Say hello to our new trees & garden!

Good Monday Morning to you all! I hope you’re all of to a great week.

Maria & I started off the week with a 5:30am barbell class today. We love this class and take it every Monday & Saturday. The only thing that sucked today was that it was super hot and humid in the room. Oh well! At least we really got a good sweat!




This weekend was pretty amazing from start to finish.

We were blessed with such great weather both Saturday & Sunday here in Chicago.

It was in the low 80′s yesterday! C-R-A-Z-Y!!

Rinaldo & I definitely enjoyed it.  Since we moved into our home late last August, we really didn’t have much going on in our backyard. We’ll I’m glad to say that things are definitely coming along nicely.

After heading to church in the morning, we made several stops until finally deciding on a patio furniture set! It’s getting delivered Friday so I’ll definitely post pictures next week. Next, we need to purchase a BBQ! Hopefully we’ll get to that this week.

Once we had lunch and got home we went straight to the backyard to plant some trees!!



Ok, so maybe this photo was staged and I didn’t really do any digging, but I definitely kept Rinaldo company and helped out when I could. Once we get to planting smaller things I’ll definitely get my hand dirty!



We’re totally excited to be growing our own fruits and vegetables in our backyard this year.

Say hello to our pear tree…



And our peach tree!!…



Ok, so maybe we won’t get any fruit on them this year, but we’re still so excited!

We WILL be getting TONS of fresh vegetable from our garden though!

We had this made for us this past fall and it’s all ready for us to start planting.



I’m sure we’ll plant more than we can eat, but we’ll definitely share with family & friends. Last summer was so busy with our wedding planning so we’re really looking forward to relaxing a ton this summer.


Do you have a garden?


What’s one thing we HAVE to plant?

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  • Laury@TheFitnessDish

    I am so jealous of your garden!!! I live in a condo, and I tried to plant on my balcony but my thumb is BROWN! It’s my dream to have a compost bin and organic garden someday!!!

    You should plant tomatoes..hear they are not too hard to keep up and you can make some tomato and basil (plat that too) salads all summer!

  • Jenny (Fit Girl Foodie)

    Omg how awesome to plant a peach and pear tree! I’ve never had a fruit tree before. My aunt has a Mango tree and luckily she always gives us some :D

  • Thehealthyapron

    I wish I had a yard gor a garden! I would love to plant all my own fruits and veggies but a must plant? Tomatoes. I know that sounds simple but I just LOVE fresh tomatoes picked right from the garden!

  • Rach

    Ahh! I’m so excited about your garden and your fruit trees! We are definitely planning on a little vegetable/herb garden for this summer! Planting a couple of fruit trees is a great idea too. Maybe I’ll pitch that to Christopher and see what he thinks. :)

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