin health, and there is a growing body of research that supports the idea that anything that irritates your digestive system can also disrupt skin health (and even impact depression/anxiety). I know there are a lot of mixed reactions to the Paleo diet, but I have been doing it for a year and a half with quite a bit of success. I’m not necessarily advocating for Paleo as the right way, but I would highly recommend trying an elimination diet (cutting out grains–particularly gluten–legumes, dairy, processed vegetable oils, and sugar for at least 30 days, then adding them back in individually for several days at time to see how your body responds). Eggs, nuts, and nightshades (bell peppers, tomatoes, chilis, etc.) can also be problematic for people, particularly if you have had any digestive issues in the past (e.g. bloating, cramping, upset stomach, etc.). Adding minimally processed fats to your diet–olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, avocado–can be anti-inflammatory, which helps gut healing and reduces symptoms of inflammation (like acne). There is so much fear around fat, but getting adequate (healthy) fat is so important for healthy skin. Sorry that was a bit of a rant too, but I can’t overemphasize the importance of tinkering with your diet and cutting out foods that cause problems for you (regardless of whether that problem is acne). It’s amazing how much food can have an impact on things we wouldn’t always expect :)

      • Teresa

        Dairy – yes! Me, too! Especially milk and ice cream. Wish I’d known this long ago, would have saved lots of pain from cysts, embarrassment and residual scarring.

    • michelle

      I’m about 10 yrs older than you and have had a very similar acne history. Accutane and all. I haven’t been able to notice any difference when I changed my diet either, tried every med and otc, and I’m still dealing with this in my 30s! Let me tell you what has worked, and hopefully it will help. My best results with meds were basic gentle cleanser routine while on bc AND spironolactone- it’s a diruetic with some added hormones in it. The spironolactone was the key to eliminating my deep cystic acne. But that still leaves my large pores, a result of all the accutane. I haven’t tried this specific oil treatment but I have recently started using a coconut oil & sugar scrub and a green tea toner. LOVE IT! It’s only been about a week but my skin is so much happier. What I do: wash face with gentle cleanser, mix sugar and coconut oil together and gently rub over face -not scrub, gentle cleanser to wash off, green tea toner (steep tea in 4 oz of water, keep in the fridge), regular moisturizer. After reading this post, I may try the coconut oil without the sugar scrub. Don’t give up! This oil method is worth a try for all the reasons the author mentioned and I’ve seen great results in a short amount of time. (I’m no longer on the bc or spironolactone for unrelated reasons so I have lots of ground to make up)

    • misstracyrenae

      I use coconut oil that is specifically for skin & hair, it has citric acid in it. It has helped a lot. A lot does go a long way though. It’s also good for wrinkles and makeup remover. It had given my skin a glow…I use lemon juice too, as a toner after I wash my face & before I apply the coconut oil…..

    • Kathryn Payton

      What’s been helping my acne-prone skin is the (inside) of banana peels. Pinterest it if you can!

    • martha

      Try using hemmoriid onitment ..wash face and just really slather it mom used to do this to my brother growing and he not one scar those he had aee gone..has to be onitment not cream..hope it works for you

    • awolfe

      Check out my website you will not regret it…

    • Akaisha

      My skin sounds about the same as yours, especially with the awful, ugly scars. 25 years old and have had terrible acne since I started puberty in 6th grade. I tried OCM about ten months ago and although my skin tone evened out and I stopped having these random dry patches, my acne actually got much worse. I tried everything – different combinations of oils, using tea tree and lavender to control the acne, everything. I spent a small fortune on the oils too, because I thought it was because of using lower quality oils. Nothing worked. I gave up about two months ago because my skin had gotten so bad that I was actively finding excuses to avoid leaving my house (even avoiding grocery shopping). I have to cake the makeup on so thickly to cover everything and unless I use primer it melts off after a few hours anyway. And of course the primer made my skin even more angry. I went back to using the chemical-filled facewashes and moisturizers and anti-acne creams/gels. The acne has improved quite a bit, but OCM left me with at least twice as many scars as I had before I started and NOTHING I try will fade them. My skin has become super-sensitized and I have to read the labels on everything because I’m now allergic to about half the acne products on the market. I hear that OCM works for a lot of people, especially with good quality jojoba oil, but I wish I had never tried it. My skin has never been this bad and my self-esteem has never been this low.

      Hopefully it worked out better for you than it did for me.

    • Lisa

      Coconut oil is all you need. It needs to be organic and extra virgin. You will be amazed at what it will do for your skin. Use it for cleaning your skin by rubbing it all over your face, then gently wiping it clean with a warm wash clothe. Also, use it for your moisturizer. There has been nothing that has worked for me like this!

  • Kalyn

    I have been using this for about a week. I can already tell a difference in my skin. I love that there is only a few steps. I like just doing one thing instead of having to use three different products.

  • Brandi

    Just started this regimen last night… I have super oily skin, and my face already feels and looks better!

    • Maria

      Glad to hear that! :)

  • chorn

    I like to use Melalueca and Lemongrass oil!

  • Erin

    Well, just tried this for the first time. I’m optimistically hopeful! I expected my skin to feel off after doing it but it felt great. I am not using the cold-pressed but I’ve read up and I’m not so sure it matters. Time will tell I guess.

  • Victoria

    I just did this for the first time tonight! I’m really excited to hopefully see improvements in my skin. I’ll keep ya’ll updated!

  • Dominique_M

    Has anyone else’s skin gotten worse before it gets better? I’ve only been doing the OCM for a few days but my skin doesn’t seem to be getting any better. I really want to give this a fair chance so I’m going to continue for at least a month but I’m kinda bummed about it.

    • Melissa Cummings

      I have posted this a few other places, but mine did seem to get worse before it got better. I stuck it out for a month and while my skin is not yet “perfect” it is light years from where it was. excited about moving into my 2nd month of the method.

  • Kongle

    what I have found (google is your friend) is there are many different ways of doing this, people like different things, but the different oils DO work differently on different skin types. If you are prone to have a certain type of acne there are some oils you should not use for cleansing. But there seems to be an oil out there for everyone, so figure out your skin type and choose your oil accordingly. Here is a great article I found while researching what kind of oil would be best for my skin.

  • Bkellz

    So does the oil work as a makeup remover too? Can I use both makeup remover and oil?

  • Anon

    I was looking for an all natural way to clear up my minimal cystic acne. I really wanted the oil cleanse method to work for me and I stuck with it for 8 weeks. It did not work for me but made my acne worse. What was just a few cystic bumps on my chin a month turned into my whole chin. I finally gave up just a few days ago because my whole chin hurt from all the acne. I really had high hopes for this, but glad it works for some people. My face looked beautiful other than my chin. Good luck!

  • Amy horney

    I have horrible skin, I started using the tea tree oil wash toner and moisturizer (the body shop) and my face is almost 100% clear :) the tea tree oil is amazing, and you could add it to your recipe :) its great.

  • Sam

    I like to do an egg white and lemon juice peel. Helps brighten, tighten and ease acne scars. I recommend doing it once a week. Just mix the egg white and lemon juice and apply to face. Wait til it completely dries then rinse in warm water. ( I recommend doing this just before you shower )

  • Angela

    I am happy for u, I have suffered from cystic acne for years also, it is a real slam to ur self esteem. I have been using coconut oil to cleanse and moisturizer, so I see results as well, I have also done a yeast cleanse that drastically helped, who would have known, check it out, it really is a ugly culprit no one ever thinks about, It was made known to me by my dr. who is a integrative medicine dr. Witch hazel, apple cider vinegar, are also great because they r good for inflammation. Thanks for ur post, it’s nice seeing people sharing,and helping others.

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  • Shannon Fagan Corcoran

    Ok I started today! I’m nervous! Put oil in my skin? Are you nuts? Lol.

  • steeleycass

    I can see my scars dimishing big time, especially the cystic ones.. I have been doing it consistently for about a week. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism this summer and my hormones (especially with my face) are out of control. I am going to try and add a couple drops of jojoba oil to see if it enhances anything!

    • Maria

      I’ve added jojoba oil too and love it!

  • Kelly

    I saw this pinned on pinterest and was very skeptical, but desperate as well. I am a 37 year old mom of three, who up until about 2 years ago had clear skin. Then my hormones apparently began waging war and poof my battle with cystic hormonal acne began. I have managed to keep the breakouts to a minimum. Within the last year though it became worse and it seemed no combination of products seemed to combat the raging flare ups. Three weeks ago I began another round of doxycycline, went to a regimen of washing with cetaphil twice a day, wearing absolutely no make up (very scary), and alternating with dabs of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide throughout the day. Last Friday, while browsing around on pinterest I saw this blog pinned and noticing that my face seemed to be getting more oily and more broken out, I decided to read on. I began to use the same mixture you used and the results were almost immediate. The very next morning I noticed my skin felt more balanced. My skin wasn’t dry or irritated and didn’t require any moisturizer as it normally would after using cetaphil. It didn’t get oily throughout the day. Day two to today (day five) my skin just keeps getting better. I even gave make up a try yesterday and was astonished at how easily it all came off during my evening oil cleanse! I have been taking pictures to log my progress and can still not believe how well this method works! Thank you for posting and sharing this wonderful method with us :)

    • Maria

      I’m so happy for you Kelly! I am so thankful that I discovered it too and was able to share it with many people:)

  • Lesli Johnston Keister

    Did anyone experience a breakout when they first started this routine? I tried it for several days and broke out like crazy so stopped doing it. Did I give up too soon?

    • Maria

      Several people had the same issue. I would stick with it just to see if it can help u after a few weeks.

    • Melissa Cummings

      I just posted that I had this happen to me. I told myself I would try this method for a month before stopping (to go through a full hormonal cycle) and the middle few weeks were not pleasant – it was like lots of painful things were coming out. Stick it out if you can to see if it works for you. I am excited to begin my 2nd month and see how it does!

  • Jill Reid

    I read on the main OCM site the opposite ratios. I’m confused. It says to use less castor oil…1:3 instead of 3:1. Any thoughts or insight on this difference?

  • Samantha

    There’s an all natural oil base bar soap that also contains zinc. It’s on etsy and called Cinderella soap by “Wicked Apothecary Soap”. It seriously cleared my skin up without stripping oil. Thought you would want to check it out.

  • Kellie

    Thank you for this article! I tried it the past three days and I have definitely noticed a significant improvement! Maybe I can do away with the foundation soon, I have it in high faith!!!

  • Jen cho

    OMG…I have no words to express how thankfull i am to this blog. I have been suffering from this acne for long time now. I went to the doctors, used almost all the products from Sephora, nothings worked like this oil treatment. Its Amazing for me. Its been few weeks i am doing this oil treatment now and already seeing the result. Hope this will work for long time. I will be very disappointed if this thing dose not work for long time unless other products. My skin gets use to the products too soon and then stop working. I use Castrol oil along coconut oil. Thanks again for saving my life. I am Thank full to you and all of other people who shared their experiences here. <3

  • Nicole

    I am a licensed esthetician and this goes against all my training BUT as a 39 year old that has battled acne most of my life I tried it! Within 3 days my skin began to heal itself and clear up. After trying accutane, spiralactone, and every prescription topical out there I am amazed at the efficacy of this cleansing regimen. If you are on the fence I beg you to try it.

  • Beadtrisslane

    I have been using baby oil. (After wiping my face with a warm cloth.) But I find that if I get my face totally wet, and do not put anything on it then it gets dry… and I get pimples. Also usually before I put any oil on I will rub some witch hazel where i am prone to get pimples which will bring the ones in process sooner. Plus I think that popping pimples help them heal faster, and also are not a distraction to your friend!


  • Beth

    I have hormonal acne, but my main concern is scarring and redness. I take oral medication and use topical medications (morning and night) that keep my acne away (for the most part.) I wash my face with oil free cleanser.

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice/thoughts about using this system supplementally to diminish redness and smaller acne issues. Everyday, once a week, after washing the face? Or should I not bother using this method if I continue my other regimen?

  • Elaine

    I JUST started this tonight!!! I will keep you all posted, wish me luck!! (:

  • Elizabeth

    Do you wash your face before you do this to get the makeup off?

    • Maria

      No, but I do not wear much. You could first take off your makeup with a little oil then wipe it off and then repeat.

  • Jessica

    Do you apply any kind of moisturizer afterwards?

    • Maria

      Nope the oil is very moisturizing, you can add a dab more after you wash it off and in the morning if you need more.

  • Michelle

    I too have been using the OCM on my cystic acne. I’m 44 years old and have dealt with this condition since I was in 9th grade. I’ve done all the antibiotics and Accutane too. This is the best way to go. My scars are still healing and I still have breakouts from hormones. For up & coming pimples I attack them with the “Yes To Tomatoes” acne stick. I apply it several times a day when needed and it will dry up the pimple before it gets bad.
    Like other comments…I cleaned out my mascara tube, filled it with Castor Oil and I now apply the oil to my lashes & brows before going to bed. Just started this so cant speak on results yet. ;-)

  • Brooke

    I have had terrible acne since I can remember, well before high school. I tried pro active, skin id and then saw a dermatologist. Now I’m on a prescription sylic acid cream, I use a mia for a scrubber and use aveeno as a cleanse. I’m throwing this out there to ask anyone who has had consistently bad acne in their life if they have seen improvements with this? Also, how does your face not get greasy throughout the day if you only wash at night?

  • Shannon

    My son has had great success with his acne using pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) supplementation. If you are interested google Dr. Lit-Hung Leung or vitamin B5/acne treatment. We are SO happy we did not take him down the awful journey of Accutane as was suggested by his dermatologist! The story behind vit B5 is that it is responsible for fat and lipid metabolism and sexual development. Stands to reason that as the body develops sexually one could experience a vit B5 deficiency and notice that the job of metabolizing fats and lipids suffers and leads to acne. Leung suggests 5-10GM/day, which I will admit is quite a bit, but we have seen great results with just 3 GM/day so there is room for play (and NO apparent side effects might i add). I also have been reading about great success with a 3X/day dose of 750Mg/day vit B5 and 250Mg/day L-Carnitine combo which we may try (less pills), google Dr. Jeffrey Dach. We will be trying your oil face wash. Best wishes!

  • Alli Fieseler

    What kind of make up do u use that does not break your face out?

    • Maria

      I really don’t use much makeup on a daily basis & just use concealer bush and mascara. Perhaps try a natural makeup or hypoallergenic one.

  • Kelly

    Hi Maria! I was wondering if you were still using this method and if it is still working for you?

    • Maria

      Yes I definitely am! I recently started using Evoo and Jojona oil and really like it. I plan on doing a follow up soon!

  • Darcie

    I plan to use the 1:1 ratio so how much of the castor oil and the EVVO do I mix together? Sounds like everyone has had great results with this… Can’t wait to try it!!

    • Maria

      1:1 would be half and half of any amount. So like 1tbsn each or 1/2 cup if u wanna make a larger mixture and use it for several weeks at a time.

  • Darcie

    I plan to use the 1:1 ratio so how much of the castor oil and the EVVO do I mix together? Sounds like everyone has had great results with this… Can’t wait to try it!!

  • Nicole Salerno

    Recently, I started using apple cider vinegar as a toner (1 part vinegar, 1 part water). I have the same cystic/hormonal acne and my skin has improve dramatically!!! It’s miraculous. My skin breaks out less and the breakouts I do have heal 10 times faster. I highly recommend it!

    • Maria

      Awesome, ill give it a try!

  • questionn

    Did the Castor Oil cause hair growth on your face? I’m reading that it led to a hairy face in some reviews online…

    • Maria

      Several people have asked me that,but I have not noticed anything.

  • Courtney Goodmuth

    i have pure vitamin e oil. is that the same?

  • Angela

    I do the same thing, but with virgin coconut oil instead. Then before bed, I pat a little extra around my eyes. LOVE oil cleansing:)

  • Anastasia

    Hello Maria! I want to thank you for such an amazing recipe for the skin!! I was wondering if you know of any solution for a red scars from previous acne ? Or will the oil do the trick?

    • Maria

      You’re very welcome! The oil cleansing has helped my scar along with time, but I also think vitamin E might help too! I’m sure you could research it and find if it would.

  • Melissa Cummings

    I came across this post on Pinterest and started this method exactly one month ago (told myself I would do it at least that long to give it a fair shot). Well, my skin is not yet perfect – but I see a huge difference over a month ago, and I find it fascinating. Even acne I do get (around mouth/chin) is not as severe and goes away quicker. I did go through a period of thinking it was only making it worse (I have seen people questioning that) and thought about stopping – but persevered, and am glad I did. Am excited to see how it keeps improving. I want to give it a true 3 month test and then will feel even more sure about recommending it to others. Tip: Make sure you wipe all the oil out of your eyebrows – I never had acne in my eyebrows until this method and figured I was not wiping it all out – so that helps!

  • Ali

    I had a terrible period in my teen years (lasted about 2-3 yrs) where I had pretty bad acne. I would break out on my forehead/ temples the worst. It was awful. CONSTANT foundation attacks. I am now going on 18 and have VERY minimal breakouts. My forehead is most always clear. I still get some pimples at times… but I cant complain. Anyway, I have some acne scarring on my left cheek… and someone asked me how I got “that big bruise” the other day…. I also have 2 chicken pox scars on my face from when I was 5. Im wondering if this will work. I am DEFINITELY trying this…. CAN NOT wait! Thanks a million!!!!!!!

  • Ashley

    I have done that and it didn’t really work, my skin actually looked like yours but a little worse..I have not washed my face with any product for a week now. Just used hot washcoth to wipe off oil and dirt, then use A&C Serum from PCA skin..My skin has never looked better…It’s almost a Caveman method LOL

  • Ithought AboutIt

    So you don’t wash your face with cetaphil (or any other “soap”) at all any more?

  • utmostoy

    While I did not had acne in my teens I actually got adult onset acne. After being on Retin A forever and getting tired of my skin constantly peeling, I found other things work so much better. Oil cleansing is AWESOME!!! I do it nightly as you describe but I actually use argon oil because it has vitamin E components and improves healing. Also, I use charcoal soap in the morning (found on etsy) for its antibacterial properties with my clarisonic mia (exfoliation) and moisturize with aragon oil mixed with a water and let air dry. This keeps me from applying too much oil (about 2- 3 drops then a tsp or so of water). Now I get one to two pimples a month only, supple skin, and no mid-morning nor afternoon oily skin!! Congrats on your clear skin!

  • Chandra

    Been practicing the OCM for almost a month now and I am very impressed. Saw results very quickly in tone and texture. Loooove it!!! I use the oily/acne prone 3:1 formulation. Never had terrible skin but recently I’d been getting more cystic-type bumps, blotchiness and oiliness. Bad skin was making me look and feel older. I resorted to concealer, tinted moisturizer, and pressed powder to cover the dark marks and breakouts. After about 2 weeks I forgot about the makeup. My skin is so smooth, even and glowing that it looks like I’m wearing foundat ion!! So amped about this new routine that I even cleanse my husband’s face with it. I feel so radiant!!

  • kmae

    I saw you were thinking of making a your own exfoliating scrub…sounds like a great idea, but I do want to caution you as lots of products used in homemade scrubs can actually be too harsh on your skin…even a brown sugar scrub can actually cut your skin. You want to use something that is completely round and smooth to avoid actually damaging your skin with little cuts. I used a homemade scrub from a friend for a while, then went to my dermatologist and he said he could see the small cuts from where I had pressed too hard with a product that was not 100% round and soft… But if you find a good recipe, please do share! Thanks!

  • E

    I am currently using topical creams morning and night, prescribed by my dermatologist. They are helping the acne, but my scars are awful. Do you think this would help in addition to these, or do you suggest that I do not do both?

  • Amy K

    I have struggled with acne for as long as I can remember, I am now 38. I have tried everything & nothing ever seemed to work well enough to keep on that same routine, till 2 yrs ago while on my computer researching anything and everything. I now no longer wash my face with soap & haven’t for two years. I found that using just baking powder (not baking soda) with water & making it into a paste has literally changed my life! It is a great facial scrub that you honestly feel working. Yes, I do get a pimple here & there but my skin has completely changed. I first tired Walmarts brand that I think is $1.40 a can and saw noticable changes within a week. Once that can was gone I tried a store brand for a lot less and it didn’t compare to Walmarts, so I swear that paying $1.40 for this little can for me is a miracle. I hope by posting this it will to change someone life. Looking in the mirror doesn’t have to be scary, only wish I found it sooner! I also have polycystic ovarian disease which is known to cause acne. Good luck!!

  • stelle

    skin problem, natural cure, for people who dont have training.

    winter swimming at ocean.

    wash your face everyday at ocean

    wash your face and arms

    wash your feet arms and face.

    everyday,in 2 weeks you can see everything dry,without any oil, your self with good dietary.lot of fruit and vegetables.

    until after 2 months you can do faster shower at ocean,faster,no swimming until you don’t feel, need to have training to swimming in winter.

    salt y water have multiple benefits ,skin



    if you never try,never know.

  • Kelly Wolfenkoehler

    Has anyone tired this method on oily upper body – chest, back, shoulders neck? Just wondering if it works for those problem areas too.

  • Laura

    Cannot find cold pressed anywhere! Help!

  • Carlie

    Really excited to try this! Have seen a lot of positive feedback and I hope I get the same results! Will keep you posted!!

  • cryssy

    I usually don’t post comments but for this i had to . . . so get ready for a novel! I stumbled across this on pinterest and was doubtful at first. I researched it a little more and decided what the heck, i’ll give it a shot, can’t make it any worse. I was one of those that had (almost!) perfectly clear skin throughout my teens but when I turned 19 my acne got pretty bad. I tried proactive but it dried my face out so much that it was peeling all the time plus i still had breakouts so i went off that after less than a year. Started having problems with my monthly cycle (had a period for over 3 months!) and my acne got even worse so i went to the doctor who told my that it was a hormonal imbalance and put me on the pill (didnt want to go on it but that’s doctors for you, treating the symptoms and not the problem) which made my acne slightly better but i still got breakouts and cystic acne on my chin and cheeks/jaw. Anyway, have been dealing with that for the last 3 years despite using natural facial cleansers and mineral makeup. My face would be so oily by mid-morning that it would make this nasty paste when it combined with my makeup so much that it felt like i was wearing a mask all the time.
    I have been using the OCM now for 5 days and the difference is like night and day!! I combined cold-pressed castor oil and evoo at a ratio of 1:3 and mixed in a just a little bit of jojoba oil. At night i massage on, my face first then my eyes to get my mascara off (works like a dream!) then steam with a hot washcloth, rinse and repeat about 4 times, gently wiping my face after the rag cools off. Rinse with cold water, dry and pat my face with a thin layer of jojoba oil. My skin is so soft after and i feel like it can breathe! The first few days i did have a little breakout but it has evened out and i have had only one new zit in the last day or two. Now im just waiting for the red spots of the has-beens to heal, which im sure will take time. I also take a small drop of straight castor oil and apply to my lashes and have noticed them fill in quite nicely, along with my eyebrows in the few spots that were slightly bald (i know its crazy but sometimes i absent-mindedly pull on my lashes and brows and the next thing i know i have little spots that are quite sparse!)

    Sorry to ramble on and on but this is the best thing i have ever tried and i feel good knowing that its completely natural. Definitely give it a shot, it’s worth it!

  • Beesteas11

    I started using the oil washing method 3 days ago! I was Hesitant at first, however I went ahead and tried it because I tried everything else in the world to get rid of the acne in , horrible deep blackheads, and scars, I have suffered since I was in early middle school. I am completely sold! My only problem is keeping from using it more then once a day! My skin already looks and feels so much better! The blackhead seem to just wash away! I had dry patches from overusing soap and it has resolved itself completely! I wish I had known about this method years ago!

  • ella

    I wash my face every day for the past 12 years with a mix of 1 T. oatmeal or ground almonds, 2 T. yogurt, squeeze of lemon and a few drops of olive oil aplied to warm damp face. I leave this on for about 15 minutes and then wash off, it works wonders for people with large pores, black heads and acne. I am 43 years old and always recive compliments on my complection.

  • rachelle

    Should I take off my make-up before putting the oil on my face or is it used as a make-up remover?

  • Ale

    hey guys! save the water thats running until it gets hot ;) use a bucket or something :)

  • Anie

    Hi! Im new to this so im very excited to find hope for acne.. I’ve done a lot of research and noticed that some people repeat the process 2-3 times in one session, do you do that? Or once every night?

    I’d really appreciate your help. Thank you for sharing this loveliness!

  • BrandiMarie88

    Hi there!
    After finding this article through a friend of mine who shared it on Pinterest I decided to give it a go. I too have been in your shoes when it comes to acne and skin care. I’ve tried everything. When I saw your results I said, “why not?”

    I just took a picture of my acne with my phone and I’ll take another one after the results in a week. Hoping this works!

    Thanks for the tips!


  • Haley Dennis

    I want to try it! you’re beautiful end results are so inspiring! Thanks for sharing this! :)

  • Katie

    Do you still use oil blotting sheets?

  • Lisa

    I have been using extra virgin olive oil from ALDI for about a month now, and I cannot believe the results I have seen! I first wash my face with SiMPLE moisturizing face wash and then moisturizer with the olive oil. I also rub olive oil all over my body which helps with back breakouts. It’s gret pouring into bath water and then shaving. My skin looks amazing and my face is clear of breakouts :)

  • AshB

    I’ve been having good luck with this- my skin is clearing up!! I am experiencing dryness and I think it is due to not moisturizing after the cold splash in the am. Any suggestions? I’ve been dabbing a little of the oil mixture on but doesn’t seem to be doing the trick.

  • Ruby lew

    I’m starting this tonight. 38 with adult acne. So sick of it. Used to get the odd spot that scarred but now it’s constant on cheeks and jaw line. Hope this works.

  • Mary

    Could it be just olive oil? My family makes olive oil and its 100% pure. Would that work?

  • Megan

    Can you use normal caster oil?

  • michelle

    Im 29 and Ive been suffering with acne since I was 11. For most women we grow out of the teenage acne but then we have to worry about hormonal acne and thats the worse. Ive tried many many different methods for getting rid of acne. Im interested to try this oil cleansing. So I have a question. Do you stop using your acne products all together and just cleanse with oil?

  • RenaePine

    OMG! I found this on Pinterest and I had to know! It’s actually something I’ve tried! But I used baby oil since I had plenty after having a baby. I feel validated and not crazy now! I’ll try this mixture though.. The baby oil seemed to only work until my face got used to it. Thank you so much!!

  • Dawn

    Mix a little baking soda in your oil once a week for exfoliation. It works!

  • CaseC

    Are you all doing this after you remove your make up? Wash face first and then do the oil treatment??

  • Jennifer

    I have a question….has anyone noticed or linked the castor oil with balding? In a few posts I’ve read its helped grow or re-grow facial hair but will it do the same for the hair on your scalp for anyone dealing with alopecha or thinning hair from falling out to much or even male balding? Just a little curious if the castor oil may help in other “hairry” or rather “un-hairry” areas.

  • Marista McWhorter

    When i want a good scrubbing i use baking soda. my skin is so dry, i do this every morning. i am going to start oil cleansing now. maybe that will help with the dryness!

  • Courtney

    Im sorry. I have the oily skin. What do you mean by 3:1 ratio?

  • Carlie

    while doing the oil treatment, can I use my regular moisturizer?

  • Laurie Hamon

    For an awesome scrub, I use a pinch of baking soda with a little coconut oil. Works great. You can use any oil of your choice but coconut oil is a natural anti-microbial, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral with a ton of nutrients for your skin and less greasy than any other oil I have tried. Plus smells like heaven

  • Lindsey

    This is probably a dumb question, but is the extra virgin olive oil you use the same kind you get in the grocery section, for cooking?!

    • Maria

      Yes exact same one:)

      • Lindsey

        Thank you! I’m going to the store now and I’m going to try this in hopes it works as well for me!

  • Laura

    All I have to say is this changed my life! I still get breakouts around my cycle, BUT I really don’t break out anymore. I’m 31 and this is pretty much a miracle. I’m still playing around with my measurements. I usually do 3 parts evoo, 1 part castor, 1 part jojoba. I’m looking now into doing something for more moisture during the winter. My skin has been kind of dry lately. Other than that, I couldn’t be happier!!!

  • Niki

    Hello ladies,
    Thank you so much for all the advices you are sharing.
    I have been using the castor oil for one week now and i see a huge improvment.
    I have an oily skin, and i have been facing pimples and acne problems for quiet sometime now, and in the past 10 years i have been dealing with these huge acne spots, and they stay below the skin, and hurt so much.
    I had one on my chin right before i started using your remedy, at first it used to hurt when i was massaging my face, and today i can feel that it has become smaller and the pain has gone :)
    I can already see that my skin is better, and as you suggested i only wash my face with water in the morning, usually warm. But i have deffinitly seen a difference.
    My friend told me about coconut oil, and i will start using it soon too. She is 32 and she says that it had helped her with wrinkles. And i will be turning 30 very soon, so i thought i might as well test it out, see if it makes a difference :)

    Thank you all for all the great tips, and wish you a lovely, healthy and beautiful skin :)


    i”ve been doing this for a week and my skin looks AMAZING…THANK YOU so much for this information!!

  • Savannah Dingman

    Doesn’t caster oil increase hair growth? Did you get a hairy face?

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  • Anne

    I was completely skeptical on this. I am so glad I tried! a week and a half in and I have noticed a change. Hoping that scarring will improve if I keep with it.

  • Tarah

    I was wondering if I could do this in the morning instead of at night. I work out 6 days a week, and I sweat quite alot, so I would rather wash my face in the morning, and then use witch hazel at night when I get off from work. Would this still be a good idea or should I try and just splash my face after I work out and use some witch hazel? Thanks for the advice! I ordered the mask you recommended today! Hopefully I can start this soon!!

    • Maria

      Hi Tarah,

      When I workout in the morning I just rinsed face with water then use witch hazel as a toner and add a dab of the jojoba (or Evoo) to moisturize my skin. Hope that helps. You’re going to love the mask!

  • verita

    Dissolve a tylenol in water just enough to make a paste and dab it on the zit at nitetime I promise it will be almost gone in the morning.

  • Chokobo

    Thanks for such an interesting post. Do you happen to know or your doctor mentioned to you if other kinds of oils could work? Or is Castor Oil the only one?

    • Maria

      I didn’t learn about it from a Dr. I saw it on other websites before I tried it. If you google oil cleansing you’ll see many people use different types of oils. You’ll have to experiment to see what you like best:)

      • Chokobo

        I see. Thanks a lot :)

  • Wendy Cooper Tingey

    THANK YOU!!! Ok, with all the many, many products out there, would you PLEASE take a picture of the products you are using and share where you got them? That would help SO SO much! you are an angel for sharing! post if you’d like, or my e-mail is

  • Joanne Baker

    I have been doing this for 4 days & my skin looks worse, is that normal?

  • Maria Jose

    I loved ur post I’m gonna try it this week. For ur exfoliant u can use sugar and lemon only letting the sugar get wet, the scub you face and wash it and after that for the mask use baking soda with lemon let it bubble up and then when it been sitting for s minute or two use the wet powder and put it on as a mask let dry for 15 to 20min and wash. This will help you dry any pimples and its a natural bleacher not hard for the face at all ull feel ur face so soft as a peach then I apply a bit of almond oil or orchid face cream I can say its amazing I love it.

  • Amy

    I tried this for the first time last night and I can already see a difference in my acne and complexion! I thought it was too good to be true, but I hope this is a prelude to clearer skin and lighter acne scars. I followed the steps as indicated above and yes it felt weird putting more oil on my face even though it was already oily from buildup over the day, but after washing the mix off my face felt soft and not overly oily. I’m going to continue this process for two weeks and I will come back and update everyone.

  • Tres

    I’ve been using coconut oil on my face instead of lotion (pea size amount). I have the same problem with hormonal acne. previously leaving me To over wash and my skin not only dry but also with acne. This lead to my makeup looking awful, and me producing more oil and my makeup looking worse!!…. The coconut oil has completely reversed this and yes like you, my cne had drastically reduced… And my skin def looks fresh!!

  • Brit

    I have recently started using the OCM for my face, and I just don’t know if it is right for me. I have had a problem with acne since I hit puberty, and now in my mid twenties, I still suffer from it. Though I have only been using it for 3 weeks, I have not noticed the results that I have read in the comments. I will say, my face is not as oily during the day as it used to, but my face has broke out even more than I have ever before! I understand that it will take some time because it is pulling out the bad stuff, but I have read many posts that said most people broke for only about 2 weeks. And I know, I should NOT judge my skin on others, but it is so terribly difficult! :) I guess, I am just wondering if it is worth it for me to continue? I tried the 3 to 1 ratio of co to evoo, but my face dried out from it, so I have been going with the reverse. It seems to help the drying (and with the winter weather, my face does dry out some). Does any one have any advice or reassurance? This is a concept I can get on board with the research backing it, but it is hard when I have tried so many different products that have let me down. Are there other things I should be adding to my routine? I have been doing pretty much the same routine as the directions, except my mask is not what she directed. Thanks!

  • Suzanne rippel

    I am super excited to try this method since I have EXACTLY the same skin issues as you talk about here. My question is – how do you take your make up off?

  • Lori Wallerich

    I have been using this method for a week and love the results. But the skin under my eye is really puffy and wrinkled. I have been avoiding my under eye area with the oil could this be the problem?

  • Megan

    I want to share my experience with OCM for your readers since I’ve seen some posts where readers have given up after they didn’t experience the results they wanted…I found your blog on Pinterest and after some research have started using the oil cleansing method. I’m on my 3rd (or 4th?) week now and I’m still having some residual breakouts, but my skin is MUCH improved overall. When I first began the OCM, I quickly discovered something that REALLY surprised me. I’ve struggled with acne, blackheads, and oily skin since puberty (I’m 28 now) and always thought my skin type was solidly, absolutely, without a doubt “oily”. I’ve even been told so by dermatologists. That being said, when I first started the oil cleansing method I was using a large percentage of castor oil in my oil mixture & my skin cleared up the very next day but that miracle was immediately followed by dry, itchy, flaky skin and another breakout with oil slicks. After tweaking my mixture several times (and some serious exfoliating to take care of the dead skin from my major dry-out) I’ve learned that I actually have dry, sensitive skin. Castor oil now only makes up about 10% of my oil mixture and I exfoliate much less often because doing it too frequently only serves to irritate my sensitive skin. What I’ve learned is that overdrying and irritation causes my skin to produce more oil and clog pores, leading to more breakouts.

    If you try the OCM and your initial oil mixture doesn’t work for you, I strongly suggest tweaking it several times and paying close attention to how your skin responds before giving it up entirely. I also want to note that for those of us with sensitive skin, once we’ve caused overdrying or irritation it can take a while for our skin to recover, so give it some time.

    best of luck to you all!

    • Fact finder

      Can you share your formulation?

    • Elizabeth

      Thank you, this is helpful– I’ve been using the OCM for 4 weeks now and was starting to get discouraged. I have seen overall improvement with the texture of my skin but my cystic acne has been much worse. So, I will stick with it a little longer and try tweaking my oil mixture. What oils are you using for the other 90% of your mixture?

  • Rachel Holder

    I love this. I have been using coconut oil and getting the same amazing results. I add coffee grinds to my oil and gently rub it into my skin and it is a wonderful, all natural scrub. Plus, caffeine is good for cellulite.

  • HK

    How is this working for everyone? I’ve been using this method for about 10 days now and my breakouts seem worse than ever before. Just as soon as I think it might be clearing up a bit, it gets worse. So discouraged! I’ve read that several of you had the same thing happen to you, but it cleared up after the first week or so!? Any tips?

  • Nora Weigl

    I carry cold pressed Castor oil in my shop and ship out daily. It’s very inexpensive and lasts a long time!

  • Nora Weigl

    I carry cold pressed Castor oil in my Herb Shop. I mail out daily. It’s very inexpensive and lasts a long time! Nora’s Herbs 478-289-6500

  • Chelsea Jackson

    I recently had a daughter and I have been using a combination of coffee grounds and olive oil for my stretch marks, which are soooo much lighter now, and I decided one day to try it on my face. Other than smelling like coffee for a little bit it works great! My skin felt so soft after using it and now I try to do it once or twice a week!

  • Crystal Richards

    My daughter has been doing this for 4 days now and we have seen vast improvement in her skin. She had been seeing a doctor for her acne for nearly a year now, only to see her skin get more and more irritated and have more and more blemishes. On top of it all this leaves her skin so soft!

    • Maria

      So happy to hear that Crystal!

  • Manjo

    I have a question about the facial mask that you use. What measurements are you using? I used 1 Tbsp. clay and 3 Tbsp. of warm water. But the mixture seemed more watery than I was expecting.

  • Becky

    I have been using coconut oil on my face and it has cleared up my acne so much (occasional pimples near my period).

  • Mallory Andrews

    I bought some castor oil and want to try this method.. but i have prescription topical cremes i use morning and evening and I’m not sure if i should stop using everything else i usually use while i try the method or not? can anyone help me out?

  • Kate

    I have heard that Extra Virgin Coconut oil is great to use for acne and your skin! Do you think using this Coconut Oil the same way you used the other oils will work the same way?

  • Alie

    I have been using this method for almost a year with fantastic results. I never heard that it had to be cold-pressed, I just buy the extra virgin olive oil. I use mine in the shower and let the steam from the shower looses the pores. I pat dry my face and use a little under my eyes before bedtime to help with wrinkles! If you google crunchy betty oil cleanse, she has extra ingredients that you can add. I use tea tree oil b/c it is a natural antibacterial. Good luck!

  • Joanne Baker

    I do facials every month(not that it helps my horrible skin) should I still get a facial, or just do this treatment only?

  • AP

    Can I wash my face with this even if I have makeup on already?

  • Leahhmc

    I have been using oil for about two months now and my skin has never looked better. I use a 50/50 ratio of caster oil and grapeseed oil.

    If you like this idea you may also like washing your hair with baking soda and conditioning with raw organic unfiltered apple cider like Braggs brand. I have been doing this for two months also and my hair is super soft and shiny now.

  • CpoplettMUA

    I’m curious to know how the oils and aloe react with your makeup? Oil removes makeup, so if you have oil on your skin then apply makeup I would think that the makeup would “slide off”?

  • Stacy

    What skin? Can’t get passed your gorgeous eyes!

  • Mags82

    So no cleansing oh the face w/other products at all?

  • Kristy Kaufman

    Your results look amazing, and I am definitely going to be trying this method out!!

  • dvdsvd

    we can’t see how your skin looks like if you have a filter on your pic! :/

  • kels

    a few drops of tea tree oil in an ounce of olive oil put a little on acne spots at night or if you dont have sensitive skin like myself I just put tea tree oil on the acne areas and it clears it up you should notice improvements within the first couple days (tea tree oil is an essential oil and it is not a very good smelling oil but it does work….or does for me anyways!)

  • Libby Loucks

    I used to use Burt’s Bees Orange Oil face wash and follow it up with their Witch Hazel blemish roll on. It’s how I cleared my skin before my wedding. Maybe I should go back to that…

  • Angel

    I started doing this with mineral oil, and I had similar results! My eczema is sooooo much better and my skin isn’t as oily!

  • Mg23

    I would like to try this the only thing is what do you use to actually wash your face – because the oil alone can’t actually be cleaning everything off your face?

  • Reece

    do you use a moisturizer during the day and after you wash at night?

  • Michaela

    I’m on day 2 of the treatment and I have come out with more spots….I am doing everything exactly as stated in the step by step….skin feels softer but I cannot see an improvement on the black head side too…..what am I doing wrong???

  • Lindsay

    I started the castor oil/evo method 2 days ago. I have acne prone skin that is mostly oily but dry around my mouth. I use the oil method before bed but in the AM my face is still scaly dry. What do you recommend to help? Should I still be moisturizing with. The oil method?

  • sandra

    where I can find the oil?

  • Cheryl

    FYI I’ve been using your method/recipe for a couple months and my skin is wonderful! Only thing that has cleared my acne. My 16 yr old son saw my skin, and is also hooked! I am using vitamin E Oil as a castor oil replacement.

  • Emma

    I’ve been using this method for a couple months now. I really love it!!! My skin always looks clean and feels soft. It honestly does remove even waterproof make-up! Which I didn’t believe at first. I’ve been diligent about cleaning my face every single night before bed. Sometimes I do use a face lotion if my face feels really dry in the morning but usually I just pat a little of the oil mixture all over as a lotion. I use Castor oil, EVOO, Jojoba oil, and a little Vitamin E and it works great for me. I know it sounds scary but you should try it if you haven’t already! Plus, it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying face washes that don’t last as long. :D

  • Kaitlyn Eydenberg

    I am super excited- just tried this for the first time and my normally oily skin is actually DRY! Who would have thought oil could feel so clean!! I’m hopeful this will finally be something that works!

  • Amy

    Will this method work on back or shoulder acne too?

  • Heather Buhler Meyers

    I love this post! My midwife told me that castor oil heals scar tissue. It’s awesome to see proof!

  • nikolesnik

    OK, let me add my cup. First time I red this, moth ago, I was quite skeptic about: oil – naturally oily skin, how can that help?!? BUT, according to all 636 comments down under I decided to try. I tryed so many things, that actually I’m tired of tying. Also on Slovenian pages I red about many benefits of the castor oil. My problem is the same as many of you mention below: contraception pills made my forehead full of acnes which can inflame while I’m rubbing them all nervous during study work. grrrr

    I found castor oil as the best thing I’ve ever tried. In the evening oil my forehead (only there I have the problem), I don’t wash it off, and by the morning the skin is calmed down, rushes are much, much smaller and what is the best, there isn’t much sign of new acnes. In the morning I gently wash the face with warm water.

    I tried the procedure which is described above first, only without olive oil. It helped a lot, but the results needed more time to be obvious. Than I added olive oil, because the skin seemed to much dry. Olive oil was supposed to be cold pressed, extra vergine bought directly in Italy, but… My skin, immediately next morning was again all swollen around acnes. I even insisted few days with castor-olive mixture but it looked like I gave the acnes exact food which they need togrow .

    So now I use castor oil only.

    I really recommend this to anyone with acne problem.

    And I’m very, very thankful to Maria who shared this with the world. THANKS!!!

  • nikolesnik

    OK, let me add my cup. First time I read this, moth ago, I was quite
    skeptic about: oil – naturally oily skin, how can that help?!? BUT,
    according to all 636 comments down under I decided to try. I tryed so
    many things, that actually I’m tired of tying. Also on Slovenian pages I
    red about many benefits of the castor oil. My problem is the same as
    many of you mention below: contraception pills made my forehead full of
    acnes which can inflame while I’m rubbing them all nervous during study
    work. grrrr

    I found castor oil as the best thing I’ve ever tried.
    In the evening oil my forehead (only there I have the problem), I don’t
    wash it off, and by the morning the skin is calmed down, rushes are
    much, much smaller and what is the best, there isn’t much sign of new
    acnes. In the morning I gently wash the face with warm water.

    tried the procedure which is described above first, only without olive
    oil. It helped a lot, but the results needed more time to be obvious.
    Than I added olive oil, because the skin seemed to much dry. Olive oil
    was supposed to be cold pressed, extra vergine bought directly in
    Italy, but… My skin, immediately next morning was again all swollen
    around acnes. I even insisted few days with castor-olive mixture but it
    looked like I gave the acnes exact food which they need to grow .

    So now I use castor oil only.

    I really recommend this to anyone with acne problem.

    And I’m very, very thankful to Maria who shared this with the world. THANKS!!!

  • Nellie

    I read a blog the other day with the same topic and decided to try it since none if the meds that the doctor has prescribed was not working so I thought I would give this a shot and I can’t believe how great my face looks after using it for three days!!!!! :)

  • Cady

    I can’t wait to try this! I am 28, and have acne pretty much ever since I can remember! I have basically been using rough type things and scrubs assuming that will get all the crap out but this does make sense. I’m going to the store later to get this stuff and try it out, if I look even the least bit better in the next week, I am convinced!

  • The Mama In Red

    I’ve used this for about the past six months, and I have noticed a HUGEchange in my skin texture. I have oily, sensitive skin, and now, I only have to wash my face every few days. I wish I knew about this whenI was a teenager! I used Walgreen’s Castor Oil and Trader Joe’s olive oil. Glad to read other success stories!

  • Janene

    What is cold pressed castor oil? I never heard of cold pressed before :/

  • Des

    Is it possible that your skin can become accustomed to this method and be less effective? I was using this method for a few weeks and saw drastic improvements, but now my painful cystic acne has come back with a vengeance.

  • Michele

    I am a massage therapist and know that of all the available oils out there, Organic Jojoba Oil (which is actually a wax) is the closest thing to natural human sebum (which feels oily, but is also a wax) therefore is the safest, most gentle to use for this purpose. For those of you that have sensitivities with Castor or Olive Oil or dryness from Coconut Oil… Jojoba may be the one for you.

    I am 43 years old struggling with my changing skin and bought into the hype and started using a retinol based cleanser (L’Oreal Youth Code) to try to ‘regain my youthful glow’ only to have my skin UTTERLY RAVAGED. My skin was red, patchy, swollen, peeling, and literally started shriveling up, deepening my wrinkles. I was horrified!!! But.. when you think about it, the beauty industry is an industry only concerned with $$$, just like with the pharmaceutical industry. They do not want to fix your problem. If they fix you, they’re out of business.

    I began ‘washing’ my face with Organic Jojoba Oil twice daily and it saved my skin. Within days it healed and my skin looks better than it has in years… maybe even ever. It’s truly miraculous.

  • Mary

    Oil cleansing about 1-2 months now….amazing for dry skin prone to acne also. Totally agree!!!

  • Corinne

    I want to cry right now, i have been searching and searching for anything that works for about five years. thank you do much for sharing!

  • Paulina

    What’s evoo? And where can I find these items?

  • Emily

    Thank you for sharing! I suffered with HORRIBLE hormonal acne in the same exact place as yours for a year; birth control helped clear it up but I still come home every day very shiney. I am curious to try this.

  • Laura

    I found this on Pinterest about two months ago – have stuck with it ever since and LOVE the results of my new skin routine. I have always broken out fairly heavily once or twice a year and this time it had lasted about 3 months – my dermatologist had given me Bactrim DS (antibiotic – did not realize the harmful effects of taking an antibiotic for 2 months!) and Ziana, a topical. My skin had improved, but it was still having issues, especially hormonal acne around my chin line. I started using half EVOO and half cold pressed castor oil (skin combo of oily/problem AND dry…blah) and using coconut oil (also cold pressed) for makeup removal and moisturizer. About two weeks later I made a few other changes – started taking a probiotic, standard Cod Liver Oil (the fermented kind is much more expensive so I wanted to see how this would work), and stopped my antibiotics. the hormonal acne came back a bit when I did this, but it all cleared up pretty quickly – and boy oh BOY do I love my skin now!! NO problems at all for a month now – my skin is still somewhat oily, but less so. Mostly I’m just thrilled that I don’t have to wear concealer and foundation necessarily, my scars are already mostly healed. Since my skin is also dry, I stopped using the coconut oil as a moisturizer and picked back up with my usual stuff – my esthetician said my skin was deeply dehydrated last she saw me so that’s why I switched back, but honestly I couldn’t tell a difference so who knows. I would recommend doing your own research on this first and giving it a try!

  • Desiree

    I have to tell you that your story saved my skin! I am 30 and have tried everything under the sun to get rid of my irritated acne pron skin. I havn’t yet tried the castor oil or the warm cloth, but I use Extra Virgin Olive Oil every night after I wash my face with an oat cleansing powder scrub, then apply a moisturizer with vitamin E, I finish off with the Olive Oil, and within 10-20 min. my skin has usually soaked it all in leaving it soft to the touch & nurtured! The vitamin E does help a lot but along with the oilve oil I have seen a quick improvement to my skins health and quick healing vitality that my skin was lacking and full of clogged pores. I have notice I am already experiencing a huge improvement in my breakouts and it has only been a week. I do agree that it helps to put moisture back into your skin, and what better a way than with natural ingredients which is crazy cheaper than the chemical optilns we buy at the store & honestly can not be good for our skin! ;D It’s a win-win! I also stopped using liquid pore foundation and started only using mineral powder foundations which don’t create acne or clog your pores. The other things that made a difference is to make sure you NEVER touch your skin with DIRTY hands and try your best to keep your fingers off your face to begin with because pores do not like the oils on our hands! I wish you all luck, I know how frustrating it can be!!!! <3

  • Chay

    This sounds so amazing! Thank you so so much for sharing this!! I share a product called NeriumAD that helps reduce the redness and completely removes the scars on faces, but it doesn’t help with the actual acne….so you can imagine me trying to sell a facial cream when I have acne all over my face…Thank you so much again. You have REALLY helped me!

  • Kristin

    Thank you! My daughter (12) started this about 2 months ago. Her complection is narly flawless now and so soft! We did not use cold pressed castor oil and just started with the kind from Walgreens, works great! We were on the verge of going to the dermotologist and now don’t have any need to! Thanks again!

  • Teresa

    Okay, I am giving this a shot!! I am 34, married with 2 boys. My skin was great in high school. Once I had my first, everything went down hill! It is defiantly hormonal for me. I breakout on my chin, side of my face and neck with cystic acne. I really hope this works for me!! Will keep you posted!

  • A woman who got her life back

    For the first time in 12 years my face is actually clearing up. I have battled with acne for most of my life goin from one treatment and dermatalogist to another. And every time being so disheartened. After meeting my husband I gave up on ever having clear skin and resolved to try n make the best of it. And them Pinterest showed me your blog. I had no idea I suffered from cystic acne I didn’t even know there was such a thing. I can never repay you for what you have done for me. My daughter can say she has a pretty mommy now and before that was never even a possibility. Thank you so much!

  • nicole

    how do you apply the coconut oil in your hair?

  • Tae

    Has anyone tried this that wears makeup daily? Like liquid & mineral foundation. I’m a product girl big time & I wear not only eye makeup but foundation & blush/bronzers. I’m 21 & always had a battle with mild acne.I was on BC from 16 to about 2 months ago & I have always had a few bumps here & there regardless even before getting on the pill but last month it got worse. It’s not cystic just a few on my forehead, a few around my nose & mouth mainly t-zone but very annoying & my skin is oily but gets dried out sooooo easily! No zits is the best kind! The only thing that keeps my skin semi under control is oxy benzyl peroxide wash (never the lotion, that’s far too potent & drying) & a salicylic acid lotion & normally after that moisturizer like CeraVe but I feel like I’m in a constant battle to keep my skin clear AND moisturized. I use so many products on my face I would love to cut that list way down! But I have some questions; did anyone notice their face was less oily, did anyone’s skin get worse (if so what kind of break outs did you have to start with?), & was there any problems with wearing makeup with doing this oil method? Any tips & info would be great!

  • Fallon

    Hello!! My friend told me about this and I had to try it. I have never had acne but recently it looked like it. I have only been using it for 3 days and the pimples that were forming are gone adn my skin is healing faster. Also I notice that my skin is not as oily and I just feel better about my complexion. I am using EVOO and castor oil that is used as a laxative. Thank you for posting this! I have already shared with two others!

  • Sam

    For exfoliating try making a paste from baking soda and water. Apply to your face and gently massage, let sit for about a minute, and rinse with warm water.

  • JessicaD

    Have you ever tried almond oil instead of EVOO? they are around the same pH and almond oil is known to be incredibly good for your skin? I have had terrible skin since i started the Mirena Iud, but it is my only option for bc because of family breast cancer reasons. Right now i am using benzoyl peroxide at night and apple cider vinegar (i’ve noticed a great result with) but i still have acne all around my mouth and chin like you. Help please? :)

    • Tonya

      I too bought the Almond oil. So, its Almond oil and grape seed for me. I have always had bad acne, sometimes those deep painful ones – but mostly little white bumps and blackheads. I usually get a bad case whn I get stressed out, but this is more from picking than anything else – I have finally trained myself to stop! I also have an extremely oily/dry face :/ I may add that the thought of growing even MORE hair on my face terrifies me.

      Because of all the comments and other people’s great reviews, and additions, I have decided to give this a try. I am currently using a 1/2 and 1/2 of grape seed and almond. I did notice an immediate difference :) Feels amazing! Though I am trying really hard not to touch my face, it doesn’t feel nearly as oily. I will be purchasing some witch hazel for my touch-ups.

      I am looking for the best exfoliate and mask. Would you recommend doing them at the same time/day, or would wait a few days between?

  • Amber

    I am totally going to do this! I have been having some major problems for the last year! My skin was alright for years and then all of a sudden it started breaking out in acne again. I am so glad I came across your blog tonight!

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  • Kadie

    I love to use lemon on my face once or twice a week. Just cut a slice and rub it all over your face. It will itch and sting for a few minutes but that’s how you know it’s working. I like to leave it on at night, when I wake up my skin is softer and acne is drastically clearer. I love using lemons on my skin, it’s all natural and effective

  • Ashley

    mine said castor oil USP, it means it is cold pressed also, it is 100% castor oil, i tried this the first time tonight ;)

  • avni vij

    I tried it as soon as I read it. Its absolutely brilliant. my skin feels amazing, and so soft. I have found my magic wand. At last.

  • Kj

    Do you use the oil mixture to remove makeup and cleanse at the same time?

  • Cushka

    I have found that after using my cell phne, that my chin on the side breaks out. It only happens on the side that I always talk on. I clean my phone with cleaner…but I think the plastic may be to blame?

  • Taylor

    Just want to say thank you both! God really answered my prayers through you guys!

  • Sammi Colourz

    Do you have to use castor oil or can you just use coconut oil? That’s all I have for the time being.
    I am so glad I saw this. I started getting really, really bad acne when I was 13 and I didn’t really do anythign for it. At 14 my mom bought me Proactiv and it started working nicely until I was about 15. I still use it but only at night because my skin has started to get extremely sensetive recently. So I’ve been trying lots of other products but it’s been getting worse and randomly oily. But then my mom found this and I am soooo excited :)

    • Kalinda

      The castor oil is what kills bacteria. It should definitely be included in the mixture. Be cautious of how much you add as it is also very drying.

  • Kim

    I was wondering if you use a sunscreen in the morning, as I have read that this is a must especially if using oil on your face? If so, what kind do you use?

  • LRose

    i tried this method for 3 months and my skin has never looked worse. get a clairsonic people. spend the money. its so worth it.

  • Mel

    I’m 25 and I’ve had terrible acne since I was about 12 and I’ve tried just about every wash, cream or pill there is to try to cure it. Some would work great for awhile, then the acne would come back. My face was the clearest it had ever been when I was on birth control, but since I decided to stop taking it a couple years ago, I now have frequent breakouts all over my chin and cheeks.
    I have been using this method for about a week and all of my pimples have cleared up and I haven’t had any new ones pop up. I have also suffered from disgusting blackheads all over my nose and t-zone for years. Again, I’ve tried almost everything to get rid of them and after a week of using this method they are almost completely gone.
    If you are suffering from acne and have tried everything, this method is worth trying. What do you have to lose? I was very skeptical at first but I’m really happy I tried it.

  • Jennifer

    I have horrible acne and have been using the oil method for months which has improved my skin. I also started using a toner mixed of 1/2 water to 1/2 Bragg Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar. You will be amazed at how well my skin looks now. About once a week I add to my skin regimen a face scrub consisting of baking soda and water which makes my skin so soft and then a face mask of “Really Raw Honey.” I never thought putting food on my face would make it look this good!

  • Dana

    Started using the OCM and my skin is doing wonderful! I’m 24 and have never had clear skin. I’ve been able to keep it under moderate control with various prescription medications, but its never had a pretty ‘healthy’ look like it does now. Thanks so much! This post has changed my life!

    Dana Alley

  • Nic in NZ

    This is the first time I have ever commented on a blog…ever! And I just have to because this has worked so unbelievably well for me! I started using the oil cleansing method in October 2012 about 5 months ago after coming to this blog from pinterest – lucky I pinned it so I could come back! The change in my skin is amazing. I am 27 and have suffered from acne since I was about 13/14. It was all over my chin and jaw and sometimes on my neck. It slowly got worse and worse, I would never go without makeup as it looked so bad. I eventually got so sick of it, that when I was about 20 I went to a dermatologist and went on roaccutane/isotane/acutane. That stuff worked wonders in drying out my skin (and hair and joints :s) and it did clear the acne, but it was pretty brutal on my body and mental health! (known side effects of that drug are not pretty) I did that for about a year and a half as I took a low dose over a longer period of time and then enjoyed relatively clear skin for a couple of years after coming off it. But then the acne returned, mostly hormonal on either side of my mouth/chin area, and it would get really bad every month, but never really cleared in between. Never quite as bad as it was originally, but still frustrating. Then came the oil idea – it makes so much sense, even for me whose problem was seemingly too much oil! I am sitting here typing this with not one pimple and I haven’t had one in a couple of months, and the old scars are having a chance to heal and fade! That is just unbelievable for me! Besides the acne gone, my skin feels more moisturised and supple, and around my eyes where the skin is really dry and I am starting to get lines, the skin feels less dry through the day and ‘able to wrinkle’. I love my nightly oil cleanse routine, it feels so luxurious and my skin literally glows after! (from the oil residue but it’s still nice! haha) I gently wipe off most of it with a warm facecloth and leave some residue for moisturiser. In the mornings I use cetaphil to get off night gunk especially around my eyes and then use a little coconut oil to moisturise my face and body. It is amazing at cleaning makeup especially mascara and eyeliner and even use it to get all the eyeliner buildup off the brush! And best part is, it’s so cheap and so natural. I use about 3:1 castor to OO. I have no idea if it is cold pressed, it was the only stuff I could find anywhere (I’m in New Zealand) and often it’s harder to find the same range of stuff that people talk about on blogs!)

    Sorry for the super long post, but I’m sure you want to hear the success stories! I would encourage everyone to give this a go (and I have been!) and to give it at least 4/5 months. Thank you for this post, it has made such a big difference to me!

  • ciara

    can I use this on acne l have on my back and chest?

  • Sarah89

    May I ask if you have an update based on this method (ie if you’re continuing to do it, if its maintaining results)

    • Maria

      Yes I plan on doing an update in the near future. things are still going great with the OCM for me!

  • Cyndie Morgan Cassidy

    I wanted to add that the best exfoliator I have found is in your cupboards. Cut a lemon in half, then slice a third off. squeeze the third in a small bowl (I found that souffle cups are perfect), save the butt end you can use it in a minute. Soak a cotton ball in the lemon juice and squeeze excess out, you dont want it drippy. Shake sugar on the cotton ball and rub it on your face, in a circular motion, be sure to get the problem areas. Rince with warm water. Works amazingly. Now for the butt of the lemon. After you remove the dead skin take the lemon and put a nickle size dob of honey on the fleshy end and rub it all over areas that you may have blackheads. I dont know how it works or why, but it does.

  • Christine

    I realize this post is months-old and has over 750 comments (!!), but I just want to let you know it’s changed my skin so much! I was on and off prescriptions in middle school and high school, used ProActiv (it didn’t work) and AcneFree (worked pretty okay, all things considered) and so on. I came across this on Pinterest — it wasn’t the first time I’d heard of oil cleansing, but it was the first time I saw such awesome and real pictures. So I tried it, starting last October and my skin is awesome now! It’s great for my crazy sensitive skin, moisturizes the dry patches and keeps oil in check. My acne is only a few small bumps that go away pretty quickly, too — a huge change, and I couldn’t believe it.
    Thanks so much for sharing this!

    • Maria

      I’m so glad to hear that Christine!!

  • Maria


    • Maria


  • bw

    I tried this method and it does work! I use Olive Oil Cleanser by Vasseur Skincare (no parabens or sulfates!) and after two weeks my skin was clear

  • Margo

    Also, I was googling OCM, and some people said that the castor oil made their face break out worse than ever. Was this just because it wasn’t cold-pressed or something?

  • Cecilia

    I also use proactive at night what do you recommend?

  • Laura H.

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I tried it and have the same results as you. Its GREAT! :)

  • Junarah

    I’ve been doing this for 2 months and I have to say…by far this has been the greatest miracle cure yet for Acne. It will take time. Don’t expect it to work overnight. Give it time. Yes I do still get the occassional breakouts….but it will only last for a day or two. Yes get the one that is cold pressed. Go to a specialty store like Trader Joe’s, Sprouts, Henrys…It’s there for $5-$6. The mix will last you for a very long time. I once skipped this face wash for 3 days and I broke out again so make sure you do it every night and just wash your face with cold water in the morning. And YES-you HAVE TO DO the towel with hot water. Yes people become lazy but do you want to put in the extra energy and time for a beautiful face or just continue to breakout? This has seriously saved my face!! Thank you!! Hope this helps guys!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crystal Schwan

    I saw a great mask that is also a scrub and all natural AND acne fighting. Aspirin and honey! 5 to 6 non coated aspirin dissolved with a dab of warm water. And a lil honey to make it stick! after 15 minutes wet it and use as a scrub! Aspirin is a natural form of salacylic acid. :)

  • JenBen

    I just tried this for the first time and was a little hesitant but my skin feels amazing already! I have been struggling with adult acne and tons of blackheads for the past 6 months. This is better than the $300 skin are system I was using! Thank you so much for sharing this. Looking forward to the results to come :)

  • Cortney

    Do you do this every night?

  • jess

    I use virgin coconut oil and cold pressed castor oil and found that I like it better than the olive it seems to heal my break outs faster and it smells lovely I also stream my face about 3 times reheating the wash cloth in hot water eachtime before wiping the extra oil off I haven’t had any extra hair growth that I’venoticed just softer skin withless break outs I willnever gobackto facewashand lotion. also about once a week I add just a small pinch of baking soda (if it hurts tomassage it in its to much soda) this makes myface so super soft!

  • Alexa

    I have been using this method for almost two weeks and my skin is breaking out worse than usual. I haven’t been drinking water like I should though and I’m about to start my period so that might have something to do with it.

  • BrieEm

    I’ve been doing this now for about a week and I can see the difference in my skin-I have oily ance prone skin-less oily, which is great! But when you started this did you notice that your skin actually started to dry out a bit? I’m noticing now that I’m starting to peel a little and I was just curious if this happened to you and if it did what did you do to help it? I have a moisterizer from the dr. hauschka skin care line-it’s an all natural oil-to mimic the natural oils your body produces. Think if I use that it would be too much oil I’m using my face? I just need an opinion, I know you’re not a doctor or anything but I thought you might be the right person to ask! Thanks!

    • Kalinda

      Lessen the amount of castor oil. It can be very drying.

  • LD

    I’m 38 and have struggled with acne, mostly on my chin, neck and jaw, my entire life. I also get it on my back and shoulders. I started using virgin, unrefined coconut oil with a few drops of tea tree oil to remove make-up and for moisturizing after a shower. I do the steaming wash cloth method to wipe it off, that you mentioned. I wish I would have taken before/after pictures to show my results. I didn’t change anything else. No diet, soap, medications – nothing! I wish I could have known about this years and years ago. I am amazed with how clear my skin is. The best news is that I can share this treatment with my three daughters when they get a bit older. No crazy chemicals that burn or are dangerous. So, what worked a miracle for me is coconut oil – organic, virgin, unrefined – and tea tree oil.

  • Jill Lauren

    Im just wondering, are you moisturizing your skin at all??

  • Tyler

    Hey all. I’ve just read through everyone’s comments and am so, so happy for all who this has worked for. I know how you all feel. This came across my Pinterest early January, and when I say I was desperate, I’d do anything (and have done everything except for Acutane) to have a clear face. So I’ve been doing the EVOO/Castor/hot towel treatment (with a few sprays of chilled witch hazel after) religiously since the beginning of January and have literally not seen any results. I didn’t have oily skin to begin with, just terrible and persistent cystic acne in the hormonal areas – cheeks/chin. I just turned 26 and am torn between just not caring anymore and not wanting to leave the house. Basically, I’m completely hopeless. In addition, I’ve been drinking a gallon of water everyday, drinking the juice from about 6 lemons per week (for antibacterial purposes, but now having heartburn), exercising pretty much everyday, washing my pillow cases and makeup brushes weekly, and eating pretty clean. I don’t touch my face anymore, but have a bad habit of picking if things get really rough. I’d hate to switch my routine to try something new, seeing as my face tends to react badly to changes in routine. I really wish I could say this started working for me in a matter of days, but I can’t. Anyone else take more than 2.5 months to see a difference? Any other suggestions or modifications? Please help!

    • Kalinda

      Do a little more research I would say. Certain oils are better for certain skin types. Check out this site and determine what may be best for you:

    • Tyler

      Hey all,

      Replying on my own message, because I’ve had a revelation. For health insurance reasons, I decided to stop taking birth control a few weeks ago. THANK GOODNESS I DID!! My face cleared up IMMEDIATELY and I haven’t had a pimple since!!! My scarring is healing and I can actually look at myself in the mirror…. with the light on!

      Not sure how much the OCM treatment is helping, but I do plan on changing the oil I use once I run out of my current mix. Thank you, Kalinda, for the website!

      If you try getting off of BC, please use protection and be extra cautious!

  • eimanne

    what do u mean by “COLD PRESSED?”

  • christie

    I have struggled with acne since I was in middle school. It has gotten better at times and now for the last 3 years in pharmacy school it has gotten worse, due to the amount of stress that I have been under. I have tried pretty much everything including over the counter and prescription meds and washes with the excpetion accutane. I found a post like this on pinterest and thought I would give it a shot b/c I wanted my face to look better before I went on rotations and I didn’t have anything to lose, or so I thought. After trying this for a few weeks and having my skin break out worse than it has ever been before in my life and not showing any signs of getting better, I stopped. I will admit that my face felt more moisturized than ever before but it certainly was not worth it because it took months to get my face back to my starting point.
    So bottom line, this method is not for everyone! I would advise people to talk to their dermo or MD or natural doctor (whoever you go to) before you try something like this. You might be surprised at how many actually don’t recommend it depending on the type of acne you have.

  • Angelic

    Do you still need to moisturize your face with a cream

  • lannerz

    I am so gratefull i found this blog! Thank you!!
    I have a question though. I have been using the OCM now for a month and just recently started getting my cystic acne back again. When i first started i noticed a huge difference , getting very small pimples that dissapered quickly. but just the other day i felt 3 nasty cystic pimples :(
    I am thinking about mixing up my mix. I had to play around with combinations because it wass drying out my face too much. I am currently using “normal skin” ratios. Should I add some jojoba oil?? anything else you suggest? I do like the castor oil for cleaning. any advice?!!?!?

  • Brittany

    I was skeptical. I was so very skeptical. I really never, ever though this would work but I was so desperate to try ANYTHING. Proactive stopped working on my skin 5 years ago and I had very minimal results with anything else. I tried diet changes and all only had short term results. I could not believe I was going to slather oil all over my ridiculously oily and broken out skin but there I was and I cannot actually believe that this works! I’ve been following this to the letter (actually, I have been doing a mask every other day and also using apple cider vinegar as a toner) and my skin is clearing up! It has been two weeks. Not only is it clearing but what is there still is not so inflammed and swollen. My skin is remarkably not oily any more! I used to have to blot and blot and blot all day. Now I only blot a little in the afternoon. This is amazing. I just want to add that mineral powder like bare minerals and the like DESTROYED my face!!! Stay away from them. I am looking forward to clearer skin in the next couple of weeks and reduced scarring. THANKS FOR POSTING THIS! Sincerely, someone who was just doing this to basically prove this doesn’t work.

  • Emily

    Do I have to use this every night and all day?

  • DaniD

    This method didn’t work for me and I feel like my skin looks very similar to the pictures above. It actually made it worse. What has helped me the most
    Is the baking soda orange juice mask left on for ten minutes and done twice a week.

  • Leona

    I have been using sesame oil for about five months now and the results have been fantastic! It’s only when I don’t use it for a number of days/ a week that I have any breakouts at all. I’ve used cold pressed and the regular cooking oil kind and the results have been the same. I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular face washes. I also just picked up some jojoba oil so I’ll have to wait and see how that works.

  • Shawna

    Yes Dermalogica has a nice oil attraction cleanser, they have known about this for years. What I dnt understand is, why wouldn’t any of you try accutane? Accutane save my life..seriously… I was so depressed about my acne… My only regret with accutane was not doing it sooner. Acne Scars are a b fast forward 10 years later and I’m just barely starting to get small acne bumps that go away pretty quickly…hormonal acne is horrible to get rid of… Anyhoo, I’m glad you found something that works but if you ever get sick of trying one thing after another ask your doc about accutane… If it’s still on the market,, not sure.

  • Staci

    I just want to say thank you so much for sharing this. I have been battling just like everyone else with acne and nothing has worked. This after a couple months I couldn’t be happier. And to know that its all natural and so inexpensive. I want to thank you so much for taking the time to share. As little as it may be you have changed my life. I have been sharing with anyone I know that has acne problems as well.

  • Emily

    I have been through everything with my Acne as well, I’ve had it for roughly 10+ yrs as I’ve gotten older the pimples haven’t been all over and have lessened. I am still embarrassed about them but I’m happy it’s better than before. But I can never leave the house without makeup on to cover the horrible scars. I feel when people look at me all they see is my scars and acne. Not once have I heard anyone say fight it with oil, so maybe I will try it and hope it works since I’ve tried everything else.

  • Shannon Ford

    i’m almost 20 and my skin has been ridden with acne for the past 8-9 years and gotten considerably worse within the past three years. i changed birth control and even tried proactiv which is the most expensive thing ever for the amount you get. recently i went to the doctors and i’m using a night cream with diferin in it perscribed by my doctor and an anit-biotic called minocyclin. i’ve been on the cream for 5 weeks so far and my doctor said for the first 6 weeks it is going to get worse before it gets better. i use cetaphyl twice a day since the cream makes my skin sensitive to sunlight and a moisturaizer with spf in the morning. i want to try the OCM but wouldn’t know how to work it in with my percriptions. any ideas? it has seemed to work great for you and i want to try it.

  • Candi Waldrop Morgan

    Thank you. You started my journey to clear skin. I use 5 oz safflower and 4 oz castor oil and 1 oz polysorbate 80 to make an easier rinsing oil. I also use a hand towel to steam my face. I follow with jojoba oil to moisterize. Once a week I use an asprin scrub.

  • Neysha

    María, I wanted to thank you because this oil cleansing method has saved my skin! My face went from having adult acne on my cheeks, chin and jawline to a smooth and even skin complexion without a breakout. Now I use less makeup or no makeup at all without feeling embarrassed about my acne! Thank you again :)

  • shomac

    I am 32 and get cystic acne with my cycle. I have started using an essential oil blend at night that is miraculous. In a 5ml bottle: 50% juniper oil, 10 drops of roman chamomile, 3 drops of thyme oil and then fill with bitter orange oil. I wash my acne areas and then put one drop of this blend on the affected area. The thyme is a powerful anti-microbial oil but is very strong so 3 drop is plenty. The juniper helps to move fluid as does the orange oil and the chamomile is an anti-inflammatory. If you can use german chamomile rather than roman, it would be even more effective. i can’t believe how well it works for me! I’ve tried a ridiculous number of things over the years but this is the only thing that works for me.

  • Annie

    Holy shit. I’ve dealt with acne since junior high and very bad scarring. I have a lot of old hyperpigmentation scars on my face and built up scar tissue on my chest and shoulders. I just did this for the first time last night, along with a mask of egg whites and lemon, and it WORKS! This morning my skin looks more even and the red marks on my cheeks are fading a little! I don’t know what effect it will have on the white, textured scars on my body, but I’m a believer!

  • Natasha

    Have been trying this the last few days. First off, I bought the Castor Oil in the pharmacy department of a fancier grocery store. It was around $2 but unsure right now of the oz in the bottle, though it is pretty small. It is U.S.P – meaning cold pressed (thanks google). I put it in a little squeeze bottle that I have for plane trips and have used it 2 days now. Day 1 I noticed that the next morning some of the more stubborn blemishes had finally come to a “head” (sorry for the TMI). My skin flaked a bit in between my eyes and on my chin, but I used the little bit of residue from inside the cap to hydrate those areas, but not my whole face. I rinse my face with hot water in the shower in the morning, but do nothing else. Day 2 today and I’ve noticing things starting to heal. No new blemishes, thank goodness. I also bought a new shampoo/conditioner yesterday because I’m worried the stuff i was using before it what caused me to breakout so badly, as most of my breakouts are around my hairline and underneath my earlobes and even on the back of my neck and chest. GROSS and annoying. Hope it is working well for others.

  • Jessalynn

    I am 27 and I too have had battled acne since a young age. I have tried everything you can possible think of and my last resort was Accutane. Like people below, my skin was fantastic for a good 1-2 years after and then it all came back. I don’t have TERRIBLE skin like I used to in high school… however, at the age of 27 it feels like it will be like this forever! I have found in the last few years that my skin is not only sensitive to what I put on it but also to what I eat. I have a huge allergy to dairy and it is a huge bummer because cheese is probably my favorite thing! I am okay with hard and mild cheeses but I cannot get near any creamy cheeses, yogurt, cottage cheese, cream cheese, sour cream etc. or I will break out badly and it happens within a matter of a couple hours. I have not eliminated dairy completely but cutting the creamy cheeses and ultra pasteurized cheeses out definitely helps. I have also come to realize that my skin is mostly hormonal. I HAVE to be on birth control and I also HAVE to take Spirinolactane which helps to control hormonal acne a little more. I started the oil cleansing method back in November (almost 6 months) and I LOVE it! I have come as close as I can to finding my “cure” and the oil cleansing has made probably the biggest difference out of all things! I encourage everyone to try it out… our skin craves moisture and there is nothing bad that can come from it. I have gotten many people in my life started on it – bad acne sufferers, young acne sufferers, and older women with mature skin and it has truly made a difference in everyone’s skin. It may not completely clear you up… I still break out a little around my period or if I indulge in some good stinky cheese :-) but I will absolutely not ever change my oil routine! Also, I have tried almost all oils and my favorite is Argan – it seems to penetrate much better than the others and it feels like silk on your face! Good luck to you all and thank you Healthy Diaries for introducing this to me!!!!!

  • Guest

    what do you mean by cold pressed?…and how will make that?..

  • Eimanne Singson

    i did not find cold pressed castor oil…

  • Cindy

    Thank you for posting this. I read it in December 2012 and have been doing it since. My skin has never looked or felt better than it does today! I have had cystic acne for over 10 years and tried BC and Rx’s. nothing worked.I finally have relief and an proud of my new beautiful skin. I also finish off with coconut oil in the a.m. and p.m. Again… Thank you :)

  • Kalinda

    Please please please GIVE THIS A TRY! I am 25 years old…been dealing with hormonal/cystic acne for the past 5 years and nothing has seemed to help until I tried this. I’ve been doing it for three weeks so far and it has already improved my skin so much. It’s clearing up my scars, evening my skintone, minimizing pores, moisturizing my skin ever so perfectly and most of all…I have not been getting neeeear as many pimples as I usually do. Most of mine form on my jawline and chin area and they were always so damn hard to get rid of. You can’t pop them (which I know you’re not supposed to), they stick around for a couple of weeks and scar. I felt so completely hopeless until I started doing this. I feel like I can be beautiful and have a social life again! :D

    Here is the link I followed to learn more about the oil cleansing method:

    I have acne prone combination skin so my mixture is 2 tbsp. jojoba oil per 1 tbsp. castor oil. Then I add a few drops of vitamin E oil and a couple drops of tea tree oil.

    You can find what oil combinations are best for your skin type at the link above. Pick up castor oil at your local grocery store in the laxative section and I got all the rest of mine at Trader Joes for super cheap. If you don’t have a Trader Joes then try the local grocery store or health foods store (they just may be a little more expensive).

    I hope you have the same results if not better! Good luck! And remember that we’re all beautiful (despite the bs we have to go through to look it ;)

  • Whitney

    You said you wear makeup, so do I and I usually wash my face both at night and in the morning. Do you use this oil method to remove your makeup or do you wash it off first? I am 28 and my acne has gotten worse due to fertility drugs and hormones, I am ready to try anything to get back to clear skin!

  • Dupree

    I’m a glad for your acne breakthrough. I too have suffered from acne since high school, and I am almost 40. It wasn’t until I was in my 30′s that I became aware of how diet affected my skin. Within the last 2-3 years, I have changed my lifestyle an became aware of what ingredients are in products. I no longer buy typical facial products from the store and do not use medications to treat it. I use natural products now. I wash my face with raw African black soap; and make my own toner, masks and moisturizers from products in my pantry. I will try the oil washing method. What I have noticed that really works is – I use grape seed oil as my moisturizer mixed with aloe gel/or juice. And, I use a 50/50 mixture of raw apple cider vinegar (restores Ph balance to the skin) and green tea that I brewed as my toner; I add some drops of essential oils. My complexion is evening out and I do not use as much make up on a daily basis. My acne is 99% better, I still get it occasionally due to stress, lack of sleep, and hormonal. Thanks for sharing your story!

  • Jessie

    May i ask what brand of extra virgin olive oil you are using? I bought a bottle of organic extra virgin olive oil and when i looked it up, i found out its not 100% EVOO. Is this still okay to use or is there a better brand to buy? Please help! I really want to start OCM on my face but im feelinh lost!

  • Brittany

    I’m totally trying this

  • Beauty detox solution

    Read this:

    Kimberly snyder’s, “beauty detox solution”.

  • Danielle

    FISH OIL!!!! Has the same effect. Take 1000 mg orally a day… cannot explain what it has done to my skin!

  • Nichole

    I just started this two days ago! I hope this works- I have tried everything. Do you wear concealer or foundation now? If so what do you wear?i haven’t gone a day without makeup in like ten years.

  • Alli

    Hey I definitely want to try, but I would like to use my Olay facial moisturizer…do you think it will affect the results? I’m going to try and see…if you have heard of anyone using the oil to wash and an OTC moisturizer and it working, please let me kno! I will let you know how it goes!

  • naja

    I wash my face in the morning, then when I make my tea with lemon I cut off a quarter dribble a little honey and rub it all over my face and wait for it to dry about 15 minutes. I then wash it off wait for my face to dry and then apply my homemade toner of witch hazel, lemon and water. Then I apply my make up. My face has never looked so good. But I will be trying this oil method.

  • Megan Keteyian

    Thank you so much Maria! Great Blog! I have had cystic acne for quite some time now. My skin always had one or two cysts while I was growing, but now in adulthood it has been much worse. I just started cleansing with oil and within a week I noticed that everything is clearing up! My skin feels soft, the cysts are not building up and getting sore, and the redness from old blemishes is going away. I tried so many washes and was so close to going to a dermatologist because my aestheticism had no idea what to do. Thank you Thank you Thank you! I’m sharing you on my blog and posted about you on my Youtube channel and Pinterest, where I found you.

    Go girl, rock it out!

    xoxo Megan K

  • Jamie

    I’m 25 and have always had acne. It’s always been bad and I feel like I’ve tried all these home remedies and even medications. It would always come back and am feeling absolutely helpless. So far I am into the first week of trying this oil cleansing method. I do like the way my skin feels..less oily and soft. However, I feel like it’s making my skin worse. Has anyone experienced it getting worse with this method and then clearing up after the toxins are out? Any help and comments is so greatly appreciated as I’m feeling like there’s nothing else I can do.

    Thank you!


    Will cocnut oil work in place of the castor oil? I live I the middle of nowhere put I don’t have a way to got castor oil right now! But I really would like to start.
    Thank you for you advice. Libbi holland

  • J.T.

    I’ve had the same acne issues, and recently started cleaning my face with coconut oil. I absolutely love it! I do still randomly get blemishes, but I’ve noticed it’s only every once in a while when I wear makeup. I have very very sensitive skin and haven’t found a powder or foundation that doesn’t break me out, so I try not to wear makeup too often. The coconut oil clears up my blemishes quickly. I’ve battled with acne for 17 years now and this is the first thing I’ve found that actually works for me! Once a week I make a paste with equal parts baking soda and lemon juice to exfoliate my skin and it helps clears those scars and dark spots I’ve had for years. A great tip my mom recently mentioned to me was, “Don’t put anything on your face you can’t eat.” If only she would’ve told me that 17 years ago! :)

  • Amber

    So i have a dumb question.. do you use evoo you have in your kitchen or do you have to get specific??

  • jaime

    Should I wash my face with regular face wash before doing this? I feel like i need to cleanse my face first. Also should this be done once daily or twice?

  • Kayla

    I’m 29 years old and am really over dealing with these random breakouts I get-usually cystic. I have been using Proactive for a couple of years, which is great and does work, but if I go to sleep ONE night without washing my face I end up breaking out so much just days later. You have to use Proactive twice a day every day to keep it under control. I do at least. It’s too much to keep up with. I would love to go camping without having to worry about waking up with a break out.

    Therefore, I’m going to try this. Does anyone have any advice on a specific brand for the castor oil and olive oil that’s working well?


    Hey! I’ve been using this method since October and I LOVE it! Great results! I can’t believe I spent years and hundreds of dollars on harsh OTC face washes and creams. So thankful I found your blog. Thanks so much for sharing your story. My skin hasn’t been dry at all because of the oil so I’ve had no reason to use lotion. However, now that summer is upon us I need a face lotion with SPF to keep me from burning. Any suggestions for a type that won’t make my face oily and clog my pores?

  • Sarah M

    I just turned 30 and my acne is the same (or possibly worse!) than it was in my teens. What I’ve noticed the most over the last few years is that my skin has become very dry and flaky in addition to the oil. This has become especially true in the last two years, since having my daughter. Most of my acne is hormonal, but it has become increasingly cystic. I visited a dermatologist who prescribed acne wash and a combination cream and I’ve used proactiv. Both worked but left my skin dry and as soon as I stopped the acne came back. I’ve been doing the OCM for a few weeks and for the first time my skin feels healthy. Not the ‘squeaky clean’ of myth but truly soft and comfortable. It seems silly but I’m finally forgetting about my face, which used to be in a constant state of irritation (which lead to me touching, scratching and picking at my skin, a big “NO NO”) I use three parts castor oil to one part virgin coconut oil and a drop of tea tree oil. If you’re “iffy” about trying this I understand, but it’s much more natural to have some oil on your face than to constantly strip all of our skins protection away, leaving it open to all kinds of abuse.

  • Mandi

    Seriously, the best thing I have tried on my skin in 20 years!!! Who would have thought that this simple combination of natural ingredients would work far better than any dermatologist prescription or “acne fighting” chemicals!! Amazing. My skin started healing the day after I used it. I have been doing the OCM for about 6 weeks with no new breakouts, and pre-existing breakouts and scarring are being healed. THANK YOU for sharing this with us! I have told everyone I know about it!

  • Outre Fulsome

    Anyone who cannot get rid of acne through this method or through the doctor’s methods owes it to themselves to try going off of 1) grain and 2) processed foods.

    I put grain first because it seems to be the number one cause of strange ailments that don’t resolve with topical solutions. Going off of grain for at least 2 weeks while changing NOTHING else will give you a clue of they are your trouble. Add them back in one at a time to find the culprit. Some people are fine with rice and oats, others can tolerate wheat and not rye. It’s not a long time and it can help you pinpoint trouble. If you have a food intolerances you might find other things improving as well, like sleep.

    I did this an my “adult acne” at 52 aka large nickel sizes boils, disappeared and haven’t come back. Now, two years later I can moderately eat grain every now and then for a special treat.

    Note to those unwilling to give up anything – leave other people alone and don’t spread the falsehood that food cannot contribute to rashes and acne. Not all “acne” is hormonal and may actually mask other conditions. Just let people find their own way – it doesn’t hurt you in the least to be silent and let others be.

  • HairNMakeupSam

    I have this same exact problem so I will definitely buy some castor oil to try this out.!! I don’t know if you could do something with this or not but sometimes when I want to exfoliate my lips I use some sugar and olive oil and its amazing afterwards. And it tastes good ;) hope it might inspire a homemade exfoliant.

  • Abbie

    I’ve been try the “banana peel” facials for a few days, and I see a little change for the better. I definitely will be trying this facial soon!!

  • Stacy

    Ok it’s my first time trying this! I ll keep you posted!

  • Lucy

    Hi I just read this and it’s awesome! I really want my skin to clear up and have been using products from the dermatologist and the cetaphil cleanser. If I try this, should I keep using the products from the dermatologist? Thanks!

  • D

    yikes, I have the same exact story as the blogger…but the bad part is that I did the OCM for a month and my skin was literally perfect. and then….BAM! worst acne of my life. every single inch of my face was covered in pimples. Never ever EVER doing the OCM again. It will make you think that it’s working and all of sudden your skin will go CRAZY and you will regret it. It took 6 months to get my skin back to normal. ANd it was 6 months before my wedding. GOOD LUCK!

  • twbud

    FYI; castor oil is a natural anti-fungal so it is probably doing more than simply cleansing.

  • Sarah

    Thankfully I’ve never had very bad skin problems but I recently started using coconut oil for my hair and face and castor oil to grow out my hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. A few days ago I fell asleep with castor oil on my eyebrows and it had gotten all over my forehead too. When I woke up I swear my skin looked better! Now I’m using castor oil and coconut oil together for my hair and skin! It really seems to be helping!! :)

    • Sarah

      Forgot to mention I also do the dry brushing method with a natural bristle brush for the skin on my body and have a separate natural haired brush for my face. This has helped me with stretch marks and scars!

  • Amy

    I am just going to start trying out the oil cleansing. so I have acne prone skin and scarring but my skin is not at all oily so what ratio do u recommend? the 1:1 or the 3:1?? Thanks

  • Katie

    Question: do you remove your makeup first with a different cleanser, or does the oil solution clean that off fully?

  • Savannah

    I don’t have castor oil at the moment. Im currently doing a coconut milk hair mask and about to try, for the first time, an avocado, honey, oatmeal, and lemon juice facial. iv heard all these are good for your skin so I figured heck why not combine them all. I struggled with acne in highschool, especially once I started using makeup, but over the years it has gotten better. I rarely see them now. I have definitely noticed over the years however that my skin is getting increasingly drier. Im only 20 and don’t really struggled with acne any more. When I do have pimples its usually around my period they are small and gone within a day or two. But regardless of size or “seriousness” of any pimple iv had since puberty, due to my dry skin I ALWAYS get red marks. My skin is so light that every single red mark shows. So im constantly wearing makeup and trying to get a tan to cover up as many red marks and scars as possible. I have a lot on my back and some on my face.
    Im just wondering if just using the extra virgin olive oil would be enough?
    Also if I were to make a home made body wash using the extra virgin olive oil, and the castor oil when I get around to going to the store, would it get rid of my bacne scars???
    Does anybody have suggestions of things that they have personally tried that moisturize your skin, not just your face, without causing you to break out?
    I eat fruits and vegetables and eggs and tons of water pretty much all day every day and maybe throw in some oats or nuts once a week. On the weekends il have things like chicken and seafood and redmeat. I could never go full vegan. this girl like her steaks and hamburgers and grilled chicken wayyyyy too much. Still I try to eat as healthy as possible but any additional tips would be really really really appreciated.
    Thank you ladies!

  • Amanda

    I’ve had hormonal acne for the past 10 years. I take spironolactone and estrogen birth control to regulate my hormone levels, as well as use a Clean and Clear sensitive skin daily foaming wash (once daily). Also, try only showering every other day. At first your hair and skin will be very oily. You will have to make it past this stage of oily skin/hair, which could take 2-3 weeks of washing every other day. Your skin only produces oil when it feels it is being deprived of it, and by showering/washing every day you strip your skin. To deal with the initial oily skin, use baby powder in your hair and a mineral, matte powder from Bare Essentials on your face. After about 2-3 weeks your oils will self-regulate and your skin and hair will become a lot healthier and you may even be able to use less of your oil mixture that you talked about in this blog. For the first time in years, my skin is clear! Consistently clear! I get maybeee one tiny breakout every other week :) Give it a try if nothing else works for you!

  • Megan

    I am in my 20′s and have always had very oily skin and I mean oily ughh and always stuggled with blemishes/cysts! I have tried all types of products, treatments, pretty much everything to no avail or they worked for a while and stop. I happened across this pin did some more research and have recently started tring the oil cleansing method. I could not be happier and after researching it more it makes total sense- can’t believe I bought into the other marketing skeems that have actually distorted the real facts-off soap box-! I have only been on it a couple of days and it has already done more for me than all other previous products combined! Thank you sooo much! I do have a question, along with extreme oil skin I also have really oily hair (when I was younger I would wake up and by the time I got home my hair literally looked like I hadn’t washed it in a week!) I tried all kinds of products (Pantene- though people say isn’t healthy for hair- was the only thing that helped that and taking a shower every morning-which again people say isn’t healthy for your hair, but I have no other choice, believe me I have tried-)and eventually just started coloring repeatedly, perming, etc. which worked by drying out my hair, which ultimately after prolonged mistreatment left my hair unhealthy, but helped control the oil problem-trade for a trade-. SO my question-sorry- does anyone know if any natural treatments for oily hair/can you use an oil cleansing method on oily hair???

    • megan

      Sorry for essay plus I meant hormonal acne not cystic wow sorry don’t know what i was thinking.

  • Mayra

    I am 16 years old and usually have acne around my nose, chin and forehead. When I read this article, I thought there was no way it would work but I gave it a shot and was completely shocked. Within two days, my acne was mostly gone, you could barely tell I had any. Also, I stopped using this treatment for two days, just to see if it really was the oil, and was surprised to see my face covered in pimples again. So, I have started using the treatment again and don’t plan on stopping again. However, I only used extra virgin olive oil simply because that was what was in the kitchen and it appears to work with my skin. I hope it will work with others as well! Thank you for such a great tip!

  • Tanya

    Take the guessing out of which oil to use and simply buy it from DHC. It’s amazing skincare, no matter what your issue. Cleansing and removing make up with oil is the best way!!

  • Vegas girl

    I’m addicted to a brand called Earth tu Face all natural organic oils! awesome I mostly break out during that time of month but with this product I notice it much less.

  • Taylor

    Do you still use your dermatologist creams? I’m looking to stop using mine and hoping this is a natural way that will work for me. Sick of all those chemicals!

  • the ice queen

    I have been washing with a mixture of evoo, baking soda for exfoliating, cinnamon to help exfoliate and circulation, sometimes honey because it has antibacterial effects. It’s awesome. My face is never shiny or feeling tight or dry. I do 3tbsp of baking soda, 1 1/2 of evoo, 1tbsp of honey and half a tsp of cinnamon. :)

  • kaycee

    Oil method is fantastic! Coconut oil is wonderful to use but you have to be careful because some are harvested hydrogenated which can clog pores. But it is fantastic to use on the body because the body has much tougher skin. The castor oil and olive oil is a much better choice for the face.

    I suffer with acne as well. Had it since grade school probably. It is not cystic, but superficial and always worse during my cycle of course. Id say Im on the worse end of “average/normal” amounts of acne, but trust me, I have been affected just the same as someone with deep cystic acne. Scars, emotional and physical, and just freaking annoying!ugh!

    I am gluten intolerant (found out 2 years ago) and that has helped immensely lessening the acne. Diet does help.. not a ton, but it definitely does a little bit at least. Here are some things I have learned in battling with the acne monster that have SIGNIFICANTLY improved my skin:

    Drink a lot of water with honey and lemon! Honey is a natural antibacterial. You can even make a honey mask (best if it is raw). Lemon just tastes good and its good for your system. But its great to use as a toner to sluff dead skin off.

    Drink green tea. Loads of benefits of green tea- I wont list all. If you hate tea, find it in pill form at a drugstore. You can also find apple cider vinegar in pill form and acv should be banned its so amazing. It has magical healing powers, I swear.

    Vitamins! Multi-vitamin, pre-natal! Don’t care what it is as long as it fills you with good nutrients. Take them.

    Turmeric/and lemon face mask- best thing I’ve ever witnessed come in contact with my skin. Hidden trick Indian women use. Leave it on for at least 20 min and when rinsing it off, your face will be stained piss yellow but just gently rub with a gentle face wash such as Neutrogena-utlra sensitive face wash and will be gone. Careful though because it stains clothes, countertops so be sure to wash the area carefully, and wear pjs or something if you’re a messy applier lol.

    Facewash: something extremely ultra sensitive!! Do not use harsh chemicals on your face. I swear it only makes things worse in my opinion. but try to use it only in the morning (try oil mask at night), and after the turmeric mask. That is it!

    Scars- aloe vera, Vit E, egg whites, lemon, honey, and TIME. The red-enflamed marks will go away I promise. The deep cystic ones takes time, and sometimes will not go away (talk to dermatologist about options) But all these things help. Oil especially will help rebuild those skin cells.

    Diet- obviously allergies- take a test, or conduct your own. Big triggers are gluten, lactose, and fructose. I have an Iranian mother in- law and I swear she knows everything about everything. She grew up with the best knowledge of herbs and food. Limit your intake of melons, grapes, and nuts. They are known as “warm” foods. Foods such as cucumbers, and watermelon are “cold” foods. Whatever that means.. all I know is it works.

    Obviously, don’t eat crap! You are what you eat! Be good to your body and most of the time, it will be good to you.

    Exercise- You need to keep your body well oxygenated. cancers and gross bacteria do not dwell in well-oxygenated environments. DO cardio! Aerobic exercise is a must! But make sure to wash the sweat off your face after ; ) and lots of water!

    Gross tricks- Ok, so I saved this for last because its a last resort, buuuut no judgement if you use it as a first resort. Semen. make a mask on your skin with it. It has great hormones for your skin if you can stand the smell haha. It also keeps you looking younger..its an old trick, but it works. Ask husband/boyfriend/partner/whatever to eat no-spice or something fruity like pineapple and it will be a much more enjoyable experience.

    Also, baby boy pee under 6 months is great for acne-prone skin. His hormones are similar to yours (if he is your own) but If he is not your own..please just don’t even bother with this one haha. Im sure it still works, but I am not suggesting you call up your friend to borrow her sons pee. But, to each his own.

    Good luck!

  • Amanda

    Just a little background info on me…I am a 31 year old female. I’ve struggled with acne my ENTIRE life. I was on Accutane in my teenage years…have been on numerous oral antibiotics…tried every cleansing treatment possible…and nothing has really seemed to help. I get cystic acne as well as white heads…lucky me! It hasn’t been as bad the older I get compared to when I was younger…but still, at 31 years old, it sucks breaking out all the time. After looking through Pinterest one day, I stumbled upon this post. I thought, what the hey? I’ll try it. I’ve been using the cold pressed castor oil (3 parts) and jojoba oil (1 part) for about 6 days now. Let me tell you….my skin is on it’s way to recovery! My hyperpigmentation and acne scars are already lightening up…dramatically. My boyfriend even commented on my face yesterday (we were at home and I had no makeup on) and said that my face is looking so much better. My makeup goes on smoother, my skin isn’t as oily, and I haven’t gotten any cystic acne. I still get a couple white heads but they are small and heal within a day. It’s nuts! My skin tone is amazing and I don’t have any blackheads on my nose either. I know it’s still early but just thought I’d give my experience as I know I struggled with the fact of putting OIL on my face as I’m sure many of you are. LOL. I’ll post again in a month or so and give another update…but so far, so good! Plus, it’s very inexpensive (castor oil was about $6 at Mother’s Market and the Jojoba Oil was around the same price at Trader Joe’s – I live in CA) and this stuff will last for a long time! I bought a little squeeze bottle with a top at Mother’s to put my mixture in so I’m not dipping my hands in a tub of oil and potentially dipping bacteria in it. It was like $1. Pretty awesome considering all the money I’ve spent on acne products throughout my life. For me, I can completely see a significant change in my face for the better. I can only imagine what it’ll look like a month from now.

  • Michele Clarke

    I am trying the raw honey wash method. Love it!

  • Liz

    I suffer from hormonal acne and always have at least one cystic pimple, usually on my chin. I tried this method and within a day I had 13…. read that… 13 cystic pimples on my chin. At first it seemed great. When rubbing on the oil you could actually feel blackheads popping out, but it just murdered my chin. I have never in my life had so many pimples and cysts at one time. I WILL NEVER DO THIS AGAIN! It took weeks for my skin to go back to “normal” and many scars afterwards

  • Coconut Oil really works!

    I’m glad to see that others are blogging and spreading the miracle of using oils to combat oily/acne prone skin! It is through researching on the internet that I came across various blogs and managed to get rid of my acne after 15 years of the worst hormonal acne. I’m almost 30 and I get compliments on my skin and have been told I look about ten years younger than I actually am. I have a routine similar to the one on this page, only I use coconut oil. I figured out that hormonal acne must be worked on from the inside as well as the way we treat our skin externally. My routine is drinking hot water with real lemon, I take a prenatal vitamin daily along with a one CoQ10. I take 2 iron supplements daily – if you are having acne, it may be worth it to have your iron levels checked, I found out I had an iron deficiency after 15 years of feeling tired with no explanation. I believe the supplements have helped now that I’m getting more oxygen in my system. I take a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar (the one with “the mother” in it) every couple of days, and have made a spray with one part acv to 3 parts water, I only spray it on my face if I get the odd pimple, it clears them up overnight, speeds the healing. I’ve read it is also great for slowly diminishing appearance of scars. At night, I wash my makeup off with the NOW Foods brand gel cleanser, it is the honey/orange one. After, I apply coconut oil with a drop of vitamin E and a couple drops of Sweet Almond Oil and rub it in really well. In the morning, I don’t wash my wash. Under my makeup, which is just a mineral powder, I add a tiny bit of coconut oil. I haven’t had to use foundation after 6 months of this routine. I never use anything on my face that isn’t food grade these days, other than the hone/orange cleanser. However, it’s super easy to make your honey face washes as well. I have tried a few and they are great, however, sometimes I’m too busy and it’s so convenient to just buy the bottle from the Health Food store sometimes!! Main thing, don’t use anything expensive from the drug store, they are all the same and will harm your skin! Most oils are great, I wish I had figured this out years ago :)

  • Alpha

    I mix coconut oil with baking soda and massage it on my face, after about five minutes (you could go up to fifteen but I only do that once a week) I rinse off with cold water. I do this every night and it works wonders!

  • Ariadne

    I ve been doing this for the last 15 days now… I m afraid that it s not working for me.. I have acne and scars and i feel so depressed… I have tried more or less everything! I wished that this was my cure… I will continue though for at least two months.. Is there anyone else that had the same issue?? How long did it take you people for your skin to come back?!

  • Michelle

    I tried a mask of plain white sugar dissolved in warm water – apply all over then rinse. I could swear my face sighed with relief! It was amazing – my newest attempt is a facial scrub 2 tsp coffee grounds to 1 tsp baking soda – add a touch of water to create more of a paste – it seems to have made a really big impact on my skin in a positive way, but did tend to leave it a tad dry, so I follow it with a fragrance free moisturizer for sensitive skin! It sounds strange, but it’s pretty awesome! Thanks for your blog!

  • Gabby

    I’m currently taking Accutane which has dried all the oil out of my face, but I’m still getting some cystic acne flare ups. I’ve only been taking it a month, so I don’t want to stop just yet because I feel like it just takes some time for it to clear everything. So with that said, could I still try OCM? Most of you have oily skin which is acne prone, and I’m acne prone as well, except my skin is dry. I haven’t seen anyone on these comments mention they have dry skin, so any help???

  • Chloe

    I am so excited to try this! I just bought some pure jojoba oil from Trader Joe’s. Do you think that could work in place of the other two oils? And where/ what does castor oil come from?

    And I just want to say thank you so much for being willing to put your experience with acne on the internet. That takes real courage and it’s so good to see that I’m not alone in this struggle. I have had really painfully, sometimes debilitating acne for the past 4 years and have felt like I’ve tried everything. This oil cleansing method makes so much sense. Most acne treatments seem like they punish you. Even the way acne makes you feel about yourself- it can be so critical and harsh. This oil cleansing seems like a way to nourish your skin and give to it instead of strip it and take away from it. This just confirms what I’ve learned dealing with my skin problem- out bodies are worth us taking care of them! We need to be nice to ourselves.

    Again, thank you so much for this. You’re a doll :)

  • Gwendits

    Hello…just wanted to tell you that your on the right track and that your skin will only improve the longer you use the EVOO…I have been using it for over a year to treat my eczema. I use it as my lotion, bath oil and facial moisturizer. I always had oily skin and can’t use anything with fragance…the greener the oil (which will cost more ) the better the results. I am 61 yrs old and most of the time people think I’m in my mid 40′s. when I wake up in the morning before I splash water on my face I look so dewy its unbelievable!!! I am a light skinned black American and it has evened my skintone miraculously…I lived in Florida for 10 yrs and developed melisma on my face. When you use it as a lotion in the summer you will tan alot… A friend at work is trying it on her psoriasis with improvement in the softness of her skin. She stopped because she started itching but she was using a cheaper oil. If your going to try it to treat skin problems buy a more pure oil. Cheaper brands mix other oils in. Enjoy your new skin and use it forever…it really is a fountain of youth for your face.

  • Chelsea

    I have dealt with acne for awhile and although I haven’t tried this method I have something else that works as well! First off it is proven that when people wash their face their chin gets the water that is drained from the top of the face (with the dirt and oil) and that most people don’t rinse their chin the best because the soap is already off from the water that drained down which causes acne. This was where most of mine was and I made a point of really rinsing my chin and I noticed a difference! Also, Listerine! I know it sounds weird but using the ORIGINAL Listerine really helps. Just dab it on after washing your face. It tingles sometimes but Listerine kills bacteria and acne is mostly just bacteria in the pores.
    Hope this helps!

  • bbm

    Hi. Im 24 years old and I had horrible skin a month ago. I watched a youtube video of a girl using a vitamin e tablet. Basically what she did was she poked a whole and squeezed out the vitamin E oil and rubbed it on her face overnight. I did this for two weeks and all the redness and pimples disappeared! However, the scars still remain. Do you know how to minimize scars?

  • Jeannette Kite

    My son is starting this regimen today!! So excited to see results:) Should he put on any moisturizer?

  • Courtney

    I’m not surprised this post has been a huge hit! So many people struggle with acne, including myself. I tried a similar method except with Lush’s Ultrabland, which is an oil based cleanser that you rub into your skin and remove with toner. I’m always absolutely SHOCKED at how much dirt it pulls out of my skin day after day. Even if I rinse it first or shower, there’s still dirt that comes off.

  • Farnaz Anees

    thank you for the post, i hav started but i am confused about one thing. Can we apply our regulat night cream after OCM?

  • chely

    can you put pictures of the oils you use?

  • Allison

    Would it work for a 13 year old with a similar problem?

  • Mchrdh

    I am 40 now, but had horrible acne all the way up to age 35. It wasn’t until I took dairy, sugar and gluten out of my diet that my skin is FLAWLESS!! I NEVER have EVER gotten one pimple since. Good luck! You are BEAUTIFUL!

  • Kasey

    I switched to a Sensitive Skin Dove soap bar (no dye, no fragrance), after finding that fragrances caused acne/allergic reactions on my skin. As well, the “harsh” ingredients in other manufactured face washes like salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide were drying my skin out, causing it to be more oily and breaking out much more.
    As we have all seen in the commercials, dove soap is 1/4 moisturizing cream, and is SUPER gentle. Within just a few days of washing, my redness was calmed and my breakout stopped. It changed my life, in combination with birth control (has serious acne control powers!).
    I also use Freeman Beauty masks that help to brighten the skin or dry up excess oils. My favorites are the Pineapple Enzyme and Chocolate Strawberry Clay.
    I don’t recommend CeraVe to ANYONE, however, because it started a horrible breakout along my hairline and chin, with bumps VERY similar to cystic acne. It is also, not to mention, $13!

    I have a youtube beauty channel with reviews and favorites videos, too:

    check it out if you want.

    I really want to try oil cleansing….so I just might!

  • Erica Thibodeaux

    I had horrible, painful cystic acne for years, more than a decade. (Today I have beautiful skin, I use the oil cleaning method, my skin did not get clear because of the oil cleaning method but I’ll tell you how it did). I tried accutane, as others have mentioned, but my acne came back. I put tons of harsh chemical washes on my face and took antibiotics and nothing worked. I was practically suicidal over it. I hated waking up to a new painful, giant pimple beneath my skin. At 25, I read Dr. Perricone’s book The Acne Prescription. I followed his advice. I didn’t buy all of the stuff he says to put on your skin, I basically just ate an anti-inflammatory diet. My skin cleared up almost immediately. Definitely within a month. It has been 8 years and I have not ever battled with skin problems since. I have beautiful, clear skin and most days don’t even wear makeup. (Before, I’d never let anyone see me without makeup, not even long term romantic partners). I did have to make drastic changes to the way that I ate, but it was absolutely worth it and I would make those changes any day for the beautiful complexion that I have now. This might sound cheesy, but I also started loving myself. I started looking in the mirror at my red skin and saying, I Love You. Give it a shot, you have nothing to lose. I attached one of my engagement photos, its all I have that really shows my skin.

    Get the book!!! Or just google anti-inflammatory diet. It really works.

    I wrote about it here:

  • Elizabeth E.

    to exfoliate my skin i usually just use baking soda! makes your skin super soft.

  • Mallory

    I’ve never had terrible skin- just small break outs before mother nature pays her visit- but since starting this six months ago I have had significantly less breakouts. In addition to less break outs, I haven’t been getting those large & painful suckers that stick around for a week or two… just the small ones that stick around for a few days. My skin is normally very oily, so I made the 3:1 ratio of Caster Oil to EVOO, and since starting I’ve noticed my skin is producing less oil :) Unfortunately I didn’t take before/after pics- I honestly didn’t think I would see such a difference.

  • Alisa

    I have tried your recipe and it has helped my cystic acne and redness a lot. My skin started to heal within about 3 days. I also follow up with a chamomile tea toner and then use aloe to further moisturize and reduce redness. My skin looks perfect after about two weeks on this regime. I would encourage everyone to try this. What do you have to loose…it is cheaper and a healthier way to cleanse w/o all the meds and chemicals. Thank you for posting this :)

  • Bridget

    The pictures of your acne is almost identical to mine… 15 years, thousands of dollars on OTC products, accutane twice and other dermatologist crap that never worked… I really got nothing to lose totally trying this.

  • Thara

    I’m 15 years old and i’ve been strugling with acne for almost 5 years now.

    some times my skin is oily but sometimes its very dry instead.

    I’ve been using all kinds off masks and things my doctor describes.

    None of it helped.

    i’m often on pinterest and i see this oil method quet a lot.

    I’m going to start this method tonight!

    tomorrow morning i will tell you if my skin has improved already!

    ps: when you’r having a big (yelllow) pimple on your face then 2 asperins crunsht with some water will help! (for me (: )

    pps: i’m sorry for my bad english, i’m dutch you know.

  • Candice

    I don’t have a dermatologist for my acne, but I have been battling acne (even more so now than when I was in my teens.. I am 27). In my first year of university for nutrition I started looking into remedies and I myself had a hard time believing that oil could help. But knowing the properties of Coconut oil I started using that. I also created a scrub with brown sugar for the rest of my body in the shower and occasionally to use on my dry lips. My acne has reduced within the last two weeks by about 50% and I am thrilled. So it was extremely cool to come across this article (while I wasn’t even looking for it).

  • Virginia

    I’ve been using this OCM for about 2 weeks now and I love it! I’ve already been seeing the same results you mentioned in your follow-up. My skin isn’t oily at all anymore (which is a huge deal for me–I’ve always been one of those people whose face is shining like an oil slick by 5pm), my old acne scars are already starting to diminish, and my skin tone is evening out (this has been a problem for me since I started into my 30s). When I do get the occasional blemish it is small, superficial, and clears up very quickly. I started off using a mixture of 3:1 castor oil:olive oil, but the castor oil was a bit drying, so I have since switched to a 1:1 mixture and it’s been perfect. It’s nice to know that you can adjust the ratio based on your skin needs (and the season–my skin is always very dry during winter). I only need a couple of dabs of concealer now for the more stubborn old scars and don’t even need to use a moisturizer anymore (which is going to save me big bucks!). Just for a reference point for other readers, I’m 34 years old, so I have “aging” skin which is starting to show fine lines, but I also have adult acne. It’s not severe, but it’s bad enough that I’ve spent quite a lot of money on a specific expensive brand with a line geared towards aging, blemish-prone skin. The OCM has already given me far better results than any of the expensive products I’ve used over the years. I really can’t say enough good things about it.

  • karla c.

    Excuse me how do you know how much of both do you need to make the mix if you have oily skin? I didn’t quite understand the 3:1 ratio thing:
    For those with acne-prone or oily skin use a 3:1 ratio of Castor Oil (cold pressed)and EVOO. (This is what I’ve been using)

    What does it mean? And also… how do I know it’s “cold pressed”?

  • Shelby

    Do you have to use castor oil? I only have EVOO and can’t find castor oil anywhere unless I have to order it!

  • Molly

    Your after picture is total crap. You are clearly using a filter on your picture which increases the brightness and overall is making your skin look clearer. I’m not say this means your method of using oil doesn’t work, I’m just pointing out that if you want people to believe that it does pick a better after picture. Preferably one WITHOUT a filter..

  • ea

    I can’t use castor oil, but I found emu oil to be an effective replacement for it.

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