Lisa’s Pregnancy–26 Weeks

26 weeks

Guess who’s back?

Me! I’ll be posting my pregnancy updates every 2 weeks from now on. Can you believe this is my last update for my second trimester?? I can’t believe that I will soon be starting my 3rd trimester. Do you know what comes after the 3rd trimester?? Yah, a baby!!

Let’s see what baby Roberto is up to this week!


His eyes are forming, and his eyes will soon start to open.

And his eyelashes are now grown, too.

He’s getting his immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up your antibodies.

He’s taking breaths, too. They’re of amniotic fluid, not air, but it’s still good practice.



What’s New?

Total weight gain: I’m still at 9.5 pounds. I lost 2 pounds when I came down with a bad cold all last week, but I’ve gained them back pretty quickly which I’m happy about!

Labor Classes: Rinaldo & I went to our first Bradley Method class on Thursday and we really enjoyed it. Our instructor is very easy going and funny and it’s just us and 2 other couples!

Weeks till my baby shower: Less than 3!!

Belly Button: I still have an innie and am wondering if it will ever completely pop out. I’ve always had a really deep innie to begin with.

Movement: I’m feeling so much now! It seems like the kicks get stronger and stronger with each passing day. When Rinaldo put’s his hand on my belly and feels the baby kick, he asks me if I was doing something or if that’s really the baby kicking! It’s hard for him to realize just how big he’s getting!


How I’m Feeling

Feeling good! That cold really knocked me off my feet last week. I read that it takes your body much longer to recover from a virus when you’re pregnant because your immune system is so low and I truly believe it. My symptoms were getting better, but my body just felt so tired and weak for so long.

I definitely felt back to normal by this past weekend and feel like I’m off to a great start this week with all my strength back.

I started drinking some tea that is supposed to be very beneficial to pregnancy.


The mixture I made was as follows.

  • Red Raspberry Leaf (4 parts)
  • Nettle Leaf (1 part)
  • Alfalfa Leaf (1 part)
  • Peppermint (1 part or less)

I purchased a lb of each herb on Amazon and each week I will make a batch to last me throughout the week.

I’m only drinking 1 cup a day now, but as I get closer to my due date, I will slowly increase it so that I’ll be drinking a quart of tea during my last 6 weeks of pregnancy.

Here are the benefits of these herbs.

Red Raspberry Leaf: it is an all-around excellent herb to use for pregnancy. It is a uterine tonic, anti-abortive, and helps prevent infection. Aids in preventing cramps and anemia. Prevents excessive bleeding during and after labor and will facilitate the birth process by stimulating contractions.

Peppermint: after the first trimester, may be used to help digestion, soothe the stomach and overcome nausea. It is an all-over body strengthener and cleanser.

Alfalfa and Nettle leafs: will guard against excessive bleeding as they have vitamin K; will improve kidney function and help prevent hemorrhoids.

I came across all this information from Wellness Mama, and made sure to ok these herbs with my doctor. You should do the same if you’re interested in giving this tea a try during pregnancy.


And just because I don’t feel like the pictures above do my belly justice, here’s a picture from the end of last night before I got ready for bed!

26 I hope you’re all off to a great week and stay tuned for a great guest post tomorrow! A good friend of ours will be talking about her life experience with sugar and why she completely gave it up.

Only 6 more days of the Sugar Free Challenge left!!


How was your weekend?

Did you drink any sort of pregnancy teas?

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  • Shayla

    You look great!! I love following your journey here – so fun and exciting :) However I just have to ask about your pregnancy weight gain – that’s very low for 26 weeks and I just want to be sure your doctor is ok with that? 10 lbs. at 26 weeks is way below average and in the 2nd tri you should be eating 350 extra calories a day so just want to be sure you’re gaining sufficient weight for your baby :)

    • Anonymous

      Hi Shayla!
      Thanks for your concern. My doctor isn’t concerned with my low weight gain and the baby seems to be growing just fine. In fact, he’s measuring 4 days ahead of schedule! :-) I’m definitely eating the extra calories every day so no worries! My metabolism just went sky high once I got pregnant, so I’m not gaining weight as easily as some others do.
      Thanks for stopping by!

      • Shayla

        Good to know and thanks so much for answering!!! I can only hope my metabolism speeds up once I’m pregnant…lucky girl! Well, you look absolutely amazing and am very happy and excited for you :)

    • Anonymous

       Also, I’m not way below average for 26 weeks. I’m only 3 pounds under the recommended weight gain! :-)

  • Lisakthrives

    Hey Baby! Wow–a head of lettuce–that’s the real deal! You’ve got a person in there! 
    Great update–glad things are going so well. You look awesome! 

    • Anonymous

       Thanks Lisa! I know, it’s hard to believe just how big he’s getting each week!

  • Marisa

    You are looking so beautiful with that little baby bump!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks so much Marisa!! :-)

  • Stefanie @TheNewHealthy

    Ah, so cute! You’re all baby. :) 

  • Anna @ the Guiltless Life

    You look adorable! We just had my sister’s baby shower last weekend (she wanted it early – she’s only at about 29-30 weeks I think). So much fun and the baby stuff is so adorable!

    • Anonymous

      I’m having mine at 29 weeks too! It was actually the only weekend that worked out for my family, but I wouldn’t want to have it too late in pregnancy!

  • Alicia

    You look great! I drank red raspberry leaf tea towards the end of my pregnancy to help induce labor. :-)

  • Rach

    You look so great, girl! 

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