Princess House Party

Happy Monday Everyone!

I’m usually dragging along on Monday’s but since I only have a 3 day work week, it kind of feels like a Wednesday.

Lisa and I started our day off right with an early morning workout at 5 am. We did a total body workout and some interval running after. I had to stop early due to some… heartburn? I don’t know why I got it, but I swear I just have a a running curse. Every time my body feels great and I feel like I can run forever, something goes wrong. I either get a cramp, feel nauseas and now get heartburn. Can anyone explain this? I worked out on an empty stomach (like I always do), and stopped eating at 7pm last night.

Anyhow, Lisa and I had a great weekend. You probably are wondering what a Princess House Party is. I know it sounds like Lisa and I played princess dress up with our friends, but we assure you it was nothing of the sort. :-)

princess {source}

Princess House offer a line of high quality kitchen products. They sell great things like pots, pans, serveware, storage containers etc. I’m sure all of you have heard of purse or Tupperware parties. A Princess House Party is that exact same idea where a Princess House Consultant will come to your house and sell their products to you and your guests.

I invited several friends along with my sisters and sister-in-laws. This little munchkin came along too!

Alex is getting so big!


Our Princess House Consultant, Lorelei, did a great job at telling us about their products.  Something that really caught our attention were their non-stick pans. Princess House is one of two companies, that sells non-toxic non-stick pans. The difference with their pans is that the non-stick surface is baked into the pans, verses glued on. That means, the non-stick surface will not flake off into your food when it gets scratched. The FDA originally ordered all manufactures to pull their non-stick pans off the shelves and ban them in 2010, but it has since been extended to 2015. If they know these pans are bad for us and causing cancer, why do they even need until 2015?



Since the party was around dinner time, at 5:30, I knew everyone would be hungry so Lisa and I cooked up a feast for them.


We started off with some chips and guacamole. chips n guac


A cheese, cracker, and grape platter.  FYI, drizzle honey over ricotta & parmesan cheeses. It’s amazing!



Brazilian Cheese Rolls.

I had these once at a restaurant and was so excited to come across the recipe. They definitely were a hit.



Mixed salad greens, with pears, cranberries & slivered almonds, dressed in a maple balsamic dressing.



Roasted green beans with shallots and slivered almonds.



Lisa made this wild rice salad, from Angela’s recipe.

It looked “different” at first glance, but it tasted great.   wild rice


Baked Pasta

This dish was mainly to make sure the husbands who came along had enough to eat. They hung out in the basement while us girls did our thing.


Gluten Free & Vegan Apple Crumble

Lisa made this and we really enjoyed it. Stayed tuned for the recipe sometime this week!



It was so light and crisp. I love desserts that don’t weight you down.

apples strusel


Lorelei also made this insane caramel brownie to demonstrate one of the non-stick pans. I did not have any, but it looked rich and divine.

Well that is it folks!

I can’t wait to get my new pans!


Do you have a 3 day week?

Have you heard of Princess House Parties & Do you use non-stick pans?

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  • Lisa ♥ Healthful Sense

    Looks like a pre-Thanksgiving feast! 
    It all looks so good =)

    • Maria

      The work it took to make it sure felt like it! Thanks!

    • Maria

      Thanks Lisa! All the work it took to make it sure felt like cooking a thanksgiving feast!

  • Cait @ Caithatescake

    Your entire meal looked delicious!! Nice work! I actually have a 2 day work week!!

    • Maria

      Thanks Cait! That’s awesome!! I can’t complain though, 3 days is pretty good :-)

  • Living Lindsay

    oh my goodness – I would eat the entire time I was at that party if the spread was like that. Everything looks delicious!! :) You would have to roll me out the door. ;)

    • Maria

      Thanks Lindsay, wished you lived closer!

  • Laury@thefitnessdish

    I never heard of the princess parties but I wish I lived closer to help you out with all that food ;-)

    • Maria

      I wish do too Laury :-)

    • Maria


  • Oprah’s dreamboy

    Everything looked so good! I think you have the best pictures in your blog!

    • Maria

      Lol thanks Paolo! How did I know it was you….?

  • Anna @ The Guiltless Life

    Oh wow everything looks just amazing! I am so jealous of that meal! Regarding your running, I’m no expert but sometimes when we feel great we push ourselves too hard out the gate. Using a heart rate monitor can really help to keep yourself at a steady pace so you last longer and don’t suddenly feel ill. Trust me, when you start out you’re going to feel like you’re going SO slowly but it’ll be worth it in the long run!

    I’m doing a 5 weeks to 5K plan on my blog – each Thursday I post that week’s exercises – and it involves starting off really really slowly and building up gradually each week from there. That way we stay motivated and hopefully take it easy on ourselves! I hope you feel better!

    • Maria

      Thanks for taking the time to respond Anna. I really need to look into your advice. I used to alway use a heart rate monitor, but haven’t for a while. Maybe that was a sign I need to start wearing it again! Thanks again!

  • Amy-Nutrition by Nature

    All your food looks wonderful, I love slivered almonds on green beans and the apple crips looks yummy! Looking forward to seeing that recipe. :-)
    As for the running, that happens to me now, and I have been a runner for 20 something years. Just when I am feeling good something cramps up, usually my neck and shoulders and then I can’t run for a few days because of the pain. It stinks, I just attribute it to me being 37…ugh

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  • Diana @ VeggieNextDoor

    I do use non-stick pans though I make sure to keep my eyes out for scratches.  When I get a new set I will definitely be looking for a more eco/health friendly option!

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