Weekend rundown: Breakfast for Dinner

What a great weekend I had!

I’m feeling like Little Miss Sunshine.

Last night I had all my in-laws over and my parents for dinner. Sorry to say I didn’t take one picture, I was crazy busy all day making them dinner….and dessert of course!

I’ll give you a quick run down of the menu before I hop over to today.



Everything came out great.. I really should’ve taken a picture! Sorry!
Did I tell you guys that my husband and I are taking a stay-cation this week?!
Since we have one more week of vacation time left and don’t really feel like planing a “real” vacation, or spending a butt load of $$$, so we are staying home. We will be spending a few nights in downtown Chicago so we won’t be home 100% of the time. I’m really excited to see how our first stay-cation is.
Since I was a busy bee yesterday, today felt like my first day of  my vacation. Your going to think we are crazy, but here is the run down of our day.
Woke up at 9:30. Wanted to make pancakes. Ate my one leftover chocolate chip cookie instead. Stayed in bed from 10-12. Showered. Cleaned up the mess from last night. Made lunch. Went to get some fro yo. Got home at 3. Slept from 4-7!
Heated up leftovers for the husband. (I guess you actually can see a pic of the food from last night!)
Made myself some blueberry pancakes topped with caramelized peaches.
These really hit the spot! I think I enjoy pancakes more for dinner. Scratch that. I could enjoy pancakes and each and every meal.
Alright, so since I will be on vacation, I have decided to take a break from blogging and social media. I think it’s a good idea to just disconnect for a bit, but don’t worry I’ll be back!
In the meantime I have some really awesome guest posts scheduled! I thought it would be neat to create a survey and have a few guests fill them out. I’ve already read one of them, and I think you guys are going to love them. They are all from bloggers I love, so I’m sure you will too!
Have a fun a safe labor day friends! <3 xoxo
(FYI: Sorry my spacing isn’t working correctly right now.)
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  • http://www.thrive-style.com Lisakthrives

    Impressive dinner—even w/o pics! 
    I think a staycation is a great idea—cheaper than vacation, but still a break from work!

  • http://yourdailygrace.com/ Grace

    I’m with you on the pancakes for every meal idea:)

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