Lisa’s Pregnancy–21 Weeks

21 weeksIt’s hard to believe that another week has gone by and it’s already time for another update!

3\4 of a pound sounds so big to me, even though I know he still has a looooong way to go. They say that by now the baby is fully developed, and he pretty much just needs to hang out and grow!

After last week’s doctor appointment, it was confirmed that Roberto sure is growing. What a good boy he is! :-)


Let’s see what he’s up to!


As his digestive system preps for the outside world, he’s manufacturing meconium — the tarry black substance you’ll find in his first dirty diaper (ew)!

He’s big enough to where you should feel his movements more and more!




What’s New?

Total weight gain: No weight gain this week so I’m still at 6 pounds.

Exciting Moment:We had our 20 week anatomy scan last week. Everything looked great with baby Roberto, which was great news!

Cravings: CHEESECAKE! I had a major sweet tooth last week! I did pretty good at eating healthy treats throughout the week, but Saturday night I indulged and shared some cheesecake with Rinaldo. It was good!

Movement: I’m feeling Roberto move around more and more which is fun. Sometimes you can see the movement from outside my belly if you look close. Rinaldo got to feel him move once this weekend, which was exciting!


How I’m Feeling

Feeling good! It was a relief to hear that Roberto is growing well at our ultrasound appointment last week. In fact, he’s measuring 4 days ahead of schedule! Since my weight gain hasn’t been much and has been occurring slowly, that put my mind at ease and let me know that the he sure is  growing!

I’ve had great energy levels all week and continue to feel like myself. We got so much done around house last week, including some touches on the nursery.


Last time I talked about the nursery, I said that we weren’t going to paint the walls.

Well, we changed our minds and I’m SO glad that we did! The new teal\aqua color totally brightened up the room and made it feel so happy & cheery!


Here’s a sneak peak!


Our official color scheme is a light teal\aqua, orange & green! I love it!

Rinaldo hung up the window valances yesterday, and I think they look really cute. I didn’t get great pictures, but there are little lions on them!

I got them on ebay for $14 a piece! What a deal!

We ordered the furniture a few weeks ago, but we won’t get it until sometime in June. We ended up going with the medium cherry wood color instead of the white. We noticed that the white paint on the piece they had on display was already chipping, so we decided against it.


We put some shelves in his closet and started to fill it up with his little clothes!


Well I guess that’s it for this week’s update!

I have a busy week ahead of me. Rinaldo & I will be hosting Easter at our home again this year and I have lots to get done!


I hope you all had a great weekend!

What are your Easter plans?



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  • Lisakthrives

    Great update! I love the color scheme for Roberto’s room! You look great too—it’s pretty crazy how a little person can be growing inside you, and it must be so exciting for you and Rinaldo.
    Cheesecake sounds wonderful too, even to a non-preggo :-)

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Lisa! It really is crazy & amazing at the same time!

  • GetHealthyWithHeather

    I love all the windows in your nursery!! And the color looks fab!

    Isn’t it so much fun to feel him move around? I love every minute of it.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Heather! It’s the only bedroom with those windows! Roberto is definitely lucky to get that room. :)

  • Caithatescake

    I love the nursery already – what a great space!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Cait!

  • Jane

    I love the nursery!  The colors just make it pop!  Love the valances, what a deal!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Jane! I’m all about good deals!

  • Anna @ The Guiltless Life

    Getting closer…so exciting when you’re over the halfway point! If you’re anything like my sister, you’re going to start growing fairly fast fairly soon. I was just on vacation with her for 2 weeks – she isn’t in the same city as me so I don’t see her regularly usually – and she had a small bump like yours when we left (she was 22 or 23 weeks then, don’t quite remember) and over the 2-week vacation she grew so much it felt like! It was so weird haha. But exciting too, I could even feel some little kicks and movement when I put my hand on her belly. So cool!

    • Anonymous

      I totally believe that Anna! I’ve already noticed a big different in these last couple weeks, so I know there are big changes ahead of me!

  • Laury

    Awww you look so cute, Lisa!!!!!

    And the nursery! Agh so much fun setting it up, isn’t it??? I loved ordering things (even though we have a fraction of the space  you do)…but it was great!@ I love your hard wood floors!!!

  • Trainer Kjirsten

    I love the colors you guys picked out!!!

    You look amazing as always! :). I can’t believe you are already 21 weeks, time is flying by!

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