Munchkin Meals–Roberto’s eats at 10 months

Hi everyone!

I thought I’d pop in to share Roberto’s meals with you all. I’ve been following Munchkin Meals over at Brittany’s blog for over a year now and I think it’s so fun and helpful to see what other infants and toddlers are eating.

I’ve learned a lot when it comes to feeding infants and I take feeding Roberto the right foods seriously. I was a little very upset with the recommendations his pediatrician gave us at his 9 month check up. He informed us that we could start giving him little pieces of table food and that it was ok give him a variety of foods and pretty much anything like: cheerios, french toast, waffles, bagels, yogurt, grilled cheese, hamburgers, hot dogs, and spaghetti…

I was really disappointed because he’s such a nice and friendly doctor and has a great bedside manner, but it seems like he knows little to nothing about nutrition. I’m highly aware that most pediatricians push lots of fruits and veggies to their patients, I know mine always did, so I know that this is not the norm but, I do think most of them only know the basics of nutrition and stick to really old dietary theories.

Anyway… starting solids was definitely a great learning experience with Roberto. I completely had it set in my mind that I would make him tons of fresh vegetable and fruit purees once he turned 6 months. (I exclusively breast fed for the first 6 months and we skipped the recommended infant cereal at 4 months). Little did I know that my little peanut would HATE food especially anything that was pureed. I was so anxious and excited to begin introducing different foods to him, but I quickly learned that I needed to be patient with him and realized that he wasn’t going to follow the “typical” eating habits as other babies his age.


He HATED avocadoes in the beginning!

I should have expected this since his sleeping habits were definitely not “typical” the first SEVERAL months. He was a late bloomer with rolling over, sitting up and crawling so it took him longer than average to reach his milestones. Now he’s catching up and is doing everything fast!

We gave up for about a month and at 7 months we did a modified version of Baby Led Weaning. With BLW you let the baby lead the way and feed himself from the beginning. You start with large, but soft, pieces of food shaped into sticks or wedges and let the baby explore and gum off pieces of food. It’s definitely messy and they don’t get much food into their mouths in the beginning.

I was a little nervous about him biting off too much and choking so we only experimented with large pieces for a couple weeks. Once Roberto was 8 months old. I started to feed him small pieces of our dinner at night and he really enjoyed it. By 9 months he developed his pincher grasp and started to eat on his own! Now, at 10 months, he’s a eating like a pro. Here is what his meals tend to look like lately.

BREAKFAST: Banana-Hemp Muffin & Yogurt with Stewed Blueberries


I’ve been making a batch of muffins (grain-free) once a week and store then in the freezer. It’s nice having these ready to make our mornings easy!


The yogurt is the only thing I feed to him. Everything else he eats himself which is nice because we can enjoy our meals together. I usually whip up a smoothie while he starts on his muffin.


LUNCH: Avocado & Broccoli Egg Frittata


Roberto has an egg for lunch and I mash in whatever cooked veggie I have on hand along with some avocado and a pinch of salt. Then, I fry it in a little bit of olive oil, flipping it to cook on both sides.

For me, this was the best way to serve a cooked egg to Roberto. Hard boiled egg yolks are too dry and crumbly and scrambled eggs are too messy! We started with just the egg yolk at first and now I’ll add in about half of the egg white too.


He mainly eats with his left hand at the moment. I’m curious to see if he’ll switch to his right or be a lefty like his Nonno (Grandpa) Roberto!


DINNER: Chicken Meatballs, Steamed Peas & Sweet Potato


I ended up only giving him 2 of the meatballs because once I cut them up I realized that 3 would be too many. I usually top his veggies with some grass fed butter to add in some healthy fats. He definitely has a BIG appetite at dinner and could eat forever! It usually takes him 30 minutes to finish his meal.


I think part of it is because he’s so chatty around this time and has to babble after each bite!

I’m still breastfeeding and nurse Roberto before his naps and at bedtime. We just dropped down to 3 feedings a day last week and are slowly beginning the weaning process. It wasn’t until I dropped to 3 feedings and started to nurse him after his meals that he started to eat really well!

Well, that’s the end of this post. I hope I can inspire others to make healthy meals for their children. I know it can be stressful to prepare 3 meals a day for them, but I think once you get into a routine of cooking certain foods, it becomes easier. I love making certain things like his muffins and meatballs in batches so I can freeze them to always have something on hand.

My one and & only advice is to just be patient… That’s the advice I was given by some awesome moms on Instagram and I’m so glad I listened. I was so afraid that Roberto was not going to eat any fruits or vegetables because he hated EVERYTHING he tried in the beginning. I could not get him to take more than a couple bites, if any. I just kept offering and little by little he slowly became interested. Also, just because your child refuses a certain fruit or vegetable once it does not mean that they won’t ever like it. I think I offered Roberto bananas and avocadoes almost 30 times before he started to really like them! No joke!

It was great chatting! Winking smile

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